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Officially a Refill Point

Officially a Refill Point 0

Officially a Refill Point

We have signed up to become an official refill point in our York showroom so if you’re in the area and you would like to refill your reusable bottles- come on in. Not only do we have tap water but we have filtered, mineral and hydrogenated water all for you try whilst you’re in.

We love this refill movement and we really wanted to help contribute to the massive difference already made and help educate our customers about the problems with single-use plastic. We may be late to national refill day which was back in June but with our showroom up and running now, we can't wait until next year so we can really see how much of an impact it made. The national refill day in June accomplished so much and we cannot wait to be a part of it next year. Here is what the refill day accomplished;

  • Reached an estimated 73 million on social media alone
  • Were trending on twitter ALL DAY
  • Had over 30 events held across the UK in honour of National Refill Day, including a parliamentary reception with Water UK, which was attended by 100+ parliamentarians
  • Signed up 6 new major nationwide chains including Greggs and Sweaty Betty
  • Reached over 160,000 app downloads – meaning more people than ever before are finding drinking water on the go
  • Added over 1,500 new Refill stations to the app making it easier than ever to find a free refill
  • Launched 15 new fountains across the UK
  • Secured over 90 pieces of media coverage including features in the Metro and The Sun and shout outs on BBC 6music, Classim FM and BBC R2
  • Had support from over 100 organisations who helped us spread the word about the Refill Revolution
  • Saw more than 20 influencers, ranging from wildlife presenter Liz Bonnin, to actress Caitriona Balfe, get involved on social media – reaching their 9.5 million combined followers
  • Got 30+ partners and chains to support on their digital channels including an email to Costa’s 5.5 million customers
  • Reached more than 3 million people through digital advertising


You can help us in reducing the amount of single use plastic by visiting us in our showroom and refilling your bottle- we will also be selling our Runbott bottles if you would like to take your first step in reducing your plastic consumption and join the refill revolution with us. 

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Opening of our Showroom

Opening of our Showroom 0

Our Showroom 

We have opened the doors to our showroom and we would like to thank everyone who has visited us thus far. We opened Saturday the 13th and although we're not officially finished with our renovations, we thought it's best to open our doors to you. We still have internal graphics to go on the walls and to finish with our displays but we would love to invite you to come and take a look at it so far. 


We will be hosting a grand opening event soon once everything is completed inside of the shop but if you are interested in coming by to take a look we would love to meet you and have a lovely cup of tea. We will be sure to announce our grand opening event on here and on our socials so keep checking back for our official opening day where we will have some amazing offers and deals which you won't want to miss. For the time being, you can follow us on our socials- Instagram, twitter and Facebook


or you can take a look at our Yorkshire website here


Here is how the showroom is looking as of right now, we have the external graphics up and our products are gradually being added to the shop.  



External Graphics- 

We love how our external graphics are looking and we are so excited to get our other images up on our outside walls. We have some very nice clear images of limescale going in between the windows at the front of the shop as well as some very visual posters going up on our fence which looks out to the Aldi car park. Next time you go shopping, why not walk 2 minutes to our showroom and take a look. 



Road Signs: 

Due to our showroom being very clear from the Aldi car park, we are quite hidden away from the main road. So we have created this sign as you turn into JULIA AVENUE so it makes it easier for us to show you where we are. We have some really nice flags coming soon and we will shortly be adding a sign at the roundabout to help with some directions. 
As you turn into Julia Avenue, if you drive straight down the road, before you turn left to go to Rogers you should see our sign. If you drive through the little driveway, you will arrive at our showroom where we have free parking. 



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Yorkshire Water Softeners: Month 2 Renovations

Yorkshire Water Softeners: Month 2 Renovations 0

Transformation of our Showroom Yorkshire Water Softeners

Month 1: June

Month 2 of the renovations commenced and we made some incredible changes to our showroom that we are so excited to share with you. The aim here was to create a relaxing and tranquil space so our customers and visitors feel instantly at home and comfortable. 





June was a very busy and crazy month but we made some staggering progress inside the showroom. The next step will be to get our outdoor signage up and ready to advertise to the residents of York- we have all that ordered, just waiting for the delivery and then we can show you what it looks like from the outside.

