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Using Your Water Softener over Christmas and New Year

Using Your Water Softener over Christmas and New Year 0

Using Your Water Softener over Christmas and New Year

This festive period your home will get a lot more visitors than normal and more people are off during the day so you will need to ensure your water softener can cope with the additional demand. Now is the perfect time to check everything is running smoothly and your softener is in good shape. 

Over the holidays you may notice an increase in salt usage as the water demand will be higher so your softener will need to regenerate more frequently. Remembering to put salt in your softener is crucial and you can make sure all your guests can use the shower, bath, kettle, washing machine and dishwasher without running out of soft water. 

You can have confidence that your water softener will keep your appliances running at their most effective and efficient levels, so you can relax and spend some quality time with your family without the worry of something breaking down during the holidays. 


Check your salt levels and ensure you have a stock of salt for over the Christmas holidays. We are no longer taking an additional salt orders for Christmas for delivery but collection is still available. Please note that all salt orders made from the 19th December will be delivered in January. You are more than welcome to pick up salt and filters yourself on Friday 20th between 9am-5pm or Monday 23rd between the hours of 9:30am-1pm before we close for Christmas. 

Important Info

Our doors will close on December 23rd at 1pm and will re-open on Thursday 2nd January at 9:30am. Our offices will be empty during this time so any phone calls made during this holiday period will be returned in January. If you have an urgent enquiry or issue, please contact us on our email at: 

We receive all emails to our personal phones and these will be checked regularly- we will then be in contact to you in regards to your urgent query. 

If you do have any problems with your water softeners or drinking water systems please isolate the softener and bypass the water until further notice. You can find out how to isolate your softener by clicking HERE


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Christmas Competition

Christmas Competition 0

Win A Complete Water Softening Package For Your Home 

Do you want the chance to win a water softening package for your home worth over £2700? We are giving one lucky winner the chance to win a Kinetico Premier Compact water softener, a K5 drinking water system, a Gemini 3-way tap and installation for everything to welcome in the new year. For your chance to win this selection of goodies simply come and visit us at our showroom, fill out a form and that's it! For bonus entries you can follow us on our socials and we will put your name in the draw again giving you more chances to win this prize. 

Our showroom is situated behind Aldi carpark at: 9A Julia Avenue, Huntington, YO32 9JR and we are open Tuesday-Friday 11-3:30pm. You can pop in during these times but please let us know when you plan on coming and we will definitely look out for you. 


Our T&C's regarding the competition are as follows; 

  1. Competition to win a full water softening package including a Kinetico Premier Compact water softener, a K5 Drinking water system, a Gemini 3-way tap and installation for all three items coming to the value of £2734
  2. Competition running from November 1st- 31st December and winner will be announced 1st January 2020.
  3. The winner has 30 days to claim the prize and Installation will take place in January.
  4. There will be 12 runner up prizes who will win an Essentials Drinking Water System worth £99- with installation in January. 
  5. Free installation covers 15mm/22mm standard installation with easy access to mains water supply and drainage. An extra supplement may be payable on installations with larger pipes and unusual and complicated pipework. 
  6. Installation of an outdoor frost protection cabinet is at an extra cost. 
  7. Retail customers only.
  8. There is no cash alternative for this competition. 
  9. One entry per household and winning individual will get the installation at the address they signed up with. 
  10. Must be 18 years over and be the homeowner 
  11. Winner will be required to complete an interview for a newspaper one month after having softener products installed. 
  12. Winner will chosen at random by a computer and you will be notified by email and phone. A site visit will take place prior to the installation to understand where the softener will be installed. 
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Can You Drink Softened Water?

Can You Drink Softened Water? 0

Can You Drink Softened Water?  

Many people think that you can't drink softened water but that is incorrect. Softened water does not contain unhealthy amounts of sodium and is perfectly safe to drink. Your decision to drink softened water should be based completely on whether or not you enjoy the taste of it. 

Softened Water

Our water softeners work by removing the minerals such as calcium and magnesium from the water through ion exchange. This water softening process replaces the minerals present in the water with a small amount of sodium in the ion-exchange. The level of sodium, also known as salt, present in the water is based on where you are located in the UK and how hard your water is. Areas which have harder water will have more sodium present in the water because it needs more salt to soften the water. This illustrates the importance in us testing your water because we can advise you on your options- if your water supply once softened will exceed 200mg/l sodium- it is essential to provide you with a hard water supply. 

Softened water is completely safe to drink and does not contain unhealthy levels of sodium. The average amount of sodium found in a 250ml glass of softened water contributes to 1% of your daily sodium intake (Recommended daily intake by the NHS (2015) is 2,400mg of sodium).

Drinking Softened Water

Information provided by the WRAS and NHS recommends that the sodium limit should not be exceeded when preparing formula for babies because their kidneys are not fully developed yet to process the increase in salt. Their formula and food are made with the correct sodium levels and any additional sodium can alter this balance and can cause dehydration. It is also recommended that individuals who are on a prescribed low-sodium diet should not drink softened water due to the increased sodium levels. 

