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Home Water Softeners

Home Hard Water Solutions

Home Water Softeners show proven results for removing hard water and limescale. Once attached to your main water supply, a water softener system uses reverse osmosis to filter and extract hard water impurities from your water. This results in soft water flowing through your home which permanently removes limescale, improves eczema and dry skin and protects your home appliances and heating systems from irreversible damage.

Discover the Benefits Now!

Limescale Free Taps

limescale on taps


No More Blocked Shower Heads

limescale blocked shower head


Limescale Free Heating Elements & Pipes

limescale in washing machine

Clean Shower Screens, Mirrors & Glass

limescale on shower screen

Limescale Free Appliances That Last Longer

limescale in kettle

No More Eczema & Dry Skin

eczema from hard water

Softer Skin & Hair

hard water and dry hair

Improved Skin & Acne

acne from hard water

A Better Lather & Showering Experience

soft water and lather


We sell a range of single and twin tank softeners from leading brands including Harvey & Kinetico. To find out more about our range of award winning water softeners and the best system for your family, enquire below & we will call you back!

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