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Commercial Water Softener Services

Our Commercial Water Softener service is a great business investment to protect your company in the long run. We have a great range of commercial and semi-commercial water softeners from Harvey and Kinetico that have been develope... Read more

Our Commercial Water Softener service is a great business investment to protect your company in the long run. We have a great range of commercial and semi-commercial water softeners from Harvey and Kinetico that have been developed for both small and large properties with multiple bathrooms. We offer water treatment services and installation to hotels, b&bs, lodges and cabin complexes, restaurants, bars, residential homes/nursing homes, offices and more.

If you own a business in a hard water area you could be paying the price I hard water damage and excess costs.

How Hard Water Is Affecting Your Business:

  • Hard Water & Limescale Deposits: Hard water contains hard mineral ions, calcium and magnesium. These ions are what causes scale and limescale deposits in bathrooms, on taps and even on glasses & dishes. This can be bad for business and your reputation. It makes your bathrooms and kitchens look dirty and damages your fixtures and fittings over time.
  • Skin Irritation & Eczema: A common problem with hard water is the effect it can have on your skin. It has been proven in scientific studies to cause eczema and dry skin in people who have usually normal skin. It can also make existing eczema worse! If you own a hotel or residential home, your guests may also be disappointed with their bath or showering experience. Hard water does not lather well with hard water – which can affect how customers may feel about your facilities. By installing a water softener you can help protect your staff, customers and guests from the effects of hard water on skin
  • More Time Is Needed For Cleaning: More scale requires a lot more time cleaning – not to mention moremoney on cleaning products. This can have a big impact on restaurants, nursing homes and hotels, wasting time on extra staff and cleaning hours when ultimately the cleaning will not last very long.
  • Dirty Glasses, Crockery & Cutelry: In the hospitality industry competition and reputation is everything. With cloudy and stained glasses, dishes and cutlery you may find yourself receiving complaints about cleanliness from your customers and staff.
  • Broken & Short-Lived Appliances: In addition to high maintenance costs, hard water also causes damage to appliances. That means dishwashers, washing machines, kettles etc have around a 50% shorter lifespan. Constantly replacing appliances can add a lot to your monthly upkeep and bills.

  • Benefits of a Soft Water For Your Business:

    A water softener system can protect and enhance your business by:

  • No More Limescale: A commercial system removes the hard minerals that cause limescale from water. This helps remove existing limescale over time and prevents limescale build up in the future. That means you can protect the pipes in your water and heating system, whilst also helping to protect the appearance of your bathrooms and kitchen .
  • Soft Hair and Skin: soft water has shown amazing benefits and results across our business for treating dry skin and eczema conditions. Not only that, but after removing hard ions, soft water reacts very differently with soaps and shampoos to create a great lather. This can protect your staff, customers or guests and create a great customer experience with no risk of skin issues.
  • Longer Lasting Appliances: Your appliances will be protected and can last up to 50% longer with soft water. This can save you hassle and unnecessary costs on replacements.
  • Less Time Spent Cleaning: you can buy less cleaning products and cleaning will be more effective using softer water. This wastes less time and creates an easier job for cleaning staff. Your extra clean facilities and bathroom areas will also make for happy customers and guests.
  • Better Tasting Drinking Water: If you find your water has a bad smell or taste, a water softener can help. Soft water is free from bad tastes and smells which can benefit everyone at your establishment from staff to customers and clients.
  • Super Soft and Clean Laundry: Hard minerals can affect fabric and materials when washing. If you own a hotel this can cause issues with rough bed linen and towels that can often appear dull and dirty. Soft water however, despite requiring less detergent and softener, lathers better with washing powder. This efficiently cleans fabric to leave it super soft and bright. Now your customers or residents can have a great experience and stay at your business.
  • Spotless Glasses, Dishes and Cutlery: If you own a restaurant or bar, you’ll see the benefits even when cleaning your glassware and crockery. No more customer complaints about dirty or streaky glassware!
  • Lower Maintenance & Costs: by protecting your heating and water system, reducing time spent cleaning, reducing cleaning costs, lowering water usage and protecting appliances you’ll save money on bills and maintenance costs.

  • Installation:

    After Enquiring, one of our experts will come to your business and survey your site for free. They will tell you everything you need to know and evaluate your commercial needs based on your requirements, size and price points. After recommending the best product and service for you, we will book you in for an installation. We also offer Commercial Customer Support as well as annual maintenance contracts for the best security.

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