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Harvey Water Softener Review

Everything You Need to Know About the Different Harvey Models

A water softener is the only way to permanently remove hard water. Find out the best Harvey Water Softener to buy in this Harvey Water Softener Review.

Why Should I Choose a Harvey Water Softener Branded Product?

Harvey are the UK's biggest water softener manufacturer who are the most popular amongst consumers. By choosing the Harvey Water Softener Brand, you're guaranteed a quality system that has been built with the latest technology.

What are the Main Benefits of Buying a Harvey Water Softener?

Because Harvey is such a reputable brand, the benefits of choosing Harvey is that you will get a quality system. Other Benefits include:

  • - A long warranty. The best Harvey Water Softeners have warranties of 10 years and a 2 year labour warranty. This guarantees your purchase is built to pay for itself over the years.
  • - The most up to date technology.
  • - The most efficient systems in terms of salt and water usage - which means the lowest running costs.
  • - A top brand with endless resources and customer services.
  • - A system that can pay for itself, saving you £400-£1000 off household bills each year. There are also 0% finance options available.

What are the Different Harvey Water Softener Models that you can buy?

There are many different Harvey Water Softener models available on the market, when choosing between the models it is important to compare each model and make sure you purchase from a verified Harvey distributor. See below the different models available.

Harvey Twintec S4 water softener Review

Harvey Twintec S4 Review

  • - Flow Rate: 56L/min
  • - Salt & Water Usage: 300g, 17L
  • - Warranty: 10 Years
  • - Price: £1149.99
Harvey Minimax Water Softener Review

Harvey MiniMax M3 Review

  • - Flow Rate: 51L/min
  • - Salt & Water Usage: 300g, 17L
  • - Warranty: 10 Years
  • - Price: £1445
Harvey Twintec XL water softener Review

Harvey Twintec XL Review

  • - Flow Rate: 80L/min
  • - Salt & Water Usage: 900g - 1300g, 37L
  • - Warranty: 10 Years
  • - Price: £1695
Harvey minimax major Review

Harvey MiniMax Major Review

  • - Flow Rate: 80L/min
  • - Salt & Water Usage: 900g - 1300g, 37L
  • - Warranty: 10 Years
  • - Price: £1695
Harvey Big Blue water softener Review

Harvey Big Blue Review

  • - Flow Rate: 80L/min
  • - Salt & Water Usage: 1300g-1600g, 50L
  • - Warranty: 10 Years
  • - Price: £1695
Harvey arc Review

Harvey Arc Review

  • - Flow Rate: 56L/min
  • - Salt & Water Usage: 300g, 17L
  • - Warranty: 10 Years
  • - Price: NA Harvey Direct
Harvey crown wate softener review Review

Harvey Crown Review

  • - Flow Rate: 30-40L/min
  • - Salt & Water Usage: 350g, 23L
  • - Warranty: 2-5 Years

Other Harvey Models

Other Harvey models such as the Harvey TwinTec Series 3, the MiniMax M2 & the Harvey HV3/HV4 are systems that are no longer manufactured & have been discontinued.

Which Harvey Water Softener Should I Buy? Harvey TwinTec S4 Water Softener

Which Harvey Water Softener Should I Buy?

When it comes to choosing between all the different Harvey models available, we suggest simply comparing the specification of each along side the price. You should look to compare:

  • Flow Rate
  • Water Usage
  • Salt Usage
  • Efficiency
  • Warranty
  • Price
  • When comparing the models, the Harvey TwinTec S4 offers the best specification and longest warranty - but at the most cost effective price.

    See a comparison

    What is the Average Price of a Harvey Water Softener?

    The Harvey Water Softener Cost can vary and depends on a few things including:

    • What model you go for - some models such as the MiniMax & TwinTec S4, are the same with the same specifications - yet their prices can differ.
    • The Warranty of the system - it is better to buy a system which has at least a 10 year warranty. This way, you can ensure your product is quality and is guaranteed to last.
    • Who you buy your system from. Different retailers have different prices.

    The Harvey TwinTec S4 Water Softener is one of the latest models available and is the most cost effective. With the same technical specification as the MiniMax and Arc - the TwinTec is the most competitively priced non electric, twin tank softener.

    Buying online, you can save up to £650 off. We also offer buy now pay later and 0% interest payment plans.


    Harvey Discount Codes

    We're offering an extra £50 off the Harvey TwinTec S4. Use code: HARVEY

    To view all of our Harvey Water Softener Discount Codes, click below.

    Reveal Discounts
    Twitec Series 4 water softener

    The Harvey TwinTec Series 4 Water Softener. 2 years Replacement & 10 Years Parts Warranty - regardless of your installer.

