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The Kinetico K5 Pure Plus Drinking Water Filter provides perfectly pure water, with a dedicated mineral filter to add all the good minerals back in. This reverse osmosis drinking water system will provide your family instant access to pure premium quality water, straight from your kitchen sink.

Key Features:

  • An Added Mineral Plus Filter Cartridge: to produce perfectly pure water but with all the good minerals added back in.
  • The Most Technologically Advanced Drinking Water Treatment: uses an innovative seven stage reverse osmosis system.
  • A Four Stage Filtration Process: that uses three filters to remove unwanted chlorine, sediment and impurities for better tasting water.
  • Efficient and Economical to Run: The K5 pure is non-electric and operates on demand.
  • Independently certified: NSF certified to remove more contaminants than any other system.
  • Great Design & Easy Installation: fits discreetly under your sink.
  • Produces Delicious Quality Water: that is purer that bottled water and jug filters.

  • The Benefits

    • Easy to install yourself or by a member of our team.
    • Looks great in your kitchen: the Pure Plus Filter fits perfectly under your sink. The filtered water flow can be incorporated into a three-way or two-way tap or even have its own mini tap.
    • Delicious drinking water and food: your filtered water will taste delicious and can even be used in cooking for a great taste.
    • Save Money & the Environment: save money on buying plastic bottled water.
    • Independently Certified: by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation of America) meaning this RO water filter has been proven to remove more contaminants than any other reverse osmosis drinking water system.
    • Purer Water than Bottled Water or Jug Filters: the best quality, on demand, straight from your kitchen tap.

    How Does a Reverse Osmosis Filter Work?

    The K5 Pure+ filter uses RO (Reverse Osmosis) to produce clean, crystal clear and delicious tasting drinking water. During this advanced filtering process water from your main supply water is pushed through a semi-permeable membrane. As this occurs, unwanted and potentially harmful impurities from your drinking water are removed. The filtration system works I four stages:

    1. A Pre Filter: to remove chlorine and other contaminants.

    2. A Reverse Osmosis Filter: forces water through a semi-permeable membrane to remove inorganic compounds, nitrates and metals.

    3. A Post-Filter: designed to remove any organic compounds that can cause water to taste of smell funny.

    4. A Mineral Plus Filter: to add in all essential minerals that can further benefit your health.

    K5 Filter Replacements

    The lifetime of a filter cartridge depends on your family’s drinking water usage. For an average family of four who drink average levels of water a standard cartridge can last 9 months to 1 year. You can buy your replacement cartridges directly from us.


    We offer installation of all Kinetico drinking water filters upon purchase and enquiry. If any one of the Kinetico drinking water filter range is purchased at the same time as a water softener, you can enjoy free fitting. This product is safely and efficiently installed into your home usually underneath the kitchen sink. From here all you must do is enjoy drinking the pure water the system provides for you. We can organise filter changes for you or you can order directly from us and you can change them yourself.

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    Kinetico K5 Pure Plus Drinking Water Filter

    Kinetico K5 Pure Plus Drinking Water Filter

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