. The Harvey Arc Vs TwinTec S4 | Which Water Softener is Best ?

Harvey Arc Vs TwinTec S4

The Best Harvey Water Softener - The Harvey TwinTec S4

Purchasing a water softener online can be confusing - especially when it comes to purchasing the best make and model. When it comes to the specification - the Harvey TwinTec S4 is the best water softener is the best you can buy. Get a premium water softener for the lowest and most competitive price - don't pay more than you have to.

The Harvey TwinTec S4

The TwinTec S4 water softener is the best water softener available online and one of the most advanced systems. From automatic regeneration to smart shuttled metering - this system is low maintenance and highly efficient.


Type of System: Twin Tank

Flow Rate: 56L/min

Efficiency: Non-electric, uses 300g of salt & 17L of water per regenration.

Regeneration Time: 11 minutes.

Size: Height: 49.0 cm, Width: 20.5 cm, Depth: 44.0 cm

Pressure: 1-10 Bar

Salt: Standard Block Salt

Warranty: 10 Years on parts

Price: Only £1149.99 (RRP £1450)

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Harvey Arc Vs S4

Why Choose The TwinTec S4?

The Twintec S4 is one of Harveys best selling products in the UK and is only available from exclusive dealers and resellers. We are an exclusive Harvey dealer who sells online to the whole of the UK. The TwinTec S comes with a 10-year warranty on parts. The S4 is one of the best selling and most popular water softeners in the UK. Harvey robustly tests each system for total reliability and to ensure each machine is built for maximum durability. 

Twitec Series 4 water softener

The Harvey TwinTec Series 4 Water Softener. 2 years Replacement & 10 Years Parts Warranty - regardless of your installer.

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Buy the Harvey TwinTec S4 now for only £1124.99 - Use code: HARVEY to save an extra £25 off. Shop the Best Water Softener UK of 2024. Get Free Delivery on all Harvey Water Softeners Found the Harvey TwinTec Series 4 for a cheaper price online? We have a price match guarantee...

I Need Help & Advice...

How much is the Harvey Arc?

The Harvey Arc is a Harvey-only branded product. The costs are usually through quotation only and range from £2000 - £2300. The Harvey Twintec S4 is a cheaper alternative - with a price starting from £1149.99.

the Harvey twintec S4 water softener

Do I Need a Water Softener?

If you live in a hard water area or have any of these hard water signs - it may be time to consider purchasing a water softener ...

  • Limescale damage including blocked taps and shower heads.
  • Permanent damage to you boiler caused by hard water and limescale.
  • Damages to home appliances such as washing machines and kettles.
  • Eczema & dry skin caused by hard water.
  • Excessive time spent cleaning & money wasted on descalers.
  • Permanent staining and scale deposits in your bathroom, on your shower screen, surfaces and even on glassware.
    The Harvey TwinTec S4 warranty

    The Best Quality System & Easy to Install

    The S4 is one of the best quality water softeners from Harvey that is build to last - proven with its 10-year guarantee.

    When purchasing from us you can buy an installation kit - this gives you or a plumber everything you need for an easy installation.

    The TwinTec S4 is manufactured to cater for the intricacies of all British plumbing systems. This includes combo boilers, high flow systems & gravity fed systems such as water tanks in the loft.


    why is the harvey s4 better than the harvey arc?

    The Harvey Arc is a product that is made by Harvey and sold by Harvey. This product essentially has the same specification as two of the other previous Harvey models including the Harvey TwinTec S4 and MiniMax.

    When we look into the technical specification of the arc - it is clear that the flow rate, salt usage, water usage, pressure levels ... they are all the same as the Harvey TwinTec S4. It is almost identical. The name of the systems are different as one is sold through distributors and resellers - the other Harvey direcr. The ARC is a Harvey-only product - this means that it can only be obtained directly through Harvey.

    The minor differences between the Arc and the S4 are:

  • the Arc uses a curved salt that must only be bought from Harvey.
  • The S4 uses generic block salt that can be purchased from different sellers.
  • The Arc comes with a 3-year warranty - the TwinTec S4 comes with a 10-year warranty for parts.
  • The Arc can be connected to a smartphone app.
  • The other major difference is the price.

    Harvey Arc Price

    The price of the Arc with installation is over £2100. The S4 price is a lot less at £1249.99 with an installation kit. By sourcing a local plumber for the installation - you could essentially save £600 off and pay alot less for the same specification and a longer warranty.

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