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Ampleforth, Sproxton, Hemsley, Oswaldkirk, Malton and Pickering.

Having supplied water softeners to the people of Yorkshire for the last 7 years, we are proud to say we have a thorough understanding of the challenges you are facing in dealing with the effects of hard water if you live in one of the above areas.

We have many very satisfied customers, who simply cannot believe how the installation of a water softener in their homes can instantly reverse the effects of hard water. Changing their lives’ is NOT an understatement.

Here are some recent reviews we have received from customers living in your area, who have been enjoying the benefits of soft water after contacting us and having a water softener installed in their home.



When we moved to Ampleforth, North Yorkshire from Cambridgeshire two years ago we thought that we were leaving hard water problems behind so when we found out the water in our area is just as hard we decided to do something about it. North East Water Softeners helped us choose a water softening system that was right for us and we haven’t looked back since. The pleasure of limescale free showers and sinktops together with the cost savings in soaps, washing powders and conditioners, etc. have been a revelation that has contributed to reassuring us that we have made the right decision. An unexpected benefit has been the improvement in the condition of my skin which before was always dried out and required lots of E45 cream but not anymore. All in all we were so pleased we convinced our next door neighbours to look into water softeners and now they have one too!

Chris and June Dinnewell Oct 2018 Ampleforth



Since having our water softener fitted in February 2018, we’ve enjoyed more efficient and softer washing from washing machine, dishwasher and hair and body washing. Fitting of Water softener was also very efficient and painless.
Thank you for a great service and product.

John & Gillian Evans, Sunderland Feb 2018




We have had our water softener for a number of years now and it has been a really worthwhile investment. Living in a hard water area we were very used to limescale on the taps, shower heads and kettle etc. The softener very quickly put an end to all of that, and it has made our hot water system more efficient (no limescale deposits on the heating elements) which I am sure has saved on heating bills. We use much less dishwasher and washing machine powders, and less soap generally; the water is always quick to lather and the system is easy and cheap to run. We have been very happy with the system installed, and with the efficient and courteous service that we always receive from the team at North East Water Softeners.

CGH Belsom, Helmsley North Yorkshire Oct 2018



Before the water softener was installed we had really bad limescale on all taps, it was so bad that we had previously had to replace some taps as the limescale had eaten through the metal. Also limescale was growing quickly on the new shower which prompted us to do something about it. Within a couple of weeks of the water softener being installed the limescale started to fall off the taps plus the shower is as good as new with no horrible looking water marks and it doesn't need cleaning as much. We are also using less shampoo as it foams up easier plus we dont suffer from dry skin as much. Other benefits is that the kettle hasn't been de-scaled since and the Iron hasn't leaked any scaly water whilst using.

Liz Full Sutton York July 2018



We love our water softener! Not only was the water noticeably softer on our skin, it tasted better and even made cleaning clothes and bathrooms easier! Service from NE Water Softeners has been fantastic - wouldn't use anyone else for install or our refills now. Thanks both for doing a great job!

Tom & Imo Malton Yorkshire.


Supply and installation. Tidiness: 10 Reliability: 10 Average: 10 Courtesy: 10 Workmanship: 10 Excellent service from recommendation to installation.

Mr Wood, Haxby,  North Yorks Oct 2018


If you would like to find out more about how you too can join the increasing number of people changing their lives, with the addition of a water softener, then give us a call on 01429 872522 or email us We will be happy to arrange a free site survey, when one of our representatives will call out and test the water in your home to see how hard it actually is.