We understand that not everybody will want to or will enjoy drinking softened water and that is perfectly fine- we have some solutions. We can give you an untreated feed to your kitchen or utility sink so you can still enjoy the taste of hard water. Or, you can purchase a drinking water system with your softener and get a filtered supply to drink. We have a huge range of drinking water systems, if you would like to look a look, click HERE


-If you are ever concerned about something, we urge you to get into contact with us as we are trained professionals and can provide you with information to help you. 


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Autumn Offer- Free Installation*

Autumn Offer- Free Installation* 0

Autumn Offer- Free Installation*

Terms & Conditions- Free Installation Autumn Offer 2019

  1. Subject to survey and installation by North East Water Softeners 

  2. Free Installation covers 15mm standard installation with easy access to mains water supply and drainage. An extra supplement may be payable on installations with larger pipe sizes and unusual complicated pipework.

  3. Installation of an outside frost protection cabinet is at an additional cost.

  4. Installation of any supplementary items over and above the Kinetico water softener unit may be chargeable.

  5. There is no cash alternative available to this limited time offer. Offer period 20th September -- 31st October 2019.

  6. Retail customers only.

  7. The offer of Free Installation is limited to the Kinetico Premier compact 

  8. The offer of free installation may not be used in conjunction with any other offers


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How To Bypass Your Water Softener

How To Bypass Your Water Softener 0

How To Bypass Your Water Softener 

 If you need to by-pass your softener please follow the instructions below.

Only using your softener when you need to can be a really great trick to boost your softeners efficiency. Reasons to why you may need to bypass your softener; 

  • If there is a problem/ servicing- this can prevent problems from getting worse.

  • If you're moving house- we can relocate your softener to your new address. 

  • If you don't want soft water to the outside tap- hard water is great for the garden!

If you locate the hoses in the side of the softener these will lead you to the inlet and outlet valves. Understand these may go through walls so follow them carefully. When you have located the valves, you're ready to bypass it. 

To by-pass the softener - Set the inlet/outlet (blue) valves to the “OFF” position and set the by- pass (grey) valve to the “ON or OPEN” position.

To restart the flow of soft water - Set the inlet/outlet (blue) valves to the “ON or OPEN” position and set the by-pass (grey) valve to the “OFF” position.

The softener can be put into by-pass at any time. Water will still flow throughout the house, however, this water will be hard.


                                    Softener in use                                                Softener not in use

    If you are ever confused about whether it is open or closed, just take a look at the valves. If the handle is in line with the valve, it is open and if the handle is across the valve, it is closed. 

    The handles may be stiff, that's perfectly normal and they should only twist 90° in one direction. 

    Each install varies, so the setup of yours might differ slightly from the diagrams. If you are ever confused, just speak to member of staff who will be happy to guide you through it. 

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    Officially a Refill Point

    Officially a Refill Point 0

    Officially a Refill Point

    We have signed up to become an official refill point in our York showroom so if you’re in the area and you would like to refill your reusable bottles- come on in. Not only do we have tap water but we have filtered, mineral and hydrogenated water all for you try whilst you’re in.

    We love this refill movement and we really wanted to help contribute to the massive difference already made and help educate our customers about the problems with single-use plastic. We may be late to national refill day which was back in June but with our showroom up and running now, we can't wait until next year so we can really see how much of an impact it made. The national refill day in June accomplished so much and we cannot wait to be a part of it next year. Here is what the refill day accomplished;

    • Reached an estimated 73 million on social media alone
    • Were trending on twitter ALL DAY
    • Had over 30 events held across the UK in honour of National Refill Day, including a parliamentary reception with Water UK, which was attended by 100+ parliamentarians
    • Signed up 6 new major nationwide chains including Greggs and Sweaty Betty
    • Reached over 160,000 app downloads – meaning more people than ever before are finding drinking water on the go
    • Added over 1,500 new Refill stations to the app making it easier than ever to find a free refill
    • Launched 15 new fountains across the UK
    • Secured over 90 pieces of media coverage including features in the Metro and The Sun and shout outs on BBC 6music, Classim FM and BBC R2
    • Had support from over 100 organisations who helped us spread the word about the Refill Revolution
    • Saw more than 20 influencers, ranging from wildlife presenter Liz Bonnin, to actress Caitriona Balfe, get involved on social media – reaching their 9.5 million combined followers
    • Got 30+ partners and chains to support on their digital channels including an email to Costa’s 5.5 million customers
    • Reached more than 3 million people through digital advertising


    You can help us in reducing the amount of single use plastic by visiting us in our showroom and refilling your bottle- we will also be selling our Runbott bottles if you would like to take your first step in reducing your plastic consumption and join the refill revolution with us. 

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