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The Best Harvey Water Softener Review 2022

If you’ve been searching for a water softener in the UK, you may have already come across Harvey Water Softeners. But why are Harvey such a popular brand? And what is the best Harvey water softener to buy?

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Who is Harvey & Why is this Brand the best?

Harvey is a UK water softening manufacturer, which was founded by Harvey Bowden in 1981. It is now one of the UK’s biggest water softener companies and manufacturers. From introducing the dual cylinder and twin tank design, Harvey have been continuously developing water softener technology for decades, to deliver the most efficient system on the market today.

When starting out, Harvey wanted to produce a water softener to work in every British home - regardless of the pressure and heating system being used. And that’s exactly what they did. By evolving over time, Harvey are now considered to be one of the best brands available. Through incorporating leading technology, high quality materials and unrivalled efficiency – Harvey machines are built to last 10-20 years.

What are the Different Models of Harvey Water Softener?

If you’ve already begun your research into Harvey products, you may have come across a few different models of water softeners and are probably wondering… what’s the difference?

In short – not much. Harvey work through a series of different distribution and sales channels including inhouse retail, bespoke online and an exclusive dealer offline & online network. For each of these distribution channels, Harvey provides bespoke makes and models. In saying that, apart from the name, any models produced within the last 5 years, will have a very similar specification and efficiency. There are currently 5 generations of Harvey products with the 4th and 5th generations having the same specification and efficiency.

When choosing a water softener, regardless of brand and model, you should be looking for a non-electric and twin tank system.

Why? A non-electric softener is more efficient. It removes the addition of electricity and energy cost, difficult installation requirements and the yearly servicing need that is required by law (and those subsequent charges). Not only that, but unlike a single tank, a twin tank system has a greater capacity for soft water production and also guarantees soft water 24/7.

It is then vital to make sure you get the right system for your home. And this depends on how large the home is and how many bathrooms you have.

For a standard family home with 3 bathrooms – the Harvey TwinTec S4 is the best and most cost effective and efficient system on the market today. The TwinTec range itself, originates as part of the premium Harvey dealer exclusive network in the UK, and as a result – can be difficult to find online.

Harvey Water Softener Dimensions

A water softener is generally fitted under the sink and by the stop tap. When developing their newer systems, Harvey wanted to make sure they could create something ideal for the standard family home. That’s why they made TwinTec S4 the smallest and most compact twin tank softener. The dimensions of this system are:

490mm high and 205mm wide with a depth of 440mm.

Harvey Water Softener Specification & Features

the best harvey water softener review

What is it about Harvey products that makes them the best? Well – it all comes down to the nitty gritty technical specification. When looking at different softeners, the key things to make note of are:
  • The type of system
  • The max flow rate
  • The pressure capability
  • The efficiency
  • The warranty

And when comparing these aspects, you’ll find most of the Harvey models have the same specification. The Harvey TwinTec S4 comes out on top, with features such as:

  • A Twin tank, non-electric, block salt fed system.
  • A flow rate of 56L/min.
  • A pressure of 1 – 10 bar. With smart shuttle metering for all different types of home pressure systems.
  • A high efficiency, including a regeneration water volume of 17L and salt usage of only 300g per regen cycle.
  • A 10 year warranty on parts.

The S4 provides soft water 24/7, and also has a fully automatic system that does not need programming or timers, a patented metering system to measure water usage and a nano technology resin. This specification is the best when comparing with any other machine online.

The Best Softener for my Water Hardness

All Harvey water softeners come with a similar gearing in terms of specific water hardness. The S4 can tackle some of the hardest water – especially London’s hard water.

There are different gearings available and you can use an accurate hard water test kit if you want to check your water hardness.

Harvey Water Softener Price

So how much is a Harvey water softener? And is there a way to save money?

The best and most effective Harvey Water Softener is the Harvey TwinTec S4. The S4 is £1149.99 to buy online.  It is a Harvey water softener with the most up to date specification and best efficiency - at a fraction of the cost of other Harvey models.

When sourcing a water softener, the full installation package prices can vary and can be costly. To save money, it is often cheaper to purchase a softener online and source an independent plumber for the installation.

The S4 can be bought here.

