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How to Find a Water Softener Plumber Near Me

Water Softener Installation Made Easy

Did you know, you could save over £400 off installation when buying online?

How? The installation of a water softener system is actually a relatively straight forward process for any qualified plumber. It can be completed by a plumber in around 2-3 hours. That means, unlike full packages, all you need to pay for is 2-3 hours of a plumbers time. To put it in perspective, installing a water softener is about as difficult as installing a washing machine!

Buying a water softener online from us, means you can get top brands such as Harvey Water Softener and Kinetico - at discounted prices. We are the biggest online reseller of these brands and offer the best online prices.

Buying online and then sourcing your own local plumber can save £400-600.

Find a Water Softener Plumber Near Me

How to Find a Plumber to Install Your Water Softener

Finding a plumber can be hard if you don't alredy have one. We recommend asking friends, family and your neighbours if they have a good plumber they would recommend.

We also have a list of plumbers in London and surrounding areas that we can refer - see below more more information.

Water Softener Installation Cost

The costof a water softener installation will vary depending on the work that needs to be done. For that reason you need a home visit and a quote. Generally installs can cost £150 - £300.

If you want to find out more about the installation process - click Find Out More. If you're looking for a plumber referral - keep on scrolling.


Our Water Softener Plumbers in London Areas

George Stafi

Areas Covered: North & West London.

Email: sgeorge142000@gmail.com

Phone: 07984172542

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ERG Plumbing Aylesbury

Areas Covered: UK Nationwide.

Email: siannaj@ergfacilitiesltd.co.uk

Phone: 07458646876 or 0800 0385 654

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JA Plumbing and Heating

Areas Covered: Bristol

Email: jake@japlumbingheating.co.uk

Phone: 07722557724


Mark Millard

Areas Covered: Reading

Email: millardplumbing@outlook.com

Phone: 07709059766


Tarbin Plumbing and Heating

Areas Covered: Essex, Suffolk Bishops Stortford, Hockerill, Braintree, Potterne, Swindon, Wiltshire Ingastone, Colchester.

Phone: 01376 349262.

Call Now

David Butler Plumbing & Heating

Areas Covered: Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire.

Email: dbutlerheating@gmail.com

Phone: 07760977058.

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Marcel from London Plumbing Pros

Areas Covered: Essex, Kent, London.

Contact Number: 07398180426

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Plumenergy UK

Areas Covered: Bath, Somerset

Email: enquiries@plumbergy.uk

Phone: 01761 754536.

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M J Griffiths

Areas Covered: Bath, Bournemouth, Wiltshire, Somerset.

Phone: 07850396206.

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Andrew Chambers

Areas Covered: Essex

Email: chambersplumbingandheating@hotmail.co.uk

Phone: 07585309350


Presland Plumbing

Areas Covered: Cambridge Area

Email: info@preslandplumbing.co.uk

Phone: 01223 606808.

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William Monk

Areas Covered: Woking & surrounding areas

Email: info@secureheat.co.uk

Phone: 0118 327 4020


Westminster Heating & Plumbing

Areas Covered: London

Email: info@westminsterheating.co.uk

Phone: 020 7834 1111

Call Now

AE Tech - Steven Webb

Areas Covered: Oxford and Bolton.

Email: steven.webb@ae-Tech.co.uk

Phone: 07746702440


Glosing Heating & Plumbing

Areas Covered: Cambridge

Email: justgosling@gmail.com

Phone: 07521675952

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