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What Is Hard Water & Do You Have It?

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Hard water is water that has a high mineral content and contains an excess of minerals including calcium and magnesium. Rainwater is naturally soft, but when it falls and lands in areas with porous rock, it can become hard. This is because when the water passes over porous rock, such as chalk and limestone, it dissolves & picks up the rocks hard minerals (calcium & magnesium) and becomes hard.

What are the Problems?

There are many problems associated with water hardness, including:

  • Limescale in your home, kitchen & bathroom.
  • Bad tasting & smelling water
  • Damaged electrical appliances
  • Blocked taps and clogged shower heads
  • Low water pressure in your home
  • High energy bills
  • Extra Cleaning
  • Clothes that appear dull & dirty
  • No soap lather when showering & washing
  • Skin problems irritation including eczema

To read and find out more info about limescale problems Click Here.

Do I Have Excess Minerals In My Water & Can I Test It?

The geology of the ground in the region where you live has a big impact on whether you receive ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ water from your water provider. Over 60% of the UK is affected by water hardness and it ultimately depends on the rock formations and levels of igneous and non-igneous rock in each region.

Just a few hard areas we cover in the North & North East include:

  • Hartlepool/Teesside
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Sunderland/ Tyne and Wear
  • Richmond
  • York
  • North Yorkshire
  • Pocklington
  • Hull
  • Leeds
  • Wakefield
  • Sheffield

The levels of hard minerals can be measured by specialists such as ourselves. We offer a Free Water Hardness Test & Site/Home Survey - Click Here to Enquire Online.

The levels of mineral deposits in water are measured in ‘parts per million’ (ppm) found in your water.


You can also find out how hard your water is by visiting the website of your local water provider. Simply type in your postcode and it will tell you the hardness of your water where you live.

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What is Soft Water & How Can I Soften My Water?

Soft water contains low levels of minerals calcium and magnesium. If you live in an area classed as hard, the only way to soften your water is through water treatment. A water softener system can effectively remove dissolved rock from your water, as it comes from your main water supply. This means the water will be filtered and soft before it enters your home. Softener systems are generally non-electric and use reverse osmosis ion exchange to remover excess minerals. To find out more detail of how a water softener works Click Here.

How Can A Water Softener Help?

A water softener makes the water in your home soft which offers a range of benefits. Some of benefits include:

  • No More Limescale: a water softener can slowly remove limescale and prevents limescale build up in the future.
  • Longer Lasting Appliances: Your appliances will last longer and won’t be damaged.
  • An Effective Heating System and Low Energy Bills: soft water wont block or damage pipes in your home. This means your heating and water system will work better and your energy bills will be lower.
  • Cleaner Clothes: Hardness minerals don’t react well with washing powders and can get trapped in fabric. This makes our clothes look dirty and dull. Soft water will leave your clothes looking cleaner and brighter and requires less detergent.
  • Less Time Cleaning & Less Cleaning Products: No more white limescale deposits or brown/red stains in your home!
  • A Better Showering Experience: soft water forms a soft lather with soap and shampoo, so you will use less soaps and shampoo but feel cleaner.
  • Softer Skin and Hair: hard water can clog the skin’s pores with soap residue, causing dry skin, eczema, and dull hair. Soft water allows your skin natural oils to keep your skin soft and healthy.

A water softener can help protect your home and family while saving you money. To find out more information about the benefits of a water softener Click Here.

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