Can You Drink Softened Water?

Can You Drink Softened Water?

Many people think that you can't drink softened water but it’s actually perfectly safe to drink water from a water softener.

Soft Water Myths

Some people believe that softened water is high in sodium. This is because most non-electric water softeners work using a block salt system and sodium-based resin.This is incorrect and a common myth/false mis conception.

Softened water is completely safe to drink and does not contain unhealthy levels of sodium. The average amount of sodium found in a 250ml glass of softened water contributes to 1% of your daily sodium intake (Recommended daily intake by the NHS (2015) is 2,400mg of sodium). In fact, there is more sodium in a slice of bread and even in milk than you’ll find in your water.

The decision to drink softened water should be based completely on whether or not you enjoy the taste of it. Many people prefer the taste of soft water to hard water as a water softener can remove bad tastes and smells caused by hard minerals.

How Does a Water Softener Work?

A water softener removes excess hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium from the mains supply. It does this through reverse osmosis and ion exchange. As the hard minerals flow through the resin inside the softener system, they are attracted to the resin and swapped out for harmless and soft sodium ions. This ion exchange process is why many people believe their soft water may contain too much sodium to drink. The level of sodium, also known as salt, present in the water is based on where you are located in the UK and how hard your water is. Areas which have harder water will have more sodium present in the water because it needs more salt to soften the water.

Why Is It Important To Test Your Water Hardness Before Installing A Water Softener?

It is important to test the hardness of your water before installing a water softener. It is part of our standard service and is vital because if your water is extremely high on the hardness scale, the sodium levels in your softened wate is likely to exceed 200mg/l sodium. Therefore, it is essential and by law, part of our service to provide you with a hard water supply. This means the softened water supply, used throughout your home, is separate to your drinking water. This is also an option for anyone who is bottle feeding children or medically prescribed a low sodium diet.

If you don’t like the taste of your regular hard water and water from the hard supply, we can also offer a separate drinking water system, which can offer premium filtered water on tap.

Why is it Not Safe For Babies to Drink Soft Water?

Information provided by the WRAS and NHS recommends that the sodium limit should not be exceeded when preparing formula for babies because their kidneys are not fully developed yet to process the increase in salt. Their formula and food are made with the correct sodium levels and any additional sodium can alter this balance and can cause dehydration.

Additionally, it is also recommended that individuals who are on a prescribed low-sodium diet should not drink softened water due to the increased sodium levels.

In Conclusion…

Soft water is safe to drink, but we understand that not everybody will want to or will enjoy drinking softened water. We offer soft water tastings at our Yorkshire Shop which can help you decide. Not only that, but if you choose not to drink soft water, we offer a range of solutions so you can enjoy all the skin, hair and home cleaning benefits.

We can provide you an untreated feed to your kitchen or utility sink so you can still enjoy the taste of hard water. Or if you have bad tasting water to start with, you can purchase a drinking water system with your softener and get filtered water on demand. We have a range of drinking water systems that use both carbon and reverse osmosis to purify water, if you would like to look a look, click HERE.

Here at North East & Yorkshire Water Softeners we are water treatment specialists who offer a range of services across the UK. If you are ever concerned about something, we urge you to get into contact with us as we are trained professionals and can provide you with information to help you. Click here to enquire online and we can call you back.


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