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The Twintec XXL water softener is a semi commercial water treatment solution that is designed for larger homes with over 6 bathrooms and over 12 people.

This Product is ideal for small businesses, hotels or B&Bs. It is designed for large homes with 6+ bathrooms. 10 year waranty on parts.

Key Features

  • It is a Semi Commercial Softener: this product is tablets salt feed and is considered a semi commercial product suitable for larger homes and small hotels and B&B's.
  • Twin Cylinder Tank Design: provides a constant supply of soft water without the use of programming.
  • Energy Efficient: the XXL is powered by water and has an efficient salt and water usage with no costly annual servicing.
  • Non- Electric and Automated System: this water softener uses no electric, it works automatically without needing any timer or use of controls.
  • Large Water Capacity and Water Controlled System: the XXL's large water capacity means can produce a large amount of soft water and cope with fluctuations in water demand
  • Uses Tablet Salt: the softener regenerates using tablet salt, making it easy to run. Tablet salt is also cheap and easy to replace.
  • Durability Tested-Robustly tested for total reliability exceeding UK standards.

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    General Specification

    Type of System: Twin tank, non-electric, TABLET SALT fed system. Consists of two cylinders, salt chamber and a brine tank.

    Dimensions: 590mmx660mm

    Efficiency: regeneration in over 20 minutes requiring 50 litres.

    Warranty: 10 year from the manufacturer.

    Min/Max Flow Rate: 1 L/min -80L/m

    Min/Max Pressure: 1- 8bar

    Salt Usage: 1300g-1600g

    Daily Soft Water Capacity: 6444L

    Inlet/ Outlet: 1inch or 3/4 inches

    Max Temp: 20 degrees


    Benefits & Results

    • Lower Bills: a softener increases the efficiency of your heating system reduce bills by up to 12%. You also won’t have to buy expensive cleaning products and can reduce your usage of washing powder with soft water, meaning you can save up to £400 on your household shopping bills.
    • No More Hard Water Limescale: softeners remove limescale from your home – including scale build up in your appliances and pipes. They also prevent scale build-up.
    • Longer Lasting Appliances: soft water protects home appliances like washing machines and kettles and also makes them last longer.
    • Soft Water Treats Dry Skin & Eczema: soft water is good for your hair and skin helping to make it soft. It also treats eczema and dry skin conditions.
    • Cleaner Laundry: soft water requires up to 50% less washing powder, so your clothes appear cleaner and softer.

    How does the XXL Water Softener Work?

    A non-electric, water powered system requires no programming or maintenance aside from replacing tablet salt. It is powered by water and uses reverse osmosis to remove hard magnesium and calcium minerals from water. Two tanks mean you can have a constant supply of water because one tank is always working.

    Water Softener Installation

    We offer installation of all water softeners upon purchase and inquiry. This product is safely and efficiently installed into your home or commercial premises by connecting it to the main water supply that enters your home. From here all you have to do is add tablet salt for the system to work and regenerate and top up when empty.


    Customer Reviews

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    Nick Hawke
    Big Blue - Fantastic machine, worth the money

    The big blue is an expensive machine but that said for roughly a third more than a more typical Harvey water softener you are getting a really fantastic bit of kit. If you have limited space then Harvey have other more compact alternatives however I installed this in my garage. My previous Culligan Medallist could hold 175kg of salt and it would use this amount over a year. The Big Blue takes about 60kg from memory so I initially thought I would be topping up quite often. After 4 months of the same volume of use this machine has used about 25kg so inferring about 75kg for the year. Not only then is it much more efficient but we never get times when the water is not fully soft like we did with the Culligan. I guess that is down to the twin resin tanks keeping a constant supply of softened water coming through. We have a megaflo system with a high flow rate which does not get reduced in any way by the softener. Water hardness it has to deal with is around 280 ppm total.


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    Harvey TwinTec XXL Big Blue Water Softener

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