Harvey Vs Kinetico

Who are Harvey’s biggest rivals? The answer – Kinetico. Kinetico have been around the longest and they actually invented the non-electric machine. But which brand is best – Harvey or Kinetico? In reality, both brands are top quality, and there is little difference between their leading machines: The Harvey TwinTec S4 and The Kinetico Premier Compact. Kinetico have been known to have outstanding quality and machines that last anything form 10 to 30 years. But Harvey machines have a technically better specification and are good value for money.

Water Softener Installation

harvey water softener installation by a plumber

The installation of a water softener can confuse a lot of people, with many assuming they need some sort of water softener technician. As a matter of fact, the installation is a relatively simple process – similar to installing a washing machine and less complicated than having a boiler fitted. Any skilled plumber should be able to complete the job with ease, and should have a lot of experience doing so in hard water areas.

The installation itself, takes 2-3 hours of a plumbers time - depending on your pipe work by the stop tap. If you are swapping an old water softener for a new one – this job can be done in 10 - 30 minutes.

When buying online, prices can be discounted – meaning you’ll get the system at the best price and value for money. Your task is then to source a reliable plumber.

Don’t have a plumber? Try searching online, asking neighbours and friends, or even websites such as Checkatrade.

How Much Does it Cost to Maintain a Water Softener?

The Harvey S4 water softener is designed to be automatic and hassle free. By being non-electric, it doesn’t need a power source. The only maintenance it needs is keeping the salt topped up for continuous water softening.

When considering maintenance costs, it is important to compare and look at: water usage, energy usage, salt usage and regeneration time.

The Harvey TwinTec is also the most efficient system to buy in terms of regeneration, salt and water usage.

Harvey Water Softener Block Salt

Salt is something that can be confusing. Most twin tank water softeners require block salt. The salt itself is used to make a brine solution, needed for ion exchange and to actually remove the hard water minerals from your water. It is required at all times for the system to work.

The average usage of salt in a standard family home is 1 block per person per month. The blocks of salt can cost £6.50 - £8 per pack of 2 blocks.

Some 5th generation Harvey models use a special curved block salt – which you will need to by direct from Harvey. The TwinTec S4, uses standard block salt which you can buy direct from Harvey or even on Amazon.

Is a Harvey Water Softener Worth the Cost?

When considering the price of a water softener it is worth remembering the cost for the system alone is often an indicator of the quality. If you are buying a large electric machine online for £400 – chances are, it will be expensive to run and won’t last longer than 3-5 years. This means you may end up paying more in the long run.

To know if a water softener is worth the cost, you should consider the investment as a whole including:

  • How long the system will last (look for a good warranty)
  • The costs of Hard water damages
  • The benefits of soft water

With a Harvey model like the TwinTec S4, the system can last anything from 10-20 years. With a 10-year warranty on parts being a good indicator of this. Not only that, but if you factor in the costs of hard water damages, including inefficient energy bills, new appliances, excess cleaning products - at £1249.99 – the system pays for itself over the years it lasts.

What are Some of the Benefits of Soft Water?

limescale free tap


A water softener provides many benefits for your home including:

  • Saving money of up to £400 a year
  • Your heating system works more efficiently due to limescale breakdown.
  • You can increase water flow and prevent blocked shower heads and taps.
  • You can protect your home, fixtures and fittings from permanent damage.
  • You can spend less time cleaning and reduce your cleaning bills.
  • Appliances will last longer and don’t suffer from limescale damage.
  • You can use less shampoo and shower gel and will experience a great lather.
  • You can find relief from eczema and dry skin and hair.

The Best Harvey Water Softener Review

The Harvey TwinTec S4 is one of the UK’s leading premium twin tank non-electric systems. It has the best technical specification for homes with 3-4 bathrooms and is designed to soften even the hardest water. Customers liked:

Harvey Water Softener Alternatives

If you are looking for an alternative and another brand with high quality – the Kinetico Premier Compact is the TwinTec S4 equivalent. When looking elsewhere, it is worth bearing in mind – the price of a system represents the quality as well as the age of the product and how long it has been around for. Warranty is also a good indication of quality and how long the product will last.

Where Can I Buy A Harvey Water Softener?

The TwinTec range is an exclusive model to a premium dealer network in the UK. But you can now purchase this system online at North East Water Softeners at a great price. If you are after a very specific Harvey retail model – you won’t find this online and you will need to go direct to Harvey.


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