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When we moved to Ampleforth, North Yorkshire from Cambridgeshire two years ago we thought that we were leaving hard water problems behind so when we found out the water in our area is just as hard we decided to do something about it. North East Water Softeners helped us choose a water softening system that was right for us and we haven’t looked back since. The pleasure of limescale free showers and sinktops together with the cost savings in soaps, washing powders and conditioners, etc. have been a revelation that has contributed to reassuring us that we have made the right decision. An unexpected benefit has been the improvement in the condition of my skin which before was always dried out and required lots of E45 cream but not anymore. All in all we were so pleased we convinced our next door neighbours to look into water softeners and now they have one too!

Chris and June Dinnewell Oct 2018 Ampleforth



Extremely happy with my new water Softener only had it in for a week. Already my daughter’s eczema has started to clear up!! Skin feels and looks great too. Hazel is the most wonderful person I have met, explained different options to us without any pressure. Water Softener fitted all within a couple of hours. Would highly recommend, a very happy customer.

Mrs Sahota Hartlepool September 2018



Since having our water softener fitted in February 2018, we’ve enjoyed more efficient and softer washing from washing machine, dishwasher and hair and body washing. Fitting of Water softener was also very efficient and painless.
Thank you for a great service and product.

John & Gillian Evans, Sunderland Feb 2018



We have had water softeners at several previous homes, but when we moved to Yorkshire space was at a premium so we decided to do without.  What a mistake!  After two years struggling with rock hard towels and bed linen, plus lank hair and itchy skin, we contacted North East Water Softeners and they fitted a Twin Tec.  Kevin even managed to put it under the sink without losing too much space and we are delighted to have fluffy towels and comfortable bed linen again.  It is working well and definitely worth the small inconvenience of losing half a shelf!

Jan Groves Pocklington, August 2018



We have had our water softener for a number of years now and it has been a really worthwhile investment. Living in a hard water area we were very used to limescale on the taps, shower heads and kettle etc. The softener very quickly put an end to all of that, and it has made our hot water system more efficient (no limescale deposits on the heating elements) which I am sure has saved on heating bills. We use much less dishwasher and washing machine powders, and less soap generally; the water is always quick to lather and the system is easy and cheap to run. We have been very happy with the system installed, and with the efficient and courteous service that we always receive from the team at North East Water Softeners.

CGH Belsom, Helmsley North Yorkshire Oct 2018



I chose the high spec system and am very pleased with the result. Hazel personally explained all systems to us, and was very informative and on the ball. Kevin fitted the system the very next day. He explained everything in detail as he went along and did a great job. What a professional and pleasant pair they are.
As a result of having the system installed, I immediately noticed the difference in the amount of bubbles!!! Also skin is much softer and no white marks left on the shower screen and no furring of kettles etc. I would not hesitate in recommending North East Water Softeners. They did a great job.

Sue Simpson, August 2018 Sunderland.



Before the water softener was installed we had really bad limescale on all taps, it was so bad that we had previously had to replace some taps as the limescale had eaten through the metal. Also limescale was growing quickly on the new shower which prompted us to do something about it. Within a couple of weeks of the water softener being installed the limescale started to fall off the taps plus the shower is as good as new with no horrible looking water marks and it doesn't need cleaning as much. We are also using less shampoo as it foams up easier plus we dont suffer from dry skin as much. Other benefits is that the kettle hasn't been de-scaled since and the Iron hasn't leaked any scaly water whilst using.

Liz Full Sutton York July 2018



Love our water softener , the difference it has made is huge even after only 2 weeks. My Psoriasis has improved no end and my hair and scalp feel so soft and healthy , it’s like being abroad . Also the clothes and dishes need far less detergent and feel super soft and clean . Can’t recommend this product enough it really makes a huge difference for the better . Brilliant customer service and professional installation and a great team of staff . Thankyou .

Jennifer  Escrick York Sept 2018



We love our water softener! Not only was the water noticeably softer on our skin, it tasted better and even made cleaning clothes and bathrooms easier! Service from NE Water Softeners has been fantastic - wouldn't use anyone else for install or our refills now. Thanks both for doing a great job!

Tom & Imo Malton Yorkshire.



We purchased our water softener due to the very hard water we have in our area and have had it now for four months. The difference in the quality of water is amazing and we noticed the difference almost immediately. Our taps and kettle stopped furring up, our shower cubicles no longer have streaks after showering and are much easier to clean, the water tastes better and, best of all, my wife is much happier with the softness of her skin and hair. The installation of our water softener was completed within a few days of agreeing the sale and was done with care and efficiency. We are genuinely delighted with our water softener and only wish that we had bought it sooner.

John Darmody Pocklington August

Delighted with its performance!!!

Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to give you feedback following my recent purchase of your water softener: we are delighted with its performance...

