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Remove Limescale & Hard Water With a Water Softener

Did you know Hartlepool, Richmond, Dalton & other areas in the North East have some of the hardest water readings in the UK? Hard water causes limescale, which can cause damage both externally (to your surfaces, taps, shower) and internally ( to washing machines, pipes, boiler and heating system). The only way to know if you have hard water, is to test it and have a ppm reading.

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Are you eperiencing limescale problems?

  • White scale deposits & stains - on surfaces, fixtures, fittings & glassware.
  • Blocked pipes, taps & shower heads - causing permanent damage and reduced water flow over time.
  • Broken & damaged appliances - limescale reduces the life span of washing machines, kettles & dishwashers.
  • Eczema, dry skin & hair - hard water causes eczema, dry skin & hair.
  • Expensive energy bills - limescale in your pipes causes an inefficient heating system.
  • Boiler breakdowns - with expensive call out & repair fees.
  • Constant cleaning - requiring expensive cleaning products to remove scale.
Remove Limescale & Hard Water

A Water Softener permanently removes limescale, meaning ...

  • Reduced energy bills by 20-64% - a more efficient heating system.
  • No limescale & white scale deposits on surfaces & fixtures.
  • Unblocked taps & shower heads - no crusty limescale damage or blockages.
  • A natural cure for eczema & dry skin - soft skin & shiny hair.
  • Protection for your boiler & pipes - even pre-existing limescale can be removed.
  • Home appliances - that last 50% longer.
  • Reduced cleaning - no need for expensive descalers.
  • 50% less showering products & washing powder required.
Get soft water now

Is a Water Softener worth the cost?

A water softener is. home investment that saves money. It protects your home & renovations from costly limescale damage.

You can save £400-£1000 a year on household bills. Soft water can also reduce increasing energy bills by 20-64%.

How long does. water softener last? Lasting 10-20 years - you can experience all the benefits for decades - meanwhile, the system pays for itself.

But don't just take our word for it, hear it from our customers...

Harvey Water Softener Review

James Quin

"We are delighted with our Twin Tec…Simply it is the best thing we have spent money on."

We are delighted with our Twin Tec water softener fitted by Kevin. A real professional job. Simply it is the best thing we have spent money on. Would highly recommend it to people with hard water. You won’t regret it.

customer testimonial

Megan Schutt

"From the consultation to the installation - North East Water Softeners have been excellent..."

Great product does the job perfectly the water was very hard before the installation of the softener. If you are thinking of purchasing a water softener, then look no further than this company, you won't be disappointed.

water softener review

Rajat Gautam

I no longer need to worry about limescale in kitchen & bathroom...

When my washing machine and Boiler were blocked due to limescale I decided to go for a Water Softener. The service provided by North East Water Softeners was very professional. I no longer need to worry about limescale in my kitchen & bathroom or appliances & my skin feels much softer.

We're dedicated to helping our customers & providing a 5 star customer experience....

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