The Best Kinetico Water Softener Review 2022

Water softeners can seem like an expensive home investment. But if you buy the right system – the initial cost can really pay off. With so many cheap, low quality and electric systems on the market today, picking the wrong system has never been easier. That’s why it’s important to make sure you do your research on the best water softener brands and how much you should be paying for a system.

If you’re looking for the best of the best in terms of water softener quality – Kinetico water softeners is the answer to your hard water prayers. This Best Kinetico Water Softener Review can answer most questions, but feel free to contact us direct for more information. Click a link below to jump to the section.


Who is Kinetico & Why are they the best?

The Kinetico brand has been around a for quiet sometme. Originating and dominating the soft water industry in the USA, Kinetico are one of the leading water softening brands in the UK today. After inventing the non-electric water softener, this brand soon became market leaders in the UK in 2006.

But, why is Kinetico the best brand? Kinetico machines are renowned for their high quality. In fact, some customers report machines lasting almost a life time and around 20-30 years. Not only that, but customers say Kinetico technicians and distributors are extremely knowledgeable and give the brand an excellent reputation.

What are the Different Models of Kinetico Water Softener?

Kinetico don’t sell their products directly to consumers, they do so through a distribution model and exclusive retailers. This sales channel is generally split by region or through online and ecommerce. There are several different models of Kinetico water softener – some systems have now been discontinued and replaced with a newer models.

When choosing a water softener, regardless of model, it is important to make sure you get the right system for your home. And this depends on how large the home is and how many bathrooms you have. Any home with more than 1 bathroom, is likely to require a twin tank system. Twin tank and non-electric softeners are the best to buy under most circumstances.

Why? A twin tank system generally has a higher flow rate, meaning more soft water and less of a risk of pressure drops in the home. A non-electric system is the most efficient you can get. There was a reason Kinetico invented the non-electric machine. It not only removes the addition of electricity and these added running costs, but it also makes the system easier to install and more manageable in the long run.

When buying any Kinetico model you’ll find:

  • Automatic systems that are non-electric — they are less expensive to run and maintain. There’s also no risk of electrical components becoming damaged and becoming fused.
  • Twin tank systems — Systems with two tanks are able to provide you with continuous soft water.
  • High hardness gearings — These softeners have a high hardness rating.
  • Metered regeneration — they use a meter to determine when it is ideal to regenerate, preventing water wastage.

Kinetico’s previous range included the Kinetico 2020c and the Kinetico Kube. Their newer and premium range is called the Premier series, which includes: The Kinetico Premier Compact and Kinetico Premier Plus. They also manufacture single tank machines such as the Essentials 8 and Sumo water softener.

The Kinetico 2020c

If you’re looking specifically for the 2020c – you’re out of luck. This system was discontinued years ago and has now been replaced with the more efficient Kinetico Premier Compact.

This water softener was a compact, twin tank and HF system. It is well rated by customers with a long lifespan.

Kinetico Premier Series

The most premium line of products and water softeners from Kinetico are in the Premier range. This collection of softeners contain a fine mesh of resin vs typical resin beads. This fine mesh, allows for a higher flow of water and increased efficiency.

The Kinetico Premier Plus

If you have a home with more than 4 bathrooms, you will require a larger water softener. The Kinetico Premier Plus is the best water softener for large homes. It has a greater flow rate than a smaller system and so is better suited to meet a larger homes water softening demands. This softener has replaced the (now discontinued) Premier Maxi.

The Kinetico Premier Compact

The Kinetico Premier Compact  is the best Kinetico water softener, rated by customers. It is designed for the family home of up to 3 bathrooms. High quality and great efficiency make this machine unlike any other you can buy online.

What is the Best Kinetico Water Softener?

Best kinetico water softener review 2022


The best Kinetico system on the market today, designed for the average family home, is the Kinetico Premier Compact. This system comes in both a HE and HF model and so can be suited for all home plumbing systems.

Kinetico Water Softener Dimensions

The Kinetico Premier Compact is one of the most compact and smallest models available to buy. The system is generally fitted under the sink and as close to the stop tap as possible.

The Kinetico Premier Compact dimensions are: 49.8cm by 21.9cm x 46.8cm

Kinetico Water Softener Specification & Features

What is it about Kinetico products that makes them the best? It comes down to the quality and technical specification. When looking at different softeners, the most important features to look out for are:

  • The type of system
  • The maximum flow rate 
  • The min and max pressure
  • The efficiency
  • The warranty

The Premier Compact has a whole list of features including:

  • It is a wwin tank, non-electric, block salt softener. 
  • A flow rate of 56L/min.
  • A pressure of up to 6 bar. 
  • A high efficiency, with an 11 minute regeneration, using 20.5L of water and 340g of salt.
  • A 10 year warranty on parts.
  • It is 3rd party certified and externally accredited.

