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Kinetico Premier Compact Review 2024

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Kinetico Water softeners are a popular water softener brand in the UK with 2,900 searches online each month. When it comes to the standard family home, the Kinetico Premier Compact is their main hero product.

But is this model the best you can buy? In the UK alone, Harvey Water Softeners are the most sold and popular, with over 12,000 searches per month. In this Kinetico Premier Compact review, find out everything there is to know about this Kinetico water softener and if you should be buying Kinetico or Harvey. 


Is Kinetico the best?

The Kinetico brand originated in the USA and has been in the UK since the 1980’s. After inventing the most efficient non-electric water softener, this brand began to sell into Europe.

But, is Kinetico the best brand to buy? Harvey Water Softeners, originating in the UK, are Kinetico's main competition. They sell models such as the Harvey TwinTec S4, Harvey Arc, Harvey MiniMax and Harvey Crown.

When researching online, you’ll see that Kinetico water softeners don’t come cheap, with some of the most expensive price tags for domestic systems. And yet, at a greater price - they do not necessarily offer the best specifications. That's why with any brand - it important to compare specific models and their specification.

Previous Kinetico Models

Kinetico’s main range is the Premier Series – with the Premier Compact standing as the most popular product. Prior to the Premier series, there have been several models that are now discontinued.

The Kinetico 2020c

The 2020c was a popular model, which is no longer sold online. The Kinetico 2020c has now been replaced with the Kinetico Premier Compact.

Kinetico Premier Compact Vs Harvey TwinTec S4?

The Kinetico Premier Compact is Kinetico's most sold system. It is designed for a family home of up to 3 bathrooms.

This system is a twin tank and non-electric, coming from Kinetico’s Premier series. The Premier series includes a higher priced line of products and water softeners from Kinetico. 

Harvey's equivalent to the Premier Compact is the Harvey TwinTec S4. This system is designed for the average family home with up to 4 bathrooms. Coming from the UK's biggest water softener brand, this Harvey Water Softener has been reviewed as one of the best and most cost effective Harvey models - with one of the best specifications of any domestic water softener. 

When comparing a Kinetico or Harvey Water Softener, it is most important to look at several features including:

  • Flow rate: this is the volume of water passing through the system. It is important to purchase a water softener with a flow rate large enough to meet your homes water demands. Flow rate is dependent on the number of people in the home and bathrooms.
  • Water & Salt Usage & Efficiency: salt & water = your running costs. It is important to look for a system with high salt efficiency and low salt usage.
  • Water Hardness Gearing: some water softeners may not be geared for very hard water, this simply means they may not have the capacity to soften your water - or they simply won't last as long in this environment.
  • Warranty: warranty is often a reflection of quality. The better the guarantee - the more reliable the machine.

The Kinetico Vs Harvey comparison below, outlines the specification of each machine. When asking the Kinetico Premier Compact Vs Harvey TwinTec S4, Harvey offer a better efficiency, flow rate and operational pressure.


Kinetico Premier Compact

Harvey TwinTec S4

Max Flow rate



Pressure min/max

1 – 6 Bar

1 – 10 Bar

Salt usage per regen



Water usage per regen



Regeneration time

11 min

11 min

Salt Efficiency



Max Water Hardness

500 ppm

600 ppm


10 years parts, 2 labour

10 years parts, 2 labour

Price £1695 £1149.99


Kinetico Premier Compact Dimensions

The Kinetico Premier Compact, similarly to the Harvey TwinTec S4, is one of the smallest softeners you can get. Both products are therefore, relatively easy to fit under the sink and into homes with limited space. 

When it comes to design - the Premier Compact has a full silver casing. Although a stylish look - it is not easy to see when salt levels are running low, or to replace the salt itself. The TwinTec S4 has a clear lid with a low salt level red marking. This means, you can easily see when your salt is running low and easily lift the lid to replace it.

The Kinetico Premier Compact dimensions are: 498mm by 219mm x 468mm. The Harvey TwinTec S4 dimension are: 490mm by 205mm by 440mm.


Kinetico vs Harvey Water softener


Kinetico Premier Compact Specification & Features

When comparing the Premier Compact to the Harvey TwinTec Series 4 - the two share many similarities, including:

  • Automatic systems that are non-electric — non electric water softeners are less expensive to run  much easier to maintain. There’s also no risk of electrical issues after or during the installation.
  • Twin tank system — both systems provide soft water 24/7.
  • High hardness gearings — to tackle the hardest of water.
  • Metered regeneration — the regeneration becomes automatically programmed based on water usage to avoid wastage.
  • A high flow rates. Harvey has a higher flow rate of 56L/min vs 51L/min for the Premier Compact.
  • Pressure: The Harvey TwinTec S4 has a better operational pressure of 1-10 Bar. The Premier Compact's pressure range is lower 1 to 6 bar. The pressure range is important because water flow rate and pressure drop are dependent on one another. Therefore, as the max flow rate is reached, pressure decreases. 
  • High efficiency: both systems regenerate in just 11-minutes. However, the Kinetico water softener uses more salt and more water than the Harvey. Kinetico using 20.5L of water and 340g of salt Vs 17L and 300g for the TwinTec S4. Not only that, but this Harvey model offers a 50% salt efficiency, vs only 35% for the Kinetico Compact.
  • Both systems off a 2 year labour warranty and 10 year warranty on parts.
  • Both systems have 3rd party certified and external accreditation.
  • Both systems are easy to maintain with block salt.

