The Harvey TwinTec Series 4 Water Softener. 2 years Replacement & 10 Years Parts Warranty - regardless of your installer.

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We provide a 2 year labour and 10 year parts warranty.

As an exclusive & verified #1 Harvey online dealer our warranty is valid - regardless of your installer. Have a plumber install your system and save up to £600 off installation packages. Need help finding a plumber for your installation? Talk to us today on 02031486773 or view our referral list.

Is a Harvey Water Softener worth the money?

The Harvey Twintec S4 is a twin tank water softener from the UK's most trusted brand - Harvey Water Softener. Once installed this product will remove hard water and limescale from your entire home and is designed to last 10-20 years.

You Should Buy the TwinTec S4 if...

  • You have a property with 3 or 4 bathrooms or have a family of 3-8 people.
  • You have limed space underneath your kitchen sink.
  • You are looking for a softener that will last 10-20 years.
  • You need to remove hard water & limescale from your home.

Harvey Water Softener Comparison

The Harvey MiniMax Vs Harvey TwinTec S4 

When Comparing the Harvey TwinTec S4 to other water softeners such as the Harvey MiniMax and the Harvey Arc - you'll find the same technical specifications such as flow rate, pressure and efficiency. The Harvey MiniMax water softener is identical to the TwinTec S4 but is sold by different distributors. The Harvey Arc water softener is very similar to the TwinTec S4 and can only be purchased through Harvey direct. Of all models - get the best value for money with the Harvey TwinTec S4. Find out more in this Harvey Water Softener comparison

 exact same specification as the Harvey Ac water softener.

The Harvey Crown Water Softener Vs the TwinTec S4

When shopping for a water softener it's important to ensure you get the best value for money - and that means comparing specification, warranty and efficiency/running costs. When comparing the Harvey Crown and TwinTec water softener - you'll find big differences in efficiency, flow rate and the technology used. You an find out more in our Harvey Crown comparison. With the TwinTec model you'll get:

  • A 40% higher flow rate and performance - meaning no pressure loss.
  • 26% increase in water efficiency - 26% less water used during regeneration.
  • 15% increase in salt efficiency and 15% less salt used.
  • Lower running costs overall.
  • A 10 year warranty & guarantee vs only 1-5 years for the crown water softener.
  • A water softener that lasts longer, uses the latest technology & costs less to run.

Harvey Vs Kinetico Water Softeners

The Harvey Vs Kinetico debate is a popular one across water softener consumers - which brand is best? Both brands sell similar products but Harvey give you the best value for money with the best prices available. You can see a comparison here.

How Much is a Harvey Water Softener? Harvey Water Softener Price

How much are Harvey Water Softeners? Harvey Water Softener prices generally depends on a few things including the model you're purchasing, warranty and the retailer. The TwinTec S4 water softener comes with a 10 year warranty and has one of the best domestic water softener specifications available. With an RRP of £1450, right now our systems are on sale for £1099.99 - meaning you'll get the best quality product available at the best harvey water softener price. Don't pay more than you have to. We now also have a buy now pay later option available to help spread the Harvey water softener cost.

Harvey Water Softener Discount Code

Save money off with a Harvey water softener discount code. For the TwinTec S4, use the discount code HARVEY at checkout.

TwinTec Series 4 Specification

Click here to view the Harvey S4 Brochure PDF 

     General Specification

    Type of System: Twin tank, non-electric, block salt fed system.

    Dimensions: 490mm high and 205mm wide with a depth of 440mm.

    Efficiency: regeneration water volume of 17L with a time of 11 mins.

    Warranty: 10 years parts and 2 years labour.

