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Water Softener Eczema Reviews

 Hard water is a known cause of dry skin & eczema conditions in the UK. This is because the water contains an excess of hard minerals calcium and magnesium, which have been shown to cause damage to the skin. Not only that, but hard water also reacts negatively with soaps and detergents, which can cause further irritation to the skin. 

Many of our customers have chosen to install a water softener to help treat their eczema and dry skin. A water softener filters out the hard minerals from your water - leaving only soft water to enter your home. The results have been incredible with most customers seeing great improvements or a complete cure from their dry skin & eczema. 

What Our Customers Are Saying?




Mrs Sahota 

Extremely happy with my new water Softener only had it in for a week. Already my daughter’s eczema has started to clear up!! Skin feels and looks great too. Hazel is the most wonderful person I have met, explained different options to us without any pressure. Water Softener fitted all within a couple of hours. Would highly recommend, a very happy customer.




Bill Norrie 
Richmond, North Yorkshire

Also, I suffered from itchy skin - particularly on my face and scalp, but after less than a month since the softener was fitted, my irritation has dramatically decreased! One of the great advantages of the installation is that the softener can be easily bypassed should you wish to use a hosepipe and external tap, to water the garden. This avoids using up the Salt blocks unnecessarily.




Haxby, York 

I would like to share my great joy at owning a water system, designed to meet my needs by Hazel and Kevin at NE Water Softeners. Within a matter of days, skin conditions disappeared and I know that pure water will be doing lots more good inside, not only soft hair and skin that can be seen. I’ve saved £100’s on bottled water and no longer contribute to the global plastic burden we all hear so much about. Save money on washing detergents, with softer results. No more washer, dishwasher, kettle or tap descaling. The shower, bath and toilet are easier to clean. I wish I’d known about this years ago!




Escrick, York

 Love our water softener , the difference it has made is huge even after only 2 weeks. My Psoriasis has improved no end and my hair and scalp feel so soft and healthy , it’s like being abroad . Also the clothes and dishes need far less detergent and feel super soft and clean . Can’t recommend this product enough it really makes a huge difference for the better . Brilliant customer service and professional installation and a great team of staff . Thank you .




Sue Simpson

I chose the high spec system and am very pleased with the result. Hazel personally explained all systems to us, and was very informative and on the ball. Kevin fitted the system the very next day. He explained everything in detail as he went along and did a great job. What a professional and pleasant pair they are.
As a result of having the system installed, I immediately noticed the difference in the amount of bubbles!!! Also skin is much softer and no white marks left on the shower screen and no furring of kettles etc. I would not hesitate in recommending North East Water Softeners. They did a great job.




Liz Full 
Sutton, York 

 Before the water softener was installed we had really bad limescale on all taps, it was so bad that we had previously had to replace some taps as the limescale had eaten through the metal. Also limescale was growing quickly on the new shower which prompted us to do something about it. Within a couple of weeks of the water softener being installed the limescale started to fall off the taps plus the shower is as good as new with no horrible looking water marks and it doesn't need cleaning as much. We are also using less shampoo as it foams up easier plus we dont suffer from dry skin as much. Other benefits is that the kettle hasn't been de-scaled since and the Iron hasn't leaked any scaly water whilst using.




Tom & Imo 
Malton, North Yorkshire

 We love our water softener! Not only was the water noticeably softer on our skin, it tasted better and even made cleaning clothes and bathrooms easier! Service from NE Water Softeners has been fantastic - wouldn't use anyone else for install or our refills now. Thanks both for doing a great job!

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