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How to Refill Water Softener Block Salt

How to Refill Water Softener Block Salt

If you’ve just purchased a water softener you may be wondering exactly how to refill your water softener block salt. This easy how to guide should tell you everything you need to know!

How Do I Know When To Replace The Block Salt?

Most water softeners have a clear lid so you can easily check you salt. In most systems there is a red line inside, when this red line is visible it is time to re-fill & reorder block salt for your softener.

How To Replace The Block Salt

  1. Make sure it is time to replace your salt and the red line inside your water softener is visible.
  2. Lift the clear lid open on your system
  3. Using the grip points on the block salt, place each block vertically inside the machine with the grips facing you at the front of the water softener.
  4. Put the lid back down and voila!

how to refil water softener block salt

Other Common Salt Questions

To help clear up any questions you might have we have answered some common FAQs about block salt below!

How Much Salt Will My Softener Use?

The amount of salt you use ultimately depends on how much water you use, your home size and number of people living in your home. The average usage is one block per person, per month.

Can You Use Salt If its Broken?

From time to time, salt can break or chip when it is in storage or during its journey to you. It is perfectly fine to use broken salt - simply stack it the normal way and avoid small fine pieces.

What Happens If I Run Out of Salt?

The water softener will simply stop softening your water until you replenish the block salt.

Is It Normal for Salt to Go Down Unevenly?

Yes! This is normal and it is common for one block to dissolve faster than the other. It is fine for one side to be completely dissolved away before adding more blocks.

How Can I Purchase Block Salt?

If you live close to York or North East postcodes we can supply you with block salt for you water softener. Simply call us on 01429 872 522, enquire online or click here to shop online.

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