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We are exclusive suppliers of the UK’s #1 water softener manufacturer: Harvey Water Softener. Our Prices are the lowest and most competitive available online with exclusive Harvey Water Softener Discount codes. How can I Choo... Read more

We are exclusive suppliers of the UK’s #1 water softener manufacturer: Harvey Water Softener. Our Prices are the lowest and most competitive available online with exclusive Harvey Water Softener Discount codes.

How can I Choose the Right Water Softener for my Home?

When it comes to choosing the best Harvey softener model to buy - we recommend first asking yourself these questions:

  • How many bathrooms does your home have?
  • How many people live in your home?
  • Where is your stop tap located and how much space is available either: under the sink, in the garage or in the utility room.

If you live in an average family home with 1-4 bathrooms, the Harvey TwinTec Series 4 is a great choice of water softener. This model is designed for very hard water, it is a twin tank system which uses the latest technology to be one of the most salt and water efficient systems available in the UK. 

Why is Harvey Water Softeners so Popular in the UK?

Harvey Water Softeners is the UK's biggest water softener manufacturer and provider and the most popular amongst water softener consumers. They produce water softeners designed with the latest technology and as a result, are the most efficient models available on the domestic market - with the lowest running costs. The brand was developed in 1988 and quickly became the UK's leading manufacturer for water softener systems. Harvey products are renowned in the UK for being of the best quality. That is because the team tests each component through a series of strict quality processes designed to meet all EU and UK regulations.

Harvey have been in the Industry for over 21 years and are the UK’s most trusted manufacturer.

  • They are a UK brand who develop products in house here in the UK.
  • They work towards creating products designed to save you money and the environment
  • They invest in state-of-the-art technology in all their products that is developed and improved every year.

Harvey Water Softeners Comparison

Before you decide to buy a Harvey System - we have several resources which compare different water softener models, their specifications and price.

Which is Best - Harvey or Kinetico Water Softeners?

Harvey and Kinetico Water Softeners are two popular brands in the UK. Harvey water softeners is more in demand in the UK due to its well known brand reputation and great price point. When comparing Harvey or Kinetico Water Softeners, it is important to specifically compare these aspects:

  • Flow Rate: The Harvey TwinTec S4 has a flow rate of 56L/min. The Kinetico Premier Compact has a flow rate of 51L/min.
  • Salt and Water Usage: The Harvey TwinTec S4 uses 300g of salt and 17L of water per regeneration. The Kinetico Premier Compact uses 340g of salt and 20.5L of water per regeneration.
  • Warranty: both systems come with a 10 year parts and 2 year labour warranty.
  • Price: The Harvey TwinTec Series 4 can be found online for £1149 vs the Premier Compact retails at £1695.

What is the Best Harvey Water Softener?

The different Harvey Water Softener models are:

  • The Harvey TwinTec Series 4 
  • The Harvey MiniMax M3
  • The Harvey Arc Water Softener
  • The Harvey Crown Water Softener
  • The Harvey TwinTec XL1/2
  • The Harvey Big Blue

When it comes to choosing between different Harvey Water Softener Models you should be comparing:

  • Flow Rate
  • Salt and Water Usage
  • Warranty
  • Price
  • The retailer you are purchasing from

The Harvey TwinTec S3 Water Softener

The Harvey TwinTec Series 3 was a leading softener system on the market in 2017/2018, however, has since been discontinued and replaced with the new and improved TwinTec S4. 

The Harvey TwinTec S4 Water Softener

The Harvey S4 is one of Harvey's latest water softening products with one of the most up to date specifications. This system has been designed to deliver the highest efficiency, with the lowest salt and water usage per regen of any domestic water softener. It offers a constant supply of soft water with two cylinders/tanks for a continuous water softening and regeneration process. It also has a a great high flow rate and uses smart metering to only use water when it is necessary. This model comes with a 10 Year warranty and has the same technical specification as the Harvey Arc and the Harvey MiniMax. 

The Harvey MiniMax 

The Harvey MiniMax is very similar to the Harvey TwinTec range and in fact, when comparing the models side by side there is no difference in the specifications.

  • Harvey MiniMax M2/3 = TwinTec S4
  • Harvey MiniMax Major = TwinTec Xl1 and 2

The Harvey Arc 

The Harvey Arc water softener is a Harvey retail product that is only available from Harvey direct and through enquiry only. This system has the same technical aspects as the TwinTec range, including flow rate, salt and water usage. It is very similar to the TwinTec S4 and identical to the TwinTec Cobalt.

The Harvey Crown Water Softener

The Harvey Crown was one of the very first models produced by Harvey. Its a mid range product which has the lowest flow rates and efficiency, when comparing to the other Harvey models.

The Harvey Twin Tec XL2 and XL1 Non-Electric Softener

The Harvey TwinTec Xl2 and XL1 are designed for larger homes with over 5 bathrooms., they can even be suitable for small businesses as a semi commercial water softener solution. The XL1 uses tablet salt and XL2 uses block salt. 

The Harvey Big Blue Softener

This is one of Harvey's biggest systems and is used for large homes with over 6 bathrooms and for small businesses who require a commercial water softener. It uses tablet salt and is a large water softener. 

Harvey Block Salt & Mini Curved Salt 

Water Softener Salt: Block Salt

Our Harvey salt comes in packs of 2 weighting a total of 8kg. It is available here.

Harvey Mini Curve Salt Blocks

These salt blocks are only suitable for the Harvey TwinTec Cobalt and the Harvey Arc.

Is a Harvey Water Softener Worth the Cost?

When considering "Is a Harvey Water Softener worth the cost?" we recommend considering the following:

  • How long the system lasts and the warranty: warranty is a great indicator of product quality. The longer the guarantee from the manufacturer, the longer the product will last. But not all Harvey warranties are the same so it is worth double checking. The TwinTec S4 offers a warranty of 10 years for parts and 2 years for labour and can last 10-20 years.
  • How much is hard water costing you now? Hard water can show up as expensive cleaning products, dry hair and skin skin treatments, boiler repairs and breakdown charges, blocked pipe and tap repairs, washing machine, dishwasher and kettle breakdowns. 
  • How much money can a water softener save? Reportedly anything from £400 - £1000 per year on household bills. Water softening not only makes your water silky and smooth, but it also means you can save money. You'll find you will need 50% less detergents and washing powders, 50% less showering products and less cleaning products. Not only that, but by protecting you appliances, boiler, pipes and taps - you'll save money on any hard water and limescale related issues. Soft water can also remove existing limescale. This means you may also find your hot water and heating becoming more efficient.
  • The other benefits: Soft water is great for your hair and skin. Many consumers buy a water softener for eczema, acne and other dry skin conditions. What's more, it works better than a simple shower filter - because it's a permanently solution that lasts up to 10 years. Not only that, but you'll find a great lather and bubbles when you have a bath or shower.

How Much Does a Harvey Water Softener Cost?

The prices can vary, but a Harvey Water Softener costs:

  • Harvey TwinTec S4: £1149.99
  • Harvey MiniMax: £1445
  • Harvey Arc: £1695
  • Harvey TwinTec XL1 & XL2: £1695
  • Harvey Big Blue: £1695

Harvey Water Softener Discount Code

We're offering a Harvey Discount Code for the TwinTec S4 - use code: HARVEY. You can find all discount codes here.

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