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The Benefits of a Water Softener

Is a Water Softener Worth the Cost?

Hard water and limescale can cost thousands of pounds in irreversible damage. From broken boilers and home appliances to ruined kitchens and bathrooms. It can even increase household bills by over £400 and energy bills by up to 64%.

A water softener is the only real ay to remove hard water, but is it worth the cost and what are the real benefits of a water softener for you and your family?

hard water damage kitchen and bathroom

No Limescale. A Permanent Descaler

A water softener completely removes limescale from your water. Meaning you can remove very stubborn limescale on your shower screen, taps and surfaces.

hard water damage boiler repairs and replacements

Protect Your Boiler & Increase Efficiency

With rising energy bills, now is not the time to be wasting energy. A water softener increases heating efficiency and reduces energy bills by 20-64%. It protects your boiler from irreversible damage.

hard water damage taps and shower replacements

Unblock Taps, Shower Heads & Pipes

Limescale build-up blocks taps & shower heads. With a water softener, you can remove existing scale from taps and keep your water flowing freely.

hard water damage washing machine dishwasher and kettle

Protect Home Appliances

Forget how to descale your kettle or descaling the washing machine. Soft water means no more limescale in your kettle. Your appliances will be protected & last 50% longer.

hard water damage cleaning and descalers

Less Time Spent Cleaning

Sick of cleaning limescale in toilet & bathroom? With a softener, you won't need an expensive limescale remover and you can cut back all the time spent cleaning.

hard water damage eczema dry skin and hair

Soft Hair & an Eczema Cure

Hard water has a severe impact on skin & hair, often causing eczema & dry skin. Soft water is a natural eczema cure that leaves you with softer skin & hair.

hard water damage washing powder and showering products

Cleaner Clothes & Less Product

Soft water reacts positively with soaps and detergents. You'll notice a lather and bubbles. You can use 50% less detergent & showering product - saving money on your shopping bill!

hard water damage high energy bills

Save Money & the Environment

A water softener can save over £400 off household shopping bills and 20-64% off energy bills. What's more, it reduces the amount of cleaning products you use, making it environmentally friendly.

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