Terms and Conditions of Sale

  1. These standard terms and conditions of trading apply to all sales made and services supplied by us and to all agreements entered into by us unless they are and any terms contained in them, are expressly excluded by any other written agreement between the parties and signed by both of them. No amendment or aberrations shall be effective unless made in writing and signed by both parties.
  2. Payment is required before the day of installation or delivery unless otherwise agreed in
  3. All prices are subject to alteration without Goods are invoiced at the price ruling at the date of dispatch and services are invoiced at the date the last service is performed and orders are deemed to be placed and accepted on this basis.
  4. Estimated delivery dates are those dates on which we expect in good faith that goods will be available and delivered to the customer and estimated service dates are those on which we expect in good faith that services will be performed for the customer. However, time is not of the essence of the agreement and we shall not liable in any manner whatever of any losses arising in the event that goods are not delivered or services are not performed on the date that we have estimated or at all and in the event of non-delivery or non-performance our obligation and liability shall be limited to the refund of any monies prepaid by the customer.
  5. All water softeners are supplied with the individual warranties depending on the product you choose; the individual warranties will be specific to each individual product.
  6. Depending on the hardness of your water, you may wish to opt for a separate drinking water faucet to be installed at an extra charge. Please discuss this with your NEWS representative prior to the
  7. After the installation process is completed, NEWS accepts no further liability with regards to the drinking water supply unless a separate drinking water filter has also been
  8. NEWS does not accept any liability with regards to any changes in the quality of water which is supplied by the Local Water Provider; the hardness of the water can vary depending on the
  9. Title to all goods supplied by us (including goods and materials fitted or supplied in the course of services rendered by us) shall be retained by us until such time as the cost of the goods and services (as the case may be) shall have been paid to us in full and in the event that payment shall have been made by cheque or any negotiable instrument has been cleared by the paying Until title has passed in accordance with this condition we shall be at liberty to take possession of any goods supplied at our sole discretion and the customer hereby irrevocably authorises us to have access to the location of such goods in order to take possession of them. NEWS reserves the right to remove stock or products which have not been fully paid for and charge a fee of £200.00 for the removal.
  1. All statements, conditions or warranties whether express or implied by law or otherwise as to the quality of any goods ordered or supplied or of services rendered or the fitness of such goods for any purpose are expressly excluded to the extent permitted by
  2. All appointments should be booked to commence during our normal working hours of 9 am-5 pm Monday to Saturday and will be scheduled for the earliest availability of an appropriately qualified engineer.
  3. Our engineers will only perform work on our products or components and will not perform any work on any other aspect of your property, outside of these
  4. In the event that the fault is not product related, or if the fault is not covered by warranty, we reserve the right to charge a call-out The customer is responsible for ensuring that our engineers can get clear and safe access to work on the products or components.
  5. If the installation can no longer take place (i.e., delays in building & renovation work, work commitments etc), then you must give us at least 72 hours’ notice of a reschedule, otherwise a call-out fee is If our engineer arrives on the agreed date of the installation and this cannot go ahead, a call-out fee may be applicable of £100 + vat to cover costs.
  6. NEWS take no liability for any issues in relation to existing This includes stopping taps and other pipework, anywhere on the property.
  7. Upon our engineer completing the installation, the customer is responsible for the If there are any small water leaks or weeps from joints or pipework, this must be reported within 14 days of the installation. Any issues reported after the 14-day settling-in period, will not be the liability of NEWS. Photo/ video evidence will be required.
  8. NEWS do not accept any liability for any water damages or any other damage, to the property which has gone unnoticed for a long period of time, causing further damage to the


General Refund Policy 

  1. We do not offer a returns policy for stock items ordered unless the following applies: 
  • If the return is due to an error we have made we will gladly refund the item and the delivery charges.
  • If the item is either faulty or damaged you must contact our Returns team within 3 working days of delivery, who will arrange for a replacement or refund:
  • If you change your mind within the 14-day statutory cooling off period, (this period runs from the date of receipt of order), we will arrange for collection of the goods and refund you the full amount minus the return carriage costs which are typically £29.99, however these costs can fluctuate. The customer is responsible for return carriage charges.
  1. We will not accept any returns unless authorised prior by a member of staff, we do not accept any returned items without prior Returns when authorised are then at the cost of the individual and may be subject to a surcharge of a minimum 15% re-stock fee.
  2. Please ensure you are ordering the correct items, as North East Water Softeners Ltd cannot be responsible for incorrect items being ordered. Whenever the wrong goods are ordered North East Water Softeners Ltd will not be held responsible for incorrect ordering, please take care when placing an order, we are only a telephone call away for advice on the right
  3. In the case of warranted goods a valid invoice must be produced at all times. We cannot accept any goods for repair or replacement without a valid North East Water Softeners Ltd invoice which you receive when ordering your The repair or replacement of goods will be at the discretion of North East Water Softeners Ltd.


Water Softener Warranty Applicable for Systems Installed by NE Water Softeners at a customer’s premises/site


  1. All water softeners supplied and installed by NEWS have individual warranties and this may fluctuate depending on the product you choose.
  2. For water softeners that come with a 10-year warranty with NEWS – this is broken down into a 2-year labour and 10-year parts warranty. This means that we will attend your property if you have a malfunction to fix the water softener. If it can’t be fixed onsite, we will remove the unit and bring it back to our base for further investigation. There will be no charge for either labour or parts within the first 2 years of the warranty with NEWS.
  3. After the first 2 years, if you do have a malfunction, a call out charge of £100.00 plus vat is applicable. An engineer will attend your property; if the unit can be fixed onsite, the repair will be made upon visitation. Further labour charges may be applicable dependent of the issue presented. You will be advised of these labour charges before any changes or repairs are made. You will not be charged for parts if within the 10-year warranty period by NEWS.
  4. All other products we supply and install are covered by their own individual warranties provided by NEWS, which may vary. You will be advised of these warranties on order.


Warranty for Water Softeners sold online without installation by NEWS. 

  1. All water softeners are supplied by NEWS have individual warranties; the individual warranties will fluctuate depending on the product you choose.
  2. For water softeners which are advertised with a 10-year warranty online and sold online without installation by NEWS - when correctly installed are covered by a 2 year replacement warranty & 10-year parts warranty provided by NEWS.
  1. If you experience a malfunction, we will ask you to complete a few basic checks to see if the installation is correct and everything is as it should be. We will also ask you, if possible, to send us images or a short video of the water softener and the issues you are experiencing.
  1. If it is determined there is indeed a fault with the water softener, within the first 2 years, we will uplift the water softener and replace this with a brand-new product. This reinstates your warranty from the date the new water softener is installed. We will arrange and cover the costs of the carriage and any labour costs.
  1. NEWS will provide a plumber to disconnect the defective water softener and re connect the new water softener. We will arrange the visit by the plumber and organise all aspects of the return and re We will cover all costs in relation to the repair and reinstallation including labour costs
  1. For the avoidance of any doubt, there will be no charge to the customer within the 2-year replacement warranty if there is a malfunction with the system.
  1. If you experience a malfunction after the first 2 years, call out charges of £100 will be applicable. In this event, we will arrange for a plumber to attend your property and fix on site. If this is not possible, the water softener will be removed and sent back to our base, where we will investigate the problem. No repairs will be made without the customer’s consent. Depending on the problem, repair charges are applicable for any labour costs incurred. You will not be charged for any costs in relation to required parts to remedy a defect if you are within the 10-year parts warranty period.

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