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Harvey TwinTec S4 Review 2022

Harvey Water Softeners is one of the best water softener brands in the UK. This Harvey TwinTec S4 review is great research, if you are looking to buy a reliable Harvey water softener. Click any link below to jump straight to that section.


Why is Harvey the best?

The Harvey brand was invented by Harvey Bowden and is now London’s leading water softener company. After inventing the twin-cylinder machine, Harvey now sells and manufactures some of the most efficient systems on the market.

There are many reviews of Harvey online and they are very well known in the UK, providing machines that are built to last 10-20 years.

What are the Different Harvey Models?

When researching Harvey water softeners, you may have come across several different models. When looking in more detail – many of these water softeners may appear the same or very similar.

Harvey has a series of different sales channels including their own retail, online dealers and offline dealers. They section distributors regionally, meaning only certain models are given to specific retailers in their given local areas. Many models are very similar products, with almost identical specifications and features – but they may look slightly different and they have different names, There are also older Harvey models that are still sold online. 

Why is the TwinTec S4 the best Harvey Water Softener?

harvey twintec s4 review


The TwinTec range is a premium and patented range. The Harvey TwinTec S4 is one of the latest models available, with the best specification. When searching online it is a well-rated and reviewed water softener, with plenty of reliable knowledge available.

The TwinTec S4 has the best specification for any domestic home water softener. Despite its small size, it is well suited for all home heating systems and it is one of the most efficient models you can get.

Why? It is non-electric, has a twin tank, has a regeneration process that is fully automatic and it also records some of the lowest salt and water usage levels.

By removing electricity from a water softener, you instantly remove the high energy cost to run the system. You also eliminate difficult installation requirements and compulsory annual servicing charges.

The system has an exceptionally high flow rate of 56L/min, with a dual tank design, to provide soft water all day every day. This allows the S4, to meet all the water softening needs of the family home. Not only that, but through measuring your water usage, the TwinTec automatically programs itself to regenerate only when it needs to – saving salt and water wastage.

For a family home of 3-4 bathrooms – the Harvey S4 is the best model because it is the most cost-effective when compared to any other Harvey model. 

Harvey TwinTec S4 Dimensions

This water softener is one of the smallest you can get. A Water softener must be fitted by the stop tap, which in most homes is in a cupboard underneath the kitchen sink, meaning the size is very important. The Harvey TwinTec S4 dimensions are:

490mm high and 205mm wide with a depth of 440mm.

Harvey TwinTec S4 Specification & Features

When looking at and comparing water softeners, you should be looking at:

  • The type of system (non-electric is better and more efficient than an electric).
  • The max flow rate (40 – 60 L/min for the family home).
  • The pressure capability (a max pressure of 5/6 – 10 Bar)
  • The efficiency (the amount of salt and water used per regeneration)
  • The warranty

 The S4 has one of the most appealing specifications, with features such as:

  • A twin cylinder tank, for an uninterrupted supply of soft water.
  • A non-electric and block salt fed system.
  • A high flow rate of 56L/min.
  • A pressure range of 1 – 10 bar. With smart shuttle metering, to meet the demands of any hot water system. This includes combi boilers.
  • One of the highest efficiencies. The S4 has a regeneration water volume of 17L and salt usage of only 300g per regen cycle.
  • A 10 year warranty on parts.

This Harvey softener also has a patented metering system, which measures water usage and a nano technology resin for a greater soft water capacity.

Is the TwinTec S4 suited for my water hardness

All Harvey water softeners can come with different gearings. So if you do have exceptionally hard water - the S4 can handle it. Coming from London, the S4 has been built to tackle London’s hard water, which in some cases, can even exceed 600ppm.

Harvey TwinTec S4 Water Softener Price

So how much should you be paying for a Harvey water softener? And how can you save money? 

