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water softener london review
london water softener review


It’s no secret London is well known for its hard water. If you’re new to the term “hard water”, you may be familiar with the effects of hard water including limescale on your taps, blocked shower heads, white deposits on your glassware and surfaces, eczema, dry skin & hair and issues with your boiler and heating system.

Hard water can cause a daily inconvenience but can also cause lasting damage to your home and costly expenses from cleaning products to boiler repairs.

When measuring hard water, the unit ppm is used - meaning average parts per million. It represents the amount of calcium carbonate per litre levels in your water and is compared to a scale where 0-80ppm is classed as soft water and anything over 180ppm is classed as hard and above 200ppm very hard.

Hard Water Readings in London

London has notoriously hard water which can be measured over 400ppm, with a variation across the city. Below highlights the ten hardest location readings from areas in London:

  • Epping (CM16) – 370ppm
  • High Barnet (EN5) – 347ppm
  • Holloway Road (N7) – 338ppm
  • Cockfosters (EN4) – 337ppm
  • Edgeware (HA8) – 335ppm
  • Arnos Grove (N11) – 333ppm
  • Stanmore (HA7) – 332ppm
  • Rickmansworth (WD3) – 332ppm
  • Tottenham Hale (N17) – 332ppm
  • Lancaster Gate (W2) – 330ppm

What Can You Do?

The only real solution is to have a water softener installed in your home. These home systems effectively filter the hard minerals from your water – resulting in soft water entering your home.

Water softeners are a great home investment lasting anything from 10 – 30 years.

What Is the Best Brand to Buy & What Is the Price?

The latest water softener design and technology is a twin tank, non-electric, salt fed system. The two top brands in the UK are Kinetico and Harvey. Both of these brands are sold through an exclusive dealer network in the UK – therefore you will struggle to find them online. If you are looking at electric systems from brands such as Monarch or older Harvey models such as Crown – beware! These models are outdated, they lack quality and a good grade of resin. They tend to lack the capacity to softener very hard water and don’t come with a warranty longer than 12 months – bad news if you come across any maintenance problems.

With the latest Harvey S4 and the Kinetico Premier Compact and Premier Maxi, these softeners come with 10 years of warranty and a patented resin. You get what you pay for in the case of a water softener and with these systems – it is the very best.

The S4 and Premier Compact are suited for the average family home of 3-5 people and 2-3 bathrooms. They are priced at £1450 -£1595. The Maxi is for larger homes with 4-5 bathrooms and is priced at £1895. And there are small single tank water softeners such as the Sumo 1 softener which is available at £650 which can aid small one-bathroom homes. In terms of prices online – you may struggle to find prices cheaper, but if you call us direct, we can offer exclusive discounts on all our top products.

To find out more info you can enquire below or call us direct on 01429 872 522.

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