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Harvey Twin Tec S3 Twin Tank Non- Electric Softener

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Want The Most Reliable & Affordable Twin Tank Water Softener From Harvey? The S3 has been replaced by the new and improved TwinTec S4. We're the only online suppliers - CLICK HERE to Shop the TwinTec S4!

The Harvey TwinTec S3 Water Softener

The Twin Tec S3 water softener is a twin tank non-electric system that has been developed by the UK's leading manufacturer Harvey Water Softener. This product is the former model of the S4 and is a block salt fed softener.

This product is ideal for properties with 2-3 bathrooms and up to 6 people.

Key Features:

The TwinTec Series 3 is an upgrade from the former Series One with several improvements and advancements:
  • Non- electric - automatic system that uses no electricity.
  • Small and compact -the S3 fits directly under your sink and small enough to fit into tight spaces (height: 490mm, width: 205mm, depth: 440mm).
  • Twin cylinder reverse osmosis system - providing a continuous stream of soft water 24/7.
  • Works with low pressure and has a better flow rate measuring system to monitor high and low rate water flows.
  • An improved internal resin for an optimised ion exchange system.
  • An improved design including transparent salt lid, modern cabinet and shallow lid so you can install into smaller spaces.
  • A single piece bulk head and saturation platform which allows for brine to be produced at a quicker rate with an adjustable valve for more efficient salt consumption and control.

Benefits of the S3

  • Removes hard water and limescale from your home.
  • Protects and prolongs the life of all your kitchen appliances and bathroom fittings.
  • Can be used to treat eczema and provides dramatic relief from dry skin.
  • Protects your boiler & increases the efficiency of your heating system.
  • Means you can spend less money on limescale removers and less time cleaning.
  • Cleaner Laundry that stays like new: Plus you'll use up to 50% less detergent with soft water.
  • Provides soft water that’s gentle on your skin and your hair: Soft water will give you beautiful soft skin and hair.
  • Less Shower Get And Shampoo:More bubbles less bubble bath.
  • A Greener Home - less water wastage as well as improved energy efficiency.

Start Saving Money Now!

  • Maintain heating efficiency and save up to 12% on bills.

  • Save up to £400 on your household shopping bills.

  • Longer lasting appliances and boilers.

How Does It Work?

The S3 is attached to your inline water flow and usually installed below your sink. A twin tank water softener contains two resin filled cylinders that work independently from each other. As hard water from the main supply flows through the softener, it works directly to remove hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Water hardness minerals are removed by the salt based resin that is inside softener, through a process called ion exchange and reverse osmosis. The resin essentially collects and absorbs these minerals, leaving purified soft water to flow freely into your home. The system is completely automatic and continuous, once the resin inside one tank is full, the other tank will begin to work. The water softener system uses block salt to regenerate and clean it's tank so you can have softer water on demand.

Harvey TwinTec S3 Price UK

As an exclusive Harvey Supplier we provide all product prices and quotations through enquiry online - enquire online or call us for more information.

Water Softener Installation

The S3 water softener can be installed by one of our experts and plumbing team directly into your home. We connect the system directly connecting into your main water supply and boiler to give effective water treatment throughout the whole home.

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Harvey Twin Tec S3 Twin Tank Non- Electric Softener

Harvey Twin Tec S3 Twin Tank Non- Electric Softener

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