    Max Flow Rate: 56L/min

    Max Pressure: 10bar

    Salt Usage: 300g per regeneration

    Key Features:

        • Small & Compact Size: the smallest twin tank softener that fits easily underneath your kitchen sink.
        • Twin Tank Design: designed to deliver soft water 24/7.
        • Non-Electric & Automatic: no timers or controls needed.
        • A 2 year replacement and 10 year parts warranty by NEWS: the S4 has a 10-year warranty for parts and a 2 year replacement warranty.
        • A Patented Metering System: allowing the softener to measure water usage very accurately – down to measuring two drips per second.
        • A Nano Technology Ultra Fine Resin: the patented resin of the S4 uses a unique ultra-fine exchange resin for higher flow rates and greater exchange capacity.
        • Smart Shuttle Metering for Pressure Adaptations: a smart shuttle meter for all different pressure systems including gravity-fed systems, tanks in the loft, combination boilers and high flow  cylinders.
        • High Flow Rate: with a max flow rate of 56 litres per minute, power showers and mega flows are no problem.
        • Great Efficiency: Uses only 300g of salt per regeneration which requires only 17L of water and takes just 11 minutes.
        • Tried & Tested Durability: these TwinTec designs are tried and tested for maximum durability & reliability.
        • Uses Block Salt- the reverse osmosis system is powered by a brine solution.

    Water Softener Installation

    A water softener is installed next to the stop tap, which is usually underneath the kitchen sink. This can be easily carried out by a plumber and you will usually require an installation kit. We offer installations in select areas in the UK, we also have a list of plumber referrals that can help! Need help finding a plumber for your installation? Talk to us today on 02031486773 or view our referral list.

    For Installation Manual Click Here


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 13 reviews
      Great softener and good value

      Very good pre-sales advice over the phone, a good price and very impressed with the product. It works very well and consumes less salt than a softener in our previous house installed many years ago.

      Abul Muttakim
      Excellent product, great post-sales service

      I bought a new TwinTec S4 from the seller who supplied it promptly. The Water softener was pressure tested from factory before delivery. It was installed by a professional plumber under the counter colocated with main supply line in the property. Additional pipe work was required to supply drinking water to kitchen. Since installation, it is working flawlessly delivering soft water to three bathrooms and kitchen in a three story townhouse. There is no noticeable drop in water pressure observed so far. Apart from refilling block salt which is vary easy, there is nothing much to do to keep it operational.

      Graham Counte
      Good customer service, good product. supplied a new twintech S4 at a bargain price. Customer service was excellent and delivery prompt.

      The softener was a straight swap for an earlier S2 version that had reached the end of its life after 12 years, so no new plumbing was required. The new softener performs every bit as well as the old one and appears to use less salt at this point in its life.
      Delightful to have soft water again, we live in a hard water area where scaling up of water heaters and the deposits on shower heads etc. are standard fare without a water softener. They pay for themselves with reduced maintenance costs, less consumption of soaps and powders, and far fewer problems with washing machines and plumbing.

      If you are considering a softener, go for it! You won't regret the purchase, and I can reccomend these machines most highly.

      Liz Jones
      Great product

      We have had our Harvey TwinTec S4 water softener for just over a month now and are delighted with the results. Our water is now beautifully soft and we live in a very hard water area. This model is very compact and takes up very little room. It is sited in our garage next to the down pipe and you'd hardly notice it was there. Very easy to refill with block salt. Our last water softener was electric so this one is much better as it doesn't need electricity to run. It also seems to be quite economical on salt. We have only just replaced the blocks. I would thoroughly recommend it.

      Good service

      I had a Harvey water softener which lasted for 15 years and recently started to give problems .I wanted to replace this with a new one. I found a good deal for the Harvey S4 TwinTec water softener online by North East Water Softners. I ordered the softener after speaking to the customer service and got this delivered on time. I had some queries after the order and they were very quick to respond to my queries.Al the staff at the customer service was very helpful and very efficient. As I do not live in their area, I got my own plumber to fit this to the existing system and it is working well .

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 13 reviews Write a review

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      The Harvey TwinTec Series 4 Water Softener. 2 years Replacement & 10 Years Parts Warranty - regardless of your installer.
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      The Harvey TwinTec Series 4 Water Softener. 2 years Replacement & 10 Years Parts Warranty - regardless of your installer.

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