    In Stock Unavailable

    Regular price £1,149.99 £1,450.00 |  Save £300.01 (20% off)

    Buy the Harvey TwinTec S4 now for only £1124.99 - Use code: HARVEY to save an extra £25 off. Shop the Best Water Softener UK of 2024. Get Free Delivery on all Harvey Water Softeners Found the Harvey TwinTec Series 4 for a cheaper price online? We have a price match guarantee...

    Is a Harvey Water Softener a Good Investment?

    "Is a Harvey Water Softener Worth the Money?" is a popular question amongst shoppers. When it comes to deciding this you should factor in:

    • 1. How long your Harvey Water Softener will last. Harvey systems with ten year warranties, tend to last anything from 10-20 years. Making them a good long term pay off.
    • 2. How much you can save on house hold bills. Soft water actually saves money, ut requires less cleaning products, 50% less detergents and washing powders, 50% less showering and skin care products. It also increases heating efficiency by up to 30% and protects your boiler from break downs. You also wont need to replace appliances or fixtures and fittings (such as taps or shower heads).
    • 3. How much is hard water costing you now? Hard water can cause permanent damage to your boiler, pipes, taps and appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. Boiler repairs and callout fees can be very costly.
    • 4. The running costs. Harvey models such as the TwinTec S4 have the highest efficiency of a domestic water softener - meaning they are the leats expensive to run.
    • 5. The other water softening benefits. A lovely lather and even a cure for eczema and dry skin and hair conditions.

    These factors make a Harvey Water Softener a good investment for your home.

    Harvey Water Softener Block Salt Costs

    The type of Harvey Water Softener Salt you need depends on your system.

    Harvey Water Softener Block Salt

    • - TwinTec S4
    • - MiniMax M3
    • - TwinTec Xl2
    • - MiniMax Major

    Harvey Water Softener Mini Curved Salt

    • - TwinTec Cobalt
    • - Harvey Arc Water Softener

    Tablet Salt

    • - Harvey Big Blue
    • - Harvey TwinTec XL1
    • - MiniMax Major

    What are Some Common Harvey Water Softener Problems?

    All systems can run into water softener problems. The most common problems can include the softener regenerating more than normal or salt can occasionally block the brine valve.

    Luckily, these issues are super easy to resolve and because Harvey is such a reputable brand - there are a team of experts on hand to help. If you want to see some question and answers to common problems - click the button below.

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    Harvey Water Softener Customer Reviews

    Harvey Water Softener Review

    Mark Baker

    Silky Smooth Softened Water

    "I recently purchased a TwinTec water softener and I’m delighted with the softened water - it’s, amazing how silky the water is!"

    customer testimonial

    Lousie Bourne

    Delighted with the S4 & Super Service

    "Delighted with the S4 & super service. The difference in my eczema is amazing. I wish I'd done this years ago."

    water softener review

    Ghulam Mustafa

    I Highly Recommend...

    "Jenny & Hazel from the sale team were brilliant. Best purchase from best company. Thank you"

    I Need More Help...

    Find out more about Harvey Water Softener Before and Afters ...

    hard water yorkshire water softeners Shower screen before and after a water softener

    "The difference in our water is incredible - no more limescale..."

    The Problem: Mark came to us with complaints about limescale damage. He reported white stains on the shower screen, taps & surfaces. He cleaned his bathroom 2x a day to prevent damage.

    The Solution: We recommended the Harvey TwinTec S4 water softener for Mark's 3 bathroom, family home.

    The Results: Mark reported an instant change in his water, describing it as "silky smooth", with a soapy lather. He now cleans his bathroom once a week & no longer requires expensive descalers. His saves time & money with a home that looks cleaner.

    yorkshire water softeners eczema before and after a water softener

    "I can't believe the difference in my skin, I wish I'd known sooner..."

    The Problem: Louise called us to find out about how hard water can cause eczema. She described severe dry skin with eczema flare ups , which was causing her severe stress.

    The Solution: We recommended the Harvey TwinTec Softener to help naturally help her eczema.

    The Results: "I can't believe the difference, my eczema is almost gone. I wish i'd known sooner..." Louise reported a huge change in her skin around 2 months after having the softener fitted. She reported much softer skin & hair, requiring less bathing products.

    limescale in bettle before and after a water softener

    "Lower bills & finally a cup of tea without limescale scum.."

    The Problem: Ghulam described limescale in his kettle & in cups of tea, along with boiler & heating issues. He reported having to replace his kettle every 4 months.

    The Solution: Ghulam wanted the best value for money, so we recommended the Harvey non-electric water softener, for his 4 bed family home.

    The Results: "Jenny & Hazel from the sales team were brilliant. The best purchase from best company." Ghulam's heating seemed more efficient, with lower bills after 12 months. He has not had to replace his latest kettle & is now enjoying cups of tea - without the scum.

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