. How Much Does A Water Softener Cost? Water Softener Prices.

How Much Does A Water Softener Cost?

How Much Does A Water Softener Cost?

The price of a water softener can range depending on the size, make and model you purchase. With these reverse osmosis systems – you get what you pay for and price usually represent quality and longevity. The typical cost of a water softener can range between £650 - £2000.

Single Tank Softeners: £650 

Single tank water softeners have a relatively small capacity and are designed for small homes and flats. Usually, they have a standard resin quality and warranties between 12 – 24 months. These water softeners are a great mid range and low cost solution to hard water for small homes, and are priced at around £650.

Click to Shop the Kinetico Sumo 1: £650 

Click to Shop the Kinetico Essentials 8: £625


Twin Tank Softeners

Twin tank water softeners are designed for homes with 2-6 bathrooms and depending on the brand and size, prices can range from £900 - £2000. Softeners can be either non-electric or electric, however, non-electric softeners are typically recommended due to being more efficient, easier to use and maintain. They are also smaller so easier to install!

Harvey Water Softeners Price

Harvey have a range of water softener models – however, the best models are only supplied to specific companies and dealers in the UK. These models include the Harvey TwinTec S4, The Harvey XL2, XL1 and the Harvey Big Blue. The TwinTec S4 is the smallest water softener available and despite its small size, the S4 has great flow rates and efficiency. The cost of a Harvey Water Softener is around £1500. But with promotional offers you may get the softener for around £1299.99.

The reason the S4 Harvey water softener is more expensive than other models such as the Crown, is due to its high quality internal resin and metering system. It also comes with a 10 year warranty for parts. The Series 4 is designed for homes with 2-3 bathrooms.

Larger water softeners such as the XL1, XL2 and Big Blue are designed for homes with 4-6 bathrooms. These softeners are prices at £1795 and £2000 due to their very large size, high flow rates of 80L/min and large soft water capacities.


Click to Shop The TwinTec S4: £1299.99

Click to Shop The TwinTec XL2: £1795 

Click To Shop The Harvey Big Blue: £2000


Kinetico Water Softener Cost 

How much do kinetico water softeners cost? 

Kinetico is known to be one of the best water softener brands around. Originating from the US, they offer the most robust machines, which have little to no problems when it comes to servicing. When you buy Kinetico, you get bang for your buck with a ten year warranty and exceptional quality and reliability. The two latest Kinetico water softeners are The Premier Compact and Premier Maxi. The Premier Compact water softener is small in size and for homes with 2-3 main bathrooms. When searching online, this model is priced at £1695. The Premier Maxi Softener or Premier Plus, are large water softeners, designed for homes with 4-5 bathrooms. Online you will find these systems priced at £1995. 

Chat to us online on our chat and request a Kinetico water softener price or leave your email and we will send you the best price and a Kinetico promo code - that can't be displayed online. 


Click to Shop the Kinetico Premier Compact: £1595 

Click to Shop the Kinetico Premier Maxi: £1995


Other Water Softener Brands

When it comes to choosing a water softener, brand and model is very important. If you are paying £700-£900 for a twin tank water softener – you may not be getting the best quality or value for money. Be sure to look out for a good warranty and good reviews!

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