The Harvey Crown Vs Harvey TwinTec S4

The Harvey Crown Vs Harvey TwinTec S4

When it comes to deciding between the Harvey Crown Vs Harvey TwinTec S4 - it can be a tough decision - especially if you're on a budget. The Harvey Crown was created over 10 year ago - meaning its model and efficiency is dated. The system itself is considered a budget system and entry level product. The TwinTec S4 is premium and exclusive product which is one of Harvey's latest models. This system is build to last and even comes with a 10 year warranty on parts to prove this.

The Harvey TwinTec S4

The TwinTec S4 water softener is still one of the most advanced systems available and has the same specification as the Harvey Arc. With built in smart shuttled metering - this system is low maintenance and highly efficient.


Type of System: Twin Tank

Flow Rate: 56L/min

Efficiency: Non-electric, uses 300g of salt & 17L of water per regenration.

Regeneration Time: 11 minutes.

Size: Height: 49.0 cm, Width: 20.5 cm, Depth: 44.0 cm

Pressure: 1-10 Bar

Salt: Standard Block Salt

Warranty: 10 Years on parts

Price: Only £1150 with code SALE


The Harvey Crown

The Harvey Crown is an older model from Harvey and is a popular choice in the UK. The Crown has some limitations - including a life span and overall flow rate that can vary with very hard water and in very hard water areas.


Type of System: Twin Tank 

Flow Rate: 30-50L/min

Efficiency: Non-electric, uses 350g of salt & 23L of water per regenration.

Regeneration Time: 11 minutes.

Size: Height: 46.0cm Width: 21.2cm Depth: 40.0cm

Pressure: 1-8 Bar

Salt: Block Salt

Warranty: 5 Years

The Crown is less efficent to run than the S4 and is not manufactured using recycled plastics.

Why Choose The TwinTec S4?

Apart from being one of the most up to date models in terms of specification, the Twintec S4 is one of Harveys best selling products in the UK and is ony available from exclsuive resellers.

The TwinTec S4 has a higher flow rate and pressure capacity with smart shuttled metering. This means the S4 is manufactured to cater for all different British plumbing systems including gravity fed tanks in the loft, combination boilers and high flow unvented hot water cylinders.

The S4 is even more environmentally friendly and is made usng recycled plastics. Not only that, but this water softener is easy to maintain and is more efficent and uses just 300g of salt and 17L of water per regeneration.

the Harvey Arc vs Harvey S4

Why Do I Need a Harvey Twin Tank Water Softener?

You need the S4 if you have hard water an limescale. There really is no hard sell with a water softener, if you live in a hard water area - you need one to prevent damage to your home. If you live in a soft water area, you don't. It is a home investment.
The S4 is designed for homes with 3 bathrooms and removes limescale your home to prevent:
- Limescale damage to your fixtures, fittings, taps and shower heads.
- Costly boiler damages caused by hard water.
- Damages to appliances like dishwashers and washing machines, helping them to last 50% longer.
- Excessive time spent cleaning & money wasted on descalers.
- Permanent stains and scale deposits in your bathroom and kitchen.
The Harvey TwinTec S4 warranty

The Best Quality System & 10 Year Warranty

The S4 is a better quality softener and in terms of its performance and how long it lasts.
The system has a premium grade internal resin that is designed to combat very hard water. For that reason this system can last 10-20 years and is considered premium.
That's why the S4 has a 10 year warranty VS 5 years - it is built with robust testing to be durable and last for years to come.
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