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Harvey Minimax Water Softener Review

What is the Harvey MiniMax Water Softener?

The Harvey Minimax water softener is a twin tank system designed to cater for the removal of hard water and the needs of any family home. This system is actually identical in every way to the Harvey TwinTec Water Softener range. Similar to the TwinTec range, the MiniMax collection is suitable for different types of plumbing systems, including high flow megaflow cylinders.

Who Makes Harvey Minimax Water Softeners?

The Minimax and TwinTec ranges are manufactured by Harvey Water Softeners. Harvey is one of the leading manufacturers of domestic water softeners, in England and Europe.

The terms TwinTec and Minimax describe ranges of water softeners, that whilst are both manufactured by Harvey, are only sold by a network of different authorised distributors in the UK.

In the UK, there are several sub-brands of water softeners that have been manufactured by Harvey water softeners. Within these ranges, you will find systems which have the same design and specification - but have a different name. For example, the TwinTec range, is a separate line of Harvey water softeners, containing identical systems to the Minimax collection.

Harvey Arc Vs S4

The TwinTec & MiniMax Specification

The MiniMax M3 is identical to the Harvey TwinTec S4. Their specifications are:
  • 1. Type of System: Non-electric, Block salt and twin tank.
  • 2. Flow Rate: Flow rates greater of 51-56 litres per minute peak/
  • 3. Water Usage: They both use just 17.1 litres of water on a regeneration (lowest of all block salt softeners in the marketplace).
  • 4. Salt Usage: 300g per regeneration.
  • 5. Regeneration Time: 11 minutes – one of the fastest regenerations.
  • 6. Low-pressure shuttle valve: And a pressure range of 1-10Bar.
  • 7. Harvey Water Softener Dimensions 490mm high and 205mm wide with a depth of 440mm.
  • 8. Warranty 10-year warranty for parts and 2 years labour.

    What are the different systems in the MiniMax Range?

    harvey minimax m2 water softener

    The MiniMax M2

    The MiniMax M2 Water Softener is identical to the Harvey TwinTec Series 3 and the Harvey HV3 water softener. They are older systems that are no longer manufactured. It has since been replaced by the MiniMax M3.

    Harvey Minimax Water Softener Review

    The MiniMax M3

    The MiniMax M3 Water Softener is identical to the Harvey TwinTec S4 and HV4. These softeners are some of the latest Harvey models. The Harvey TwinTec S4 is £1149.99 Vs MiniMax M3 which is £1445.

    harvey minimax major

    The MiniMax Major

    The MiniMax Major is comparable to the TwinTec XL1 and XL2. They are a larger water softener that is suitable for homes with 4-5+ bathrooms. It is the same product as the Harvey TwinTec XL2.

    Harvey Minimax Water Softener Review

    The MiniMax M3 is identical to the Twintec S4 – so we suggest comparing the prices of each system to get the best value for money.

    Both models have the same high-quality specifications with the most efficient low salt and water usage (just 17.1 litres of water and 300g of used per regeneration).

    Both systems have the highest flow rate - greater than any UK standard domestic hot water system. 

    If you are looking for the best Harvey Water Softener and most effective option – the Harvey TwinTec S4 is the better choice because it is a lot more cost-effective – don’t pay more than you have to. 

    Is the Minimax an inferior product to other Harvey brands?

    No, the MiniMax is identical to the Harvey TwinTec S4 and Harvey HV4.

    The Harvey TwinTec S4 is sold by NE Water Softeners for the lowest price at £1149.99. With a 10-year warranty.

    Each of these models comes off the same production line, with the same metering system, shuttle valve, brine valve, gearing and internal resin.

    Harvey Minimax Water Softener Review

    MiniMax Water Softener Price

    The MiniMax water softener price can vary. The M3 is retailed at £1445. The Harvey TwinTec S4, which the same system, can be found online for£1149.99. You can also currently grab an additional £50 off with the code HARVEY .


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