– Sarwan Cheema on Twin Tec Series 3 Twin 

Oct 2018


Silky soft water soft fluffy towels

Thank you very much for my new water softener I have lived in this house for about 43 years and we have always had a softener but the one you have fitted for me is 10 out of 10 for service, fitting and performance silky water soft fluffy towels hair more manageable I would definitely recommend your company to everyone
Thank you 
Pam Difford 
Sept 2018


I live in a hard water area and only moved here 6 months ago after renovating the property. Because we have a lot of new appliances/fittings in the house the scale from the hard water was really visible. Things like the kettle and the shower showed me how hard the water was and I had a lot of scale in a short space of time. Now I have the softeners fitted this scale is no more. Things like a clear shower screen and shiny taps visually show us the difference but you can also feel the difference when washing on both your skin and your hair. Clothing feels to be softer and soaps appear to go further than they did before. After seeing the difference in things like the taps, shower, kettle and shower screen etc. I can only imagine what issues the hard water cause in things we cannot see like washing machine, dishwasher and central heating boiler. Very happy with the service we received and would recommend.

Kind Regards Michael & Lisa

Sunderland Oct 2018

Well Worth Every Penny

North Easter Water Softeners installed our twin tank non-electric water softener system approximately 5 years ago.  We had moved into a hard water area and had no end of problems in the new house due to the build up of limescale, not to mention continually dirty looking taps, shower screen, sink etc.  I also suffer with a mild case of eczema which was being made worse by the hard water.  I am very pleased to say that it was an excellent investment.  Shower screen is always clean, nice shiny taps, kettle never furs up, I only use half the amount of washing power, shampoo etc and my skin has reaped the benefits.
The service we received from North East Water Softeners was excellent.  Fast and clean installation.  They were also very informative and helpful – non nonsense sales technique.  They also supply us with replacement salt blocks and their prices are the same as you would get on line and they deliver to your door (very quickly). 
We have since moved house and we brought the water softener with us so we are still using it and expect to for many more years to come.  Well worth every penny.
Tina Fisher
North Yorkshire


Supply and installation. Tidiness: 10 Reliability: 10 Average: 10 Courtesy: 10 Workmanship: 10 Excellent service from recommendation to installation.

Mr Wood, Haxby,  North Yorks Oct 2018


Yes,I've now had lovely soft water since October the twelfth and you'll be pleased to learn that I'm delighted with the performance of the appliance that Kevin installed on that day. I can feel a distinct difference each time I wash my hands or have a bath. I definitely use less soap now, and my skin is smoother. I'm very pleased to note that the limescale that had been clinging to my electric kettle has now all gone, and all the sinks and wash-basins in the house are clear too. Even the marble work-tops in my kitchen are now back to their original glossy look. I shall really appreciate now no longer having to remove limescale from my taps, bath, sink and washbasins with wire-wool and assorted brands of limescale-remover; a job I always hated doing. I'm so glad I contacted you and am very satisfied with your product. Best wishes.

Bob Purvis Richmond, North Yorks.

Oct 2018


I would like to share my great joy at owning a water system, designed to meet my needs by Hazel and Kevin at NE Water Softeners. Within a matter of days, skin conditions disappeared and I know that pure water will be doing lots more good inside, not only soft hair and skin that can be seen. I’ve saved £100’s on bottled water and no longer contribute to the global plastic burden we all hear so much about. Save money on washing detergents, with softer results. No more washer, dishwasher, kettle or tap descaling. The shower, bath and toilet are easier to clean. I wish I’d known about this years ago!

Amanda Haxby York 2018 Oct


'We have had our water softener about a year now. Having moved to a new area we were struggling to adapt to a new type of water. It was very hard, leaving marks on the chrome and tiles. We also noticed changes to our skin because of the hardness. North East Water softeners was recommend to us by a neighbour. From our first contact with Hazel to installation, we have found the company to be very professional and knowledgeable. This resulted in having installed the most appropriate softener for us. We now have soft water, chrome and tiles are no longer marked and our skin feels better. We would not hesitate to recommend this company.'

Amanda Thompson Ampleforth, York

Nov 2017

No More Nasty Water Marks on the Bath & Shower Screen

I wish to advise you that my wife & I are really delighted with the “ TWIN TEC S3 WATER SOFTENER “ provided & installed by your Company & also the Water Filter for fresh drinking water.

It has made our lives so much more comfortable & easier, with no more nasty water marks left on the bath, shower screen or washbasins, not to mention savings on soaps & detergents with the washing machine,

Our thanks to Hazel & Kevin for their wonderful support.

Donald & Jackie Richardson

Don Richardson on Dec 06, 2018

Excellent Job

Initial visit was prompt. Quote provided quickly and good rate. Fitting was hassle free. Excellent job.

Mrs Jennifer Veitch
Richmond North Yorks
Jennifer Veitch on Dec 06, 2018



What an amazing service from Hazel and Kevin. They were both very clear on how the products work and which product would be most suitable for my needs. The twin tec is amazing, the difference it has made is unbelievable my skin feel so much better, clothes are much softer, shower screen stays cleaner for longer and it was an instant difference. I would highly recommend north east water softeners.

Thomas Scott,Wynyard, TS22 March 2019