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How to Save Your Home From Limescale

How to Save Your Home From Limescale

Did you know?
On average, it takes around 168 showers to clog your showerhead with limescale if you have hard water. If you shower twice a day, you’ll notice the flow of water drop in less than three months. And if you have a new shower, it won’t stay new for long!

If you really want to protect the investments you’re making in your home, softening your water is the only long-term, permanent way to end your limescale problem. It really doesn’t make sense to spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds revamping a new kitchen or bathroom, only for it to be ruined a few months later by damaging limescale.
Water softeners stop the problem before it happens. They remove those limescale-causing minerals from hard water at the entry point to your house. This means you’ll have soft water running through your home, ensuring your bathroom and kitchen continue to look like new

Hard Water Effects on your Bathroom or Kitchen

When revamping your bathroom or kitchen, you’re probably guilty of forgetting the most important addition – a water softener.
If you live in a hard water area, your home is no doubt suffering from the many effects of limescale, most of which you’re probably not even aware of. Not only can it block your showerhead, stain surfaces and gather around taps, it also looks unsightly and can damage appliances and boilers.

How limescale damages your Boiler

Calcium and magnesium minerals in hard water clump together when heated and attach themselves to surfaces in the form of limescale. These deposits quickly build up in your water heating pipes, forming a rim of limescale. Not only does this inhibit the flow of water, but it also means a lot more energy is needed to heat pipes as the limescale layers have to be heated first.

Aside from increasing your energy bills and making your heating system less efficient, limescale can cause serious damage to the entire structure. Internal working parts of your boiler that heat the water can become blocked, requiring more energy to work normally – something that eventually results in breakdowns and extensive repairs.

Your home is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make and problems with your heating system can threaten that. You need to safeguard your assets today.

Homeowners living in hard water areas often suffer from underperforming heating systems, although many don’t even realise it.

Water takes more time to heat up and the house remains chilly for longer than it should on cold winter evenings.
Most people assume it’s just how the system is, but often it’s the result of hard water reducing its efficiency.

Protect your investment with a water softener

The average boiler repair costs £235.37, while a brand new boiler will set you back between £1,800 and £3,500. Not dealing with your hard water problem is a big risk to take, considering a water softener can stop damage from happening in the first place.

Our range of water softeners will help maintain the original efficiency of your boiler, preventing limescale build-up and saving you money on your energy bill.

How hard water is wasting your time (and money)

Many will empathise with the constant daily battle to keep their kitchen and bathroom clean and free from the dreaded limescale.
Cupboards overflowing with countless limescale cleaning products and spray on limescale removers. Just think of the hours you’d save and the money you could put back in your pocket if you didn’t have a daily battle with limescale – something that soft water users just don’t have to worry about.
On average the time spent cleaning your bathroom equates to around 10 days every year, time that I'm sure you’ll agree could be better spent. The constant drudgery of scrubbing away limescale is an endless and thankless task and our biggest bugbear to keep clean…the shower screen.
Just think of all the money you also spend on tactical cleaning products such as Viakal which will only tackle the problem short-term and then the dreaded limescale returns.

Did you know?
Even when 50% less detergent is used at a much lower temperature setting, soft water is still highly effective at removing stains. Just think of the detergent and energy you'll save!

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Hard water can be a nightmare, but the issue is easily solved with a water softener. It will remove the limescale-causing minerals from hard water at the point the water enters your home. Soft water will lovingly care for home and work with you rather than against you.