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The Cost of Hard Water Damage

How much is Hard Water Costing You? A Water Softener Solution

Have you noticed limescale in your home? Do you find yourself constantly cleaning unsightly white-scale deposits? Well, that’s not all, you could be facing some expensive hard water damages. Find out how much hard water is costing you and how to prevent unnecessary costs.

hard water damage kitchen and bathroom

1. Damages to your bathroom & kitchen

Limescale damages both the inside and outside of fixtures and fittings in a matter of weeks. From unsightly limescale crusts to stains and scum. Your sinks, taps, showers, baths, tiles and glass surfaces can become permanently damaged beyond repair.

hard water damage washing machine dishwasher and kettle

2. Replacing home appliances

Hard water permanently damages appliances, such as washing machines & dishwashers. It coats the heating elements, reducing efficiency & shortening the product lifespan by 50%. A new dishwasher or washing machine costs anything from £300 - £2,000.

hard water damage boiler repairs and replacements

3. Boiler repairs or replacements

Boiler problems can be very costly, from call-out to repair fees and eventually boiler replacements. Hard water scale permanently damages the inside of your boiler, which over time is unrepairable. Replacing your boiler can cost anything from£600-£2,500.

hard water damage high energy bills

4. Higher energy bills

By coating the inside of your pipes & heating system, limescale acts as an insulation. To heat your home and water, more energy is required. This makes your heating system less efficient, resulting in higher energy bills. With energy bills already at an all-time high, no one should be paying more.

hard water damage taps and shower replacements

5. Tap & shower replacements

Limescale blocks shower heads and taps. These internal blockages greatly reduce the flow of water in your home and coming from your outlets. Eventually, this limescale build-up will result in your taps and showers needing to be replaced.

hard water damage cleaning and descalers

6. Expensive cleaning products and descalers

White scale deposits can only be removed by constantly cleaning and the use of expensive descalers. Viakal and other cleaning products can add excess costs to your household shopping bill.

hard water damage washing powder and showering products

7. Washing powder, shampoos & soaps

Calcium & magnesium in hard water, react negatively with surfactants in soaps & detergents. To lather and clean effectively, you need to use double the amount of product. This adds another extra cost to your household shopping bill.

hard water damage eczema dry skin and hair

8. Eczema, dry skin & hair.

Hard water is a major cause of eczema, acne, dry skin & brittle hair. This can cause extra costs for expensive skincare products, eczema treatments and hair products. All of which are avoidable with soft water. Many of our customers purchase a water softener primarily to help cure their eczema.

How to save money & prevent unnecessary costs? A Water Softener Solution

Hard water is unfortunately unavoidable. If you have it, well you have it! Whether or not you have it, depends on the area in which you live. The only way to permanently remove hard water and limescale is with a water softener. By removing hard water and limescale you could save 20-64% off energy bills and over £400 on household bills. Not to mention, you could avoid and prevent long-term damages and their associated costs. In fact, a water softener and the soft water it produces can actually remove existing scale and damage.

A Water Softener Solution

A water softener could save you over £400 a year on household bills and 20-64% off energy bills. To find out more about how a water softener works and where it is installed, leave your details and a member of our team will be in touch.

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