We are so excited to be on this journey and we can't wait to show you the finished product. Stay tuned for our next update when we can show you all the products we are including in the showroom and to see how the showers are coming along. 

Stay tuned for more or if you would like to follow our journey, you can do so by following us on Instagram where you will see behind-the-scenes of our development. 



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Yorkshire Water Softeners- Month 1 Renovations

Yorkshire Water Softeners- Month 1 Renovations 0

Transformation of our Showroom Yorkshire Water Softeners 

North East Water Softeners has been extremely successful operating from Hartlepool to the North East of England since 2011 but we continuously found that not a lot of people knew much about hard water, even though they lived in one of the hardest water areas of the UK. We needed to find a way to educate more people about water softeners by showing them the difference between hard and soft water in a realistic setting- similar to a home. We identified this unrealised potential and so, the next step for North East Water Softeners is our new showroom in York. We have been operating throughout Yorkshire for the last 8 years and to say a massive thank you to our loyal customers, we have decided to re-name ourself to Yorkshire Water Softeners. 

The showroom has all our trusted brands and products in as working models, for people to come in and try for themselves. We understand that trying to sell you a water softener which looks similar to all the others out there is quite hard and may be slightly confusing, so this showroom is a place for you to test out which one is right for you and to browse all our other additional products such as drinking water systems and our vast array of taps. 

Thus, the long awaited grand opening is almost here and we thought it would be fun to take a look at where it all began- at the early stages of our renovations. 
We began this journey in May of 2019 and the space was very basic when we started, an empty shell for us to really make our own. We began our renovations immediately and the showroom started taking shape. 

Month 1: May


A first look at how the showroom started- very plain and empty. We were able to create the space we needed by fitting internal walls and separating the stock room from the showroom. 



Once the walls had been finished, we then covered them in plaster board and plastered over the top so we had a blank canvas to paint, to hang and to display products on. 




We will be updating our blog with more photographs in the future of our transformation as new and exciting things happen. Stay tuned for more or if you would like to follow our journey, you can do so by following us on Instagram where you will see behind-the-scenes of our development. 

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Protect your boiler from Limescale

Protect your boiler from Limescale 0

How limescale damages your Boiler

Calcium and magnesium minerals in hard water clump together when heated and attach themselves to surfaces in the form of limescale. These deposits quickly build up in your water heating pipes, forming a rim of limescale. Not only does this inhibit the flow of water, but it also means a lot more energy is needed to heat pipes as the limescale layers have to be heated first.

Aside from increasing your energy bills and making your heating system less efficient, limescale can cause serious damage to the entire structure. Internal working parts of your boiler that heat the water can become blocked, requiring more energy to work normally – something that eventually results in breakdowns and extensive repairs.

Your home is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make and problems with your heating system can threaten that. You need to safeguard your assets today.

Homeowners living in hard water areas often suffer from underperforming heating systems, although many don’t even realise it.

Water takes more time to heat up and the house remains chilly for longer than it should on cold winter evenings.
Most people assume it’s just how the system is, but often it’s the result of hard water reducing its efficiency.

Protect your investment with a water softener

The average boiler repair costs £235.37, while a brand new boiler will set you back between £1,800 and £3,500. Not dealing with your hard water problem is a big risk to take, considering a water softener can stop damage from happening in the first place.

Our range of water softeners will help maintain the original efficiency of your boiler, preventing limescale build-up and saving you money on your energy bill.

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How to keep your shower looking new

How to keep your shower looking new 0

Did you know?
On average, it takes around 168 showers to clog your showerhead with limescale if you have hard water. If you shower twice a day, you’ll notice the flow of water drop in less than three months. And if you have a new shower, it won’t stay new for long!

If you really want to protect the investments you’re making in your home, softening your water is the only long-term, permanent way to end your limescale problem. It really doesn’t make sense to spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds revamping a new kitchen or bathroom, only for it to be ruined a few months later by damaging limescale.
Water softeners stop the problem before it happens. They remove those limescale-causing minerals from hard water at the entry point to your house. This means you’ll have soft water running through your home, ensuring your bathroom and kitchen continue to look like new
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