Hard Water Eczema Treatment

Its no myth that hard water and mineral impurities in your water can cause dry skin conditions and eczema. But did you know the only effective solution and hard water eczema treatment is a home water softener system? Many of our customers originally purchase a water softener for their skin and have seen great results in just 1 week.

Why Does Hard Water Cause Eczema?

It has been demonstrated in scientific studies by researchers from the University of Sheffield and London that exposing the skin to hard water for prolonged periods of time can damage the skin barrier. Damage to the skin barrier can increase the skin's sensitivity irritants found in everyday products such as soaps, detergents and washing powders.

Not only that, but excess of calcium and magnesium minerals found in hard water, react negatively with surfactants and chemicals found in soaps and cause deposits on the skin after washing. Damage to the skin and soap deposits can increase the likelihood of developing eczema in those with normal skin and worsen pre-existing eczema.

As a result, many people who live in hard water areas experience dry skin, dandruff, acne and eczema. Eczema can effect people of all ages but in particular infants and small children.

Water Softeners: A Natural Cure For Eczema

A recent study in the Journal of Investigate Dermatology, funded by Harvey Water Softener themselves, investigated the effects of water softener systems on eczema & dry skin conditions. They found that by extracting and removing excess calcium and magnesium ions, a water softener reduced the overall effect of soaps and detergents on the skins protective barrier. This suggests that because soft water does not contain hard minerals, it reacts with soaps differently and can decrease pre-existing eczema & dry skin.

eczema from hard water

Our Water Softener Systems

A water softener can work as a natural cure for eczema if you live in a hard water area. It is installed directly to your main supply of water - it is usually fitted near your stop tap and generally underneath your kitchen sink. it may also be fitted outdoors if necessary. Once installed the softener filters hard water so only soft water enters your home. The system is automatic and uses block salt to clean itself. You will have to replace the block salt as ti runs out.

We provide a range of water softeners from top brand Harvey & Kinetico which include single and twin tank designs. The type of water softener your home will require depends on your:

  • home size and number of bathrooms
  • water usage and family members
  • space available and stop tap location

For small homes and flats with 1-3 people we recommend a single tank non electric system such as the Sumo 1 Water softener or the Essentials.

For homes with 2-3 bathrooms and up to 6 people we recommend the Kinetico premier compact.

For large homes with 4+ people and 8+ people we recommend the Premier Maxi.

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