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Hard Water Yorkshire Water Softeners

Did you know - Yorkshire, Hull & Doncaster have some of the hardest water readings in the UK?

Hard water can be found in over 60% of UK households - with Yorkshire, Hull & Doncaster being some of the most affected areas. Although hard water in Yorkshire is naturally caused, the damages and extra costs, can be easily prevented with a Water Softener.

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Hard water yorkshire water softeners

How is the Hard Water in Yorkshire effecting you?

  • You’re experiencing dirty & blocked taps, shower heads & pipes - & reduced water flow.
  • You can see white scale deposits - on your home surfaces & glassware.
  • You’re experiencing hard water in your cups tea - limescale is visible in your water & kettle.
  • Your energy bills seem expensive - limescale insulates the inside of your pipes, causing an inefficient heating system.
  • Your home appliances break or are inefficient - limescale damages kettles, washing machines & dishwashers.
  • You have issues with your boiler - including expensive breakdowns & call out fees.
  • You suffer from eczema & hard water skin - hard water minerals cause dry skin. hair.
  • You spend a lot of time cleaning - with expensive descalers.
Find a solution
Harvey water softener twintec cobalt

A Harvey Water Softener permanently removes limescale meaning...

  • Reduced energy bills - soft water removes existing scale in pipes & makes heating systems more efficient, reducing bills by 20-64%.
  • No more limescale & white scale stains - soft water protects surfaces & fittings.
  • Protection for taps & shower heads - against limescale damage & blockages.
  • A natural cure for eczema & dry skin.
  • Boiler protection- from expensive hard water damage.
  • Longer lasting home appliances - no more limescale in cups of tea, appliances last up to 50% longer.
  • Less time spent cleaning - no need for expensive descalers.
  • Less showering products & washing powder - soft water requires 50% less washing powder & shower gel.

Is a water softener worth the cost?

The cost of limescale damage can be high, from washing machine & kettle breakdowns to expensive boiler repairs.

A water softener protects your home & renovations from costly damage. A Harvey Water Softener can last anything form 10-30 years, and in that time you can save £400 - £1000 per year on household bills.

But don't just take our word for it, see visible results...

hard water yorkshire water softeners Shower screen before and after a water softener

Thomas Scott

"The difference it has made is unbelievable..."

The Cobalt is amazing, the difference it has made is unbelievable.

My skin feel so much better, clothes are much softer, shower screen stays cleaner for longer - it was an instant difference.

I would highly recommend Yorkshire water softeners.

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yorkshire water softeners eczema before and after a water softener

Christina Stone

"The difference in my eczema is amazing...."

We were dubious about having a water softener fitted but sooo glad that we did. 

I have scalp psoriasis & very brittle hair. After 3 weeks this is noticeably better.

The water feels so much nicer on your skin. We run a guest house and it also makes cleaning the glass showers much easier.

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hard water yorkshire tea limescale in kettle before and after a water softener

Rajat Guatam

"Lower bills & finally a cup of tea without limescale......."

When my washing machine & boiler were blocked due to limescale, I decided to go for a Water Softener. 

I no longer need to worry about Limescale residuals in kitchen & bathroom, no more calcium deposits in appliances and my skin feels much softer.

I wish I had installed a water softener earlier.

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