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How to Remove Limescale For Good

How to Remove Limescale For Good
Does your home have limescale? Find out how to remove limescale for good in this article! 

Where is Limescale in Your Home?

Limescale can effect your home in both visible and visible ways! Have you noticed any of these limescale problems in your home?

1. Limescale in Your Kettle

limescale in kettle

One of the top issues that our customers notice is limescale in their kettle and water! Limescale is not only unsightly, but also causes damage to your home appliances. This can shorten their life span by up to 50%! That means you'll not only be left with scale in your water and scummy tea, but you will also be paying to replace appliances such as kettles, washing machines and dishwashers much sooner than expected.

2. Limescale on Your Taps & in Your Bathroom

limescale on taps

Having hard water in your home will leave you bathroom, sinks & taps with white, orange and green scale. Without constant daily cleaning, these stains become stubborn and permanent. 

3. Blocked Shower Heads 

limescale shower head

Blocked shower heads are another hard water issue that reduces your water pressure and flow rate over time! 

4. Blocked Pipes

limescale blocked pipes

Did you know hard water scale can also block your pipes? This affects the efficiency of your heating system and can cause breakages and damage to your boiler. 

5. Hard Water & Dry Skin

eczema from limescale

If you live in a hard area your water may be causing dry skin and eczema! This is because the hard minerals can damage the top layer and barrier of our skin, making it extra sensitive to soaps & powders.

Removing Limescale & Hard Water

You can find many remedies to temporarily remove limescale online, including baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice, vinegar etc. But all of these methods require time, energy and they only last 1 day! 
The only way to permanently remove limescale for good and prevent limescale is to tackle the source - your hard water.
A water softener is a home appliance that is attached to your main water supply and acts as a hard mineral filter. It removes excess calcium and magnesium so that only soft water can enter your home. 

How Much Does a Water Softener Cost?

A softener system can vary in price. If you have a small home or not many people living in your home then a single tank system could be a good solution. These systems cost around £650. 
Larger homes and family homes require a twin tank system due to the water flow and capacity. These systems range from £1000 - £1600. 
Although higher in price than your standard cleaning product these appliances are a home investment. 
They last 10 - 30 years, don't require much maintenance, are automated and 100% prevent hard water from entering your home. Other benefits include:
  • You won't need to constantly clean or buy expensive cleaning products and limescale removers.
  • You can actually use way less (up to 50%) washing powders and softeners because soft water lathers and cleans much better.
  • You can use less soaps and shampoos.
  • You can naturally treat eczema & dry skin .
  • Your appliances will last longer.
  • You will protect your boiler from expensive repairs.
  • Your energy bills will decrease because your heating system can become more efficient.
  • You can help to remove existing limescale.
  • Household bills spent on heating and cleaning products can decrease by up to £400 each year.
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