Harvey Vs Kinetico Water Softener Comparison

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When it comes to water softeners, it is a well known fact that Kinetico and Harvey water softeners are the best you can get. But why? and which brand is best? Find out in our Harvey Vs Kinetico comparison, which system is the best water softener for your home.
Harvey vs Kinetico

Why Choose a Harvey Water Softener?

The Harvey TwinTec S4 Review Rating: ★★★★★


  • Non-electric & automatic - saves water & salt, with no extra running costs.
  • High fow rate of 56L/min - suitable for 3-4 bathrooms.
  • Twin tank design - soft water 24 hours a day.
  • 10 year warranty.
  • Designed to soften very hard water over 600ppm.
  • The most efficient system on the market.
  • Harvey are the most popular choice in London & the UK.
  • The smallest water softener available.
  • Cons:

  • Can be difficult to find online, with high prices for offline installation packages.


Why Harvey?

"The Most Efficient, Best Price & Value for Money".


Efficiency Rating


The most efficient system available.

Salt usage: 300g, 50% salt efficiency.

Water usage: 17L.

Regeneration time: 11 Minutes.

Price & Discounts


The best Harvey model available.

Best price online: £1249.99.

RRP: £1595.

You can buy the S4 from NE Water Softeners.

Previous Models


The Harvey TwinTec S4: latest specification.

Previously known as: The TwinTec S3

Same Specification as: S5, Arc, MiniMax.

The Twintec S4 is the best price system.

Twitec Series 4 water softener

The Harvey TwinTec Series 4 Non-Electric Water Softener

In Stock Unavailable

SKU: G5030

Regular price £1,249.99 £1,595.00 |  Save £345.01 (21% off)

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Kinetico Vs Harvey - the Best Kinetico Water Softener

Kinetico Vs Harvey Kinetico Premier Compact

Why Choose a Kinetico Water Softener?

The Kinetico Premier Compact Review Rating: ★★★★★


  • Twin tank design & non-electric - soft water 24 hours a day, no added energy costs.
  • Fully Automatic - no need for timers or controls.
  • High fow rate of 51L/min - suitable for 3 bathrooms.
  • Designed to soften very hard water at 500ppm.
  • 10 year warranty & guarantee.
  • Low water & salt usage.
  • Renowned quality & systems that last up to 30 years.
  • The world's biggest water softener brand, with a stylish design.
  • Cons:

  • Can be difficult to find discounts due to contractual agreements - contact us direct for £200 off.


Why Kinetico?

Unbeatable Quality, Customer Satisfaction & Systems Which Last a Lifetime.


Efficiency Rating


A very efficient system with low running costs.

Salt usage: 340g, 35% salt efficiency.

Water usage: 20.5L.

Regeneration time: 11 Minutes.

Price & Discounts


The best Harvey model available.

Best price online: £1395.

RRP: £1595.

Buy from NE Water Softeners.

Previous Models


The Kinetico Premier Compact: best Kinetico Water Softener.

Previously known as: The Kinetico 2020c

Don't pay more than you have to - save £200 OFF RRP, code: KINETICO.

Kinetico Premier Compact Water Softener

Kinetico Premier Compact Twin Tank Non-Electric Softener

In Stock Unavailable

SKU: nkytccpb

Regular price £1,595.00 Sale

Save £200 OFF The Premier Compact - Click Chat with us Now for an Exclusive Discount Code or Call us Direct! Free Express Delivery! Talk to us Today on 0203 1486773. FREE Installation Kit Worth £134.99. Use code: INSTALL The Premier Compact Water Softener is a twin tank, non–electric and high flow system that removes...

A summary - what is the best water softener to buy?

Harvey Water Softener

Harvey are the UK’s largest manufacturer, who have been designing water softeners for over 40 years.

Harvey produce several different makes and models, which are sold through different sales channels: their own retail, online and offline distributors.

Most of the latest Harvey models produced in the past 4 years (despite different names and colours) have the same specification.

The Harvey TwinTec Series 4 is the most efficient and best priced water softener you can buy. It has the lowest running costs of any system.

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Kinetico Water Softener

Kinetico are a worldwide company, with millions of people around the world purchasing their systems.

Although slightly higher in price, Kinetico systems can last anything from 20-30 years. The quality of Kinetico water softeners can't be questioned.

Their softeners have even been installed by the NHS and the Royal Family.

The Kinetico Premier Compact has an impressive specification. According to customers, the main reason to buy is a product which has no issues and a long lifetime of service.

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