The Harvey TwinTec S4 water softener can be found online for £1249.99 from distributors such as North East Water Softeners. However, other companies such as Love Your Water, can sell this product for £1595. Other Harvey models with the same specification are also priced exceptionally high.

You should be paying around £1250-£1300. It is often recommended to purchase the water softener online, with an installation kit Vs opting for a full installation package offline. This is because the installation prices can be high and are an additional cost. To save money, it is cheaper to get your water softener installed by an independent plumber.

Harvey Vs Kinetico

Kinetico I Harvey Water Softeners biggest competitor.  Kinetico i very popular in the USA and Europe, providing some of the highest quality, non-electric machines. But Harvey Vs Kinetico? There is little difference when comparing the specifications of the Harvey TwinTec S4 and the Kinetico Premier Compact. The Premier Compact is robust and built to last a long time, with a sleek and stylish design. Both brands are popular choices, so the answer comes down to price vs quality.

Water Softener Installation

water softener installation


The installation of a water softener is a relatively simple process for any plumber. It is about as difficult as installing a washing machine. A local plumber should be able to complete the job, using an installation kit in around 2-3 hours of a plumber's time. The time depends on the space and pipework.  

When buying online, the prices are often discounted. Your main task is then to source a reliable plumber. If you don’t have or know a local plumber, you could try searching on Google or asking neighbours, family and friends.

How much does it cost to maintain a water softener?

The Harvey S4 water softener doesn’t use electricity. Therefore, you won’t need to pay for energy to have it running. The only thing you have to do is replace the block salt, which is needed for the system to work. As far as water and salt usage go – the S4 is the most efficient model you can get, so your running costs will be at a minimum.

Harvey TwinTec S4 Block Salt

All water softeners require salt to work and the latest designs use block salt Vs tablet. The salt itself is needed to remove the hard minerals from your water, using a brine solution. Without salt, the system won’t work.

The S4 uses standard block salt, which can be sourced online from multiple websites, including Amazon or Harvey direct. This system holds 2 blocks of salt at any one time. The average usage of salt in the family home is 1 block per person per month. The blocks of salt come in packs of two which cost £6.50 - £8 per pack.

Other different Harvey models can use a special curved block salt – this can only be sourced from Harvey directly. But the TwinTec S4 uses standard block salt.

Is the Harvey TwinTec S4 Worth the Cost?

hard water damages in the home


A water softener can save over £400 a year on household bills. You can save on cleaning products, soap, shower gel, washing powder, energy and heating bills, as well as new appliances, taps, fixtures and fittings damaged by hard water.

In addition to cost savings, you should consider the lifetime of the product and warranty.

The price of a water softener is often correlated to its quality. If the system is cheap and around £400 – it is likely a large electric softener which is inefficient and cheap to make. Therefore, you may end up paying more over the years, to run the machine or replace it.

The Harvey S4 has a 10-year warranty and is the most efficient model you can buy. This model can last anything from 10-20 years. The S4 is £1149.99 to buy online with the code OFFER.  It is a Harvey water softener with the most up to date specification and best efficiency - at a fraction of the cost of other Harvey models.

The benefits of having the softener are endless. A softener can protect your home by removing limescale, unblocking taps and shower heads, and creating a more efficient heating system. Not only that, but you can cure eczema and dry skin naturally and experience a better lather and bathing experience, using 50% less soap.

Harvey Water Softener Alternatives

the kinetico premier compact


The Kinetico Premier Compact is the Kinetico equivalent to the TwinTec S4. The Premier Compact is a little higher in price but offers outstanding quality and service. When looking at other brands, a long Warranty is a good indication of product quality. When looking at other Harvey models, be sure to compare the specification specifics. 

Where Can I Buy a Harvey TwinTec S4 Water Softener?

The TwinTec range is a premium range that is distributed only by very few retailers in the UK.  You can now purchase this system online at North East Water Softeners at a great price. If you are after a very specific Harvey retail model – this needs to be purchased directly from Harvey and you won’t find this online.


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