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Water Softeners Kent

Water Softeners Kent: The water in Kent can range between moderately hard to very hard depending on which town you live in. We stock and supply water softeners all over the UK, including top brands such as Harvey and Kinetico. If you're looking for a water softener price quote - our prices are unbeatable and you can call us direct on 01429 872 522 for offline discounts and our price beater. Once supplied, all you need is around 2-3 hours of a plumbers time to fit the softener - or you can do it yourself if you are confident with pipes and plumbing.

Hard Water in Kent

The hardness of water is measured in parts per million (ppm) and is compared to a reference scale. Anything between 0-80ppm is soft water and 120+ is hard. Levels above 200ppm are very hard. Canterbury has a water hardness level of 324.58 ppm. Below highlights the areas in Kent with hard - very hard water levels.

Canterbury: very hard.
Ashford: Hard
Faversham: very hard.
Sevenoaks: very hard.
Dartford: very hard.
Dover: hard.
Herne Bay: very hard.
Gravesend: very hard.
Margate: very hard.

Hard water in kent

Effects of Hard Water 

If you're living in Kent and living with hard water you are likely to be experiencing hard water problems such as:

  • Limescale: this can exist on your taps and even block taps and shower heads.
  • White Deposits: noticeable on your shower screen, glassware, dishes and surfaces.
  • Dry Skin, Hair & Eczema: hard water damages the outer layer of our skin, making it sensitive to soaps and surfactants. It is a cause of eczema for adults but is a major cause in infants.
  • Stiff Washing: hard water reacts negatively with detergents so your laundry will appear stiff and even dirty.
  • Damaged Home Appliances: hard water damage shortens the lifespan of appliances by 50%.
  • Soap Scum & Soap That Doesn't Lather: your shower and bath is likely to suffer from soap scum and you wont experience bubbles and lather when washing.
  • Heating Issues: Limescale inside boilers and pipes can cause blockages and requires more energy to heat.

The Solution: A Home Water Softener

A water softener is the only way to remove hard water from its source. There are two main brands you should buy from in the UK - Harvey and Kinetico. Other brands such as Monarch use electric softeners which are outdated and uneconomic, not to mention extremely large and bulky. There are older models available such as Harvey Crown - but these softeners either have only a 0-12 month and are generally sold at a low price due to their age and low grade resin. Harvey & Kinetico brands are distributed to an exclusive dealer network - so you wont find them cheap or online on many websites. The products are required to be displayed online at a max RRP set by the manufacturers - call us for exclusive price quotes. We are suppliers and installers for the North & Yorkshire, however we also offer a supply only service to the rest of the UK and down south.

The softener you need will depend on:

  • How many people are in your home
  • How many bathrooms you have and your home size.
  • Location of the stop tap and space available.
  • Rarely the pressure of you home water - if you have high pressure some adaptations are required.
Enquire online below if you need free advice on the best softener for your home or would like some information on our prices and discounts.

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