. Water Softener Resin Cleaner. Why You Should Use It Annually

Water Softener Resin Cleaner - Why It's Important to Clean Your Water Softener

Water Softener Resin Cleaner - Why It's Important to Clean Your Water Softener

Water softeners are designed to last anything from 10 – 30 years, depending on the quality of the softener and the resin inside. However, over time the resin inside your softener can face a build-up of inorganic and organic minerals from hard water, such as metal ions like iron. This build up over time can reduce the efficiency of the softener, making it important to routinely clean your system with a water softener resin cleaner.

The Benefits of Cleaning Your Water Softener Resin

To get the most out of your softener investment it is important to routinely clean your water softener. Sterilising the system can have many long and short term benefits including:

  • Cleans and Disinfects your entire softener system, acting as a steriliser.
  • Remove any Viruses & Bacteria,including living and pathogenic organisms.
  • Cleans the Softener Valve by removing any mineral build up that may cause premature wearing of parts.
  • Protect the Softener Resinfor up to 12 months.
  • Increases the Lifespan of your softener by preserving the resin in prime condition.
  • Increase the efficiencyof the softener over time by maintaining ion exchange efficiency to reduce overall running costs.
  • Ensures Quality Soft Water over time.

How Can I Clean My Water Softener?

You can clean your system easily with the BWT AQUA CLEAN resin cleaner. This self-cleaning system offers 12 months of protection with a cleaning & disinfecting double action to bring perfect hygiene to your water. It includes 2 bottles of resin cleaner to be used 2x a year, and one bottle of disinfectant to be used once a year to fully sterilise the softener & resin.

You’ll also be able to check the efficiency of the softener before and after cleaning with a water hardness and analyser kit.


water softener resin cleaner


How to Use Resin Cleaner

Using the BWT Softener cleaner is easy – you simply add the premeasured doses to the brine solution and salt tank before your salt is about to run out. The softener’s natural regeneration cycle takes care of the rest! The solutions are fast acting and can be used with any softener brand for 12 months of resin protection.

You can then analyse your softeners efficiency with the hard water test that is included to ensure your softener is maintaining its efficiency.

More Information

To find out more about the BTW Aqua Clean Click Here.

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  • Hi I have a Monarch Water MIDI 7E. Can you recommend a product that is compatible with this machine. For cleaning maintaining etc. Thanks Chris

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