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Water Softener Installation

Water Softener Installation

Where Is a Water Softener Installed?

A water softener works by intersecting your mains supply of hard water. For that reason, it needs to be installed next to your stop tap. The stop tap is usually located under the kitchen sink. Our water softeners are generally produced to fit neatly underneath the kitchen sink, without any hassel.
For homes with limited space underneath the kitchen sink, or if you are installing a large water softener, there are other installation options and solutions. A softener can also often be installed in the garage, the utility room, plant room or even outdoors.

How is a Water Softener Installed?

A water softener is generally installed by the stop tap and under the kitchen sink. The softener is plumbed in to the pipes, so it can intersect the incoming mains supply of water.

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Who Can Install a water Softener?

A water softener can be easily installed by a qualified plumber or installer. The process itself can often be very straight forward for a tradesman and trained professional. And in comparison, it is about as difficult as installing a washing machine!

For that reason, some people choose to do it themselves, but there can be a lot of pipework and rearrangement involved, so it is often best to find a local plumber.

Water Softener Installation Costs

The costs of an installation can vary. It depends on theamoutn of work done and the pipe rearrangement. You should be looking to pay £150-£300 for an installation. It should be 2-3 hours of a plumbers time.

How to Save Money Off a Water Softener Installation

Many water softener dealers offer complete installation packages. These can cost you £1900-£2500. To save money, we recommend hiring a local plumber. This 2-3 hour job can cost £150-£300 and save around £400 off complete packages.

What is needed for a water softener system installaton?

Water softeners don’t come with parts for hte installation. To install a water softener you will need a water softener installation kit. This generally consists of: Braided hoses, drain and over flow hoses, a bypass set and plumbing out kit. In some cases you may need a pressure reducing valve.

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What happens if I move home? Can I take the softener with me?

During an installation - the pipe work is often adjusted and rearranged to accommodate the water softener. However, this is reversible. In fact, all you have to do to disconnect the softener, is close the valves and bypass the pipework. The system then can be moved and re-installed into your new home.

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Where Can I Find a Water Softener Plumber Near Me?

Within North East & Yorkshire postcodes - we offer full installation packages. Outside of these areas, if you don't already ave a local plumber, a good start would be to ask your friends, family, and neighbours for local recommendations.

We also have a network of plumbers, which we can recommend on a location and referral basis. The plumbers in our network will carry out their own home survey, and from here will provide individual price quotes based on the complexity of the work required .


Commonly Asked Questions

What Are Common Water Softener Installation Problems?

Common problems can include: leaks if fixtures and fittings have not been properly tightened, choosing the wrong size installation kit (based on your pipe size) and pressure issues. In the home, pressure is usually 3-4 bar. If the pressure if above this - a pressure reducing valve MUST be installed before the softener. Without a PRV the high pressure will break the water softener. Therefore, it is important to check you don't have a high pressurised system.

I Want to Replace an Existing Water Softener - Do I Need to Pay For Installation?

No! If you already have a water softener installed, you shouldn't need an instalation kit or to pay for an installation. It should generally be a simple swap over. This will involve bypassing the old system by turning the valves, disconnecting it and connecting the new softener. Once connected, you can turn the valves back and the system should be fitted. When purchasing a system from us, we can talk and walk you through the swap over process.

I Want to Install my Water Softener Outside - is this Possible?

You can install a water softener outside and by the outdoor stop tap. There are however, a few things to bear in mind. The water softener MUST be fitted alongside a water softener cabinet. This protects the system from weather and temperature changes. Cabinets can come in different sizes and can be aliminium or wooden. You should NOT feed your plants or fill fish ponds with soft water. When doing this, be sure to switch off & bypass the softener, so your plants and fish receive hard water.

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