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How To Bypass Your Water Softener

How To Bypass Your Water Softener

Only using your softener when you need to can be a really great trick to save water and boost your softeners efficiency. Find out How To Bypass Your Water Softener in this handy how to guide.

Reasons to why you may need to bypass your softener; 

  • If there is a problem/ servicing- this can prevent problems from getting worse.

  • If you're moving house- we can relocate your softener to your new address. 

  • If you don't want soft water to the outside tap- hard water is great for the garden!

How to Guide:

1. Locate The Inlet & Outlet Valves

Locate the hoses in the side of the water softener - these hoses will lead you to the inlet and outlet valves.

Understand these may go through walls so follow them carefully. When you have located the valves, you're ready to bypass it. 

2. To by-pass the softener - Set the Valves to The Right Setting

2a. Set the inlet/outlet (blue) valves to the “OFF” position

2b. And set the by- pass (grey) valve to the “ON or OPEN” position.

If you want to to restart the flow of soft water simply do the reverse:

Set the inlet/outlet (blue) valves to the “ON or OPEN” position and set the by-pass (grey) valve to the “OFF” position.

The softener can be put into by-pass at any time. Water will still flow throughout the house, however, this water will be hard

how to bypass a water softener

If you are ever confused about whether it is open or closed, just take a look at the valves. If the handle is in line with the valve, it is open and if the handle is across the valve, it is closed. 

The handles may be stiff, that's perfectly normal and they should only twist 90° in one direction.  

Each install varies, so the setup of yours might differ slightly from the diagrams. If you are ever confused, just speak to member of staff who will be happy to guide you through it. 

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