Kinetico offer a higher price tag for a similar specification to Harvey.  Want to see more? Click here to view the product brochure. 

Water Hardness & Type

Both Kinetico & Harvey softeners have a high hardness gearing to softener very hard water. The Premier Compact comes in both HE and HF versions– which you may need to specify in some cases. If you have a combi boiler system, you need a HF system, standing for high flow. If you have a low-pressure gravity-fed system (water tank in the loft), your home requires a HE system, standing for high efficiency.

The Harvey S4 however, comes in one model that is suitable for all pressure types and boiler systems.

Kinetico Premier Compact Price & Kinetico Promo Codes

When searching for the best water softener, the main question is how much is what is the price? The Kinetico Premier Compact price is one of the highest for a home water softener at £1695 excluding installation.

A full installation package from offline dealers is always more expensive. To save money, it can sometimes be better to purchase the softener with an installation kit online and then source a local plumber separately.

The Harvey TwinTec S4 water softener is a much more affordable machine. Online you can see it retailed from £1099.99 to £1500. You can find this system best priced at NE Water Softeners for £1099.99 with the discount code HARVEY. To get a Kinetico promo code or discount Click here to chat to our team.

Kinetico Vs Harvey

Harvey water softeners are Kinetico's biggest competitors in the UK. But which brand is best, Kinetico or Harvey? Both brands offer quality systems, but Harvey are more popular in the UK due to their better specification and lower price tags.

If you're looking for a high quality and cheaper alternative to the Premier Compact - you can get the Harvey TwinTec S4 for £1099.99 with the discount code HARVEY.

Water Softener Installation

water softener installation by a plumber


A water softener installation is about as difficult as installing a washing machine, for a trained professional. The installation can be done easily by a plumber in around 2-3 hours, depending on the pipe work. The Kinetico Premier Compact Installation Manual can be viewed by Clicking Here.

Looking for a plumber? Try an online search, ask neighbours, family or friends and even websites such as Checkatrade.

How Much Does it Cost to Maintain a Water Softener?

The Premier Compact and Harvey S4 do not require electricity – saving you straight away on energy bills. Not only that, but the metered water usage, prevents any water wastage. The main maintenance cost of any water softener is the cost of the block salt, which is required for the system to work.

Maintenance costs depend on: water usage, energy usage, salt usage and regeneration time. 

Kinetico Water Softener Block Salt

Kinetico Premier Compact review


You need block salt for any water softener to work. All softeners require salt. Any “salt-free” system – is not actually a water softener. Water conditions do not remove hard water minerals from water.

Salt is needed for ion exchange to remove hard water minerals from water and it is required at all times for the system to work. No salt, no soft water.

The average usage of salt in a standard family home is 1 block per person per month. The Kinetico block salt usually costs £6.50 - £8 per pack of 2 blocks.

The Premier Compact uses standard block salt - so when it comes to Kinetico water softener block salt - it really doesn't matter which brand you buy. Harvey Block salt can be cheaper to purchase with delivery across all of the UK.

Kinetico Premier Compact Warranty

The Premier Compact warranty is the same as the Harvey TwinTec S4 warranty. A 2 year labour and 10-year parts warranty, which is an important feature to bear in mind.

Is a the Kinetico Premier Compact Worth the Cost?

limescale free taps


So is the Kinetico Premier Compact worth the cost? In summary, this Kinetico system:

  • Does not offer a flow rate higher than the Harvey S4.
  • Has a lower salt efficiency than the Harvey equivalent.
  • Uses more water and salt than the S4.
  • Has a lower operational pressure.
  • Has the exact same warranty.
  • Has a much higher price tag.

Based on a standard comparison of the specification, a more cost effective and efficient choice would be the Harvey TwimTec S4. A water softener in general, is a long term investment and can result in cost savings of up to £400 per year – meaning the initial investment really pays for itself.

The Kinetico Premier Compact Review

The Kinetico Premier Compact is a premium water softener from Kinetico and a popular choice amongst home owners. However, the best specification and value for money is with the Harvey TwinTec S4 water softener. 

Kinetico Premier Compact Alternative

If you are looking for a like for like competitor product, the Compact’s biggest rival is the Harvey TwinTec S4. This is a Kinetico Premier Compact alternative which you can view here.

Where Can I Buy the Kinetico Premier Compact Water Softener? 

You can buy the Kinetico Premier Compact online and from Kinetico dealers. Contact North East Water Softeners for more information. 


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