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Water Softeners Dorset

Dorchester, Bournemouth and Dorset have hard water levels of up to 265ppm - this includes areas such as Poole, Christchurch, Lyme Regis and Poole. We stock and supply water softeners from the top UK brands Harvey and Kinetico all over the UK. These brands are sold in an exclusive dealership - therefore the displayed RRPs are fixed online.

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Water Softeners Dorset:

If you live in these Dorchester areas you'll be experiencing problems such as limescale & scale build up, water scum, blocked taps, pipes and shower heads, and eczema, dry skin & hair! 

Water softeners are a great home investment that remove hard water permanently - protecting your home from irreversible damage. Once you purchase the correct system to meet your home and family's needs, all you need is a local plumber to help with the installation, or if you know your way around your pipes and plumbing system you can do it yourself using the instruction manual!

Questions You Need to Ask or Be Asked

When it comes to choosing a system the questions you need to ask or answer could include:

- How many bathrooms does your property have?
This is a key question - 1 main bathroom and a small home may suit a small single tank water softener. Single tank systems are cheaper than twin tanks but are designed for small homes and flats. 2-4 bathrooms will require a twin tank system for the capacity of water in the home. And 5+ bathrooms require a large water softener such as the Premier Maxi or XL1, XL2 or Big Blue. 

- How many people are living in the property? 
You should be asked this question when looking for a softener - any more than 3 people and the water usage and capacity may be too much for single tank systems such as the Kinetico Sumo 1. You'll need a twin tank to meet your families requirements.

- Do you know where your stop tap is and how much space is in your kitchen? e.g. under the sink.
The softener you choose needs to be installed next to the stop tap or near by. The choice therefore may be limited by the space you have. The Harvey S4 and Premier Compact are small and can usually fit under your kitchen or utility sink. Larger softeners such as the Big Blue, require large amounts of space including cupboards or space in a plant room etc.

- Is a softener compatible with my boiler?
The answer here is yes! and soft water can increase the efficiency of your boiler and protect it from limescale. You will however need to double check that soft water will not invalidate your warranty if you have one.In this case the softener can simply bypass the boiler.

- What is the best water softener?
A twin tank, non-electric, salt fed system is generally the best type of softener you can get. However the quality of this can vary depending on the brand and the resin that is used. The cheaper the softener - the less reliable. The top brands are Harvey & Kinetico and the best softener depends on your home requirements. The Harvey Twintec S4 and Kinetico Premier Compact are two of the best twin tank softeners for your standard family home with 2-4 bathrooms.

- What About Pressure Systems?
One question you need to ask yourself is if you have a high pressure system. In any case where pressure is around 5-6 bar you will need a pressure reducing valve before the point at which the softener is installed. For ow pressure systems, most softeners are compatible but Kinetico offer a low pressure HE Premier Compact System.

What Our Customers From Dorset Are Saying

Here at North East Water Softeners we pride ourselves on our customer service and fast service. We offer free advice and can match and beat price quotes on any of our products. If you want more information about what is the best water softener for you, how to purchase and install a softener etc - enquire online or call us direct.


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