The Premier Compact provides soft water 24/7 and is known to be one of the quietest systems. It uses a automatic system, with no timers or controls.

The Best Softener for my Water Hardness

Generally, all Kinetico water softeners are geared to tackle very hard water – including London’s hard water. However, they also offer both HE and HF versions of their softeners. If you have a combi boiler system, you need a HF system and if you have a low-pressure gravity fed system, you need a HE system.

Kinetico Water Softener Price

Now you’ve got all the technical details, you may be wondering …what is the best price for a Kinetico system? How much should you be paying? And is there a way to save money?

A full installation package can sometimes be expensive. Most people save money, by purchasing a softener and installation kit online and then sourcing a local plumber separately for the installation.

The Kinetico Premier Compact is £1595 on most websites. But you can get it at North East Water Softeners with an installation kit, for £1395 Click here to find out more.

Kinetico Vs Harvey

Who are Kinetico’s biggest rivals? In the UK Harvey water softeners are Kineticos biggest competitors. In fact, Harvey Bowden who created the company actually came from Kinetico originally.  He then went on to invent the twin cylinder water softener design. But which brand is best – Kinetico or Harvey? Both brands are top quality, but Kinetico machines are renowned for lasting anything from 10 to 30 years.

Water Softener Installation

water softener installation by a plumber


The installation is actually relatively simple process for any trained plumber. It is similar to fitting a washing machine and is easier than a boiler replacement. Any plumber should be able to install the system in 2-3 hours. The time taken will depend on where you are having the softener fitted and your pipe work.  

If you don’t have a plumber, you could try an online search, ask neighbours, family or friends and even websites such as Checkatrade.

How Much Does it Cost to Maintain a Water Softener?

Kinetico products are mainly non-electric. That means they do not require electricity and so automatically save money on running costs. The only maintenance cost is to replace the block salt, in order for the system to work.

When researching into maintenance costs, it is important to compare: water usage, energy usage, salt usage and regeneration time. Kinetico systems are very efficient models and so, have some of the lowest running costs.

Kinetico Water Softener Block Salt

Kinetico premier compact water softener review


Block salt is required at all times for a water softener to work. If you are looking for a “salt free” system – the truth is, these products are not water softeners. They are water conditioners and they are not able to remove hard minerals from water.

Salt is needed to remove the hard water minerals from your water, through a brine solution. It is required at all times for the system to work.

The average usage of salt in a standard family home is 1 block per person per month. The blocks of salt can cost £6.50 - £8 per pack of 2 blocks.

Kinetico machines use standard block salt which can be sourced from Kinetico, Harvey or even Amazon.

Kinetico Water Softener Warranty

Kinetico provide some of the best warranties on their twin tank systems. Generally any single tank system will only come with a 12-24 month warranty. However, products from the Premier range come with a 10 year warranty.

Is a Kinetico Water Softener Worth the Cost?

limescale free taps


Kinetico water softeners are some of the best quality systems on the market. When considering the price of a water softener it is important to compare:

  • How long the system will last (look for a good warranty)
  • The costs of Hard water damages
  • The benefits of soft water

Systems such as the 2020c and Premier Compact can last 10-30 years and also comes with a 10-year warranty on parts. Not only that, but when you factor in savings of £400 with soft water – the system pays for itself.

With cheap and electric systems, they almost always end up costing you more in the long run. They are expensive to run, inefficient and simply don’t last long.

The Benefits of Soft Water

A water softener provides many benefits for your home including:

  • Saving money on household bills of up to £400 a year.
  • A more efficient heating system.
  • No more blocked shower heads and taps.
  • Protecting your home, fixtures and fittings from permanent limescale damage.
  • Less time cleaning and lower cleaning bills.
  • Appliances last up to 50% longer.
  • More lather with less shampoo and shower gel.
  • A natural cure and relief from eczema and dry skin and hair.

The Best Kinetico Water Softener Review

The Kinetico Premier Compact is the best quality water softener and a premium twin tank non-electric system.  We found in terms of reviews that customers specifically liked:

Kinetico Water Softener Alternatives

If you are looking for an alternative and another brand with high quality Harvey Water Softeners is the best substitute.

Where Can I Buy A Kinetico Water Softener?

Unlike Harvey, Kinetico is a little easier to find online. However, the price online is fixed for all retailers. But if you contact North East Water Softeners online, you can get £200 off the RRP price.


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