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Water Softener Solution - Our Reviews & Results

We help customer remove hard water & limescale for good...

We've helped thousands of home owners across the UK protect their homes & renovations from irreversible limescale damage. We provide water softener solutions and only the best brands - Harvey & Kinetico .

What's more, we're the biggest online supplier in the UK - meaning we provide the most competitive and lowest prices.

Find out why we're the best with our customer reviews & results...

water softener solution and review

Bill Norrie
Richmond, North Yorkshire.

"We had the TwinTec model installed by Kevin. After the difference in our water supply is unbelievable!"

No more furred-up kettles, no more 'limescale crud' around the taps and sink drain fittings.

The shower is much easier to clean, less detergent is required when washing dishes, less washing powder is needed in the washing machine and the water has a lovely 'silky' feel when taking a shower.

Also, I suffered from itchy skin - particularly on my face and scalp, but after less than a month since the softener was fitted, my irritation has dramatically decreased!

I wish I had known of the benefits of fitting a water softener years ago. They are a little expensive but a really worthwhile investment.

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A water softener not only removes limescale, it also cures eczema and dry skin....

NE water softener review

Christina Blake

"Faultless service, great product, fab company."

We were dubious about having a water softener fitted but sooo glad that we did.

My partner has scalp psoriasis and very brittle hair. After 3 weeks this is noticeably better.

The water feels so much nicer on your skin. We run a guest house and it also makes cleaning the glass showers much easier.

The install was efficient. Fantastic service and company. Can’t fault them at all.

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NE Water softeners trust pilot reviews

"Would recommend to anyone that wants a water softener system."

Phillip Jones: I ordered the TwincTec S4 water softener as we live in a very hard water area.

The full results and the difference is amazing.

My wife is now very happy as her hair is back to normal and no longer dry. The showers no longer have the awful white marks that used to be there all the time from the hard water.

You'll also save 20-64% on energy bills & £400 off household bills...

water softener before and after review

Paul Stacey

We live in a very hard water area and had struggled for years to descale kettles, taps, toilets and showers. After 3 months we don't need to any of the tasks.

The use of detergents, soap, washing liquids and shampoos is reduced and so in the end the unit will pay for itself.

My wife is extremely happy with the performance of the unit and only needs block salt replacement every 3 -4 weeks. Easy to do.

A delighted customer who wished we had installed it years earlier.

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Kevin Richardson
South Yorkshire

We had a water softener installed by NEt Water Softeners. Prior to the installation, our water was very hard and really horrible - lots of limescale that left a deposit on every surface, 'scum' on the top of cups of tea and coffee, and was unpleasant to shower or bath in.

Since then, the water is MUCH more pleasant, both to drink and to the limescale has completely gone, including the hardened deposits that had built up over the previous four years we had been in our new house. Really pleased with the product and the service from NEWS.

Steven Abbey

I enquired about having a water softener installed as I was about to have a new boiler and new bathrooms fitted, I live in Hartlepool and have suffered from hard water marks/lime issues on and in things for years.

Hazel came out to see me and explained all options, benefits, and did a water test. I went for the newest model the TwinTec.

Since install, I have not noticed any watermarks on my new bathroom or en-suite shower cubicle.
I feel this company has got it right & are extremely good at what they do.

Rajat Gautam

When my washing machine and Boiler heat exchanger were blocked due to limescale I decided to go for a Water Softener.

The service provided by North East & Yorkshire Water Softeners was very professional. The best part of the communication was that it was personal.

After fitting the water softener, I no longer need to worry about Limescale residuals in the kitchen & bathroom, no more calcium deposits in appliances and the skin feels much softer. I wish I had installed the TwinTec Series 4 earlier.

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