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Did you know - Yorkshire has some of the hardest water in the UK?

60% of the UK has hard water - meaning 60% of people are living with the costs of limescale damage. Hard water in Yorkshire is naturally caused and unavoidable. However, the damages & extra costs, can be avoided with a Water Softener solution.

Hard water yorkshire water softeners

How is the Hard Water in Yorkshire effecting you?

  • You’re experienceing dirty & blocked taps, showerheads & pipes - reducing the water flow in your home..
  • You’re experiencing hard water in your tea - limescale is visible in your water and cups of tea.
  • Your energy bills seem expensive - limescale insulates the inside of your pipes, causing an inefficient heating system.
  • Your home appliances break or appear ineffcient - limescale reduces the life span of washing machines & dishwashers.
  • You have issues with your boiler - including expensive breakdowns & call out fees.
  • You can see white scale deposits - on your home surfaces & glassware.
  • You suffer from eczema & hard water skin - hard water minerals cause severe eczema.
  • You spend a lot of time cleaning - with expensive descalers.

How much is hard water costing you? Is a water softener worth the cost?

A water softener is a long term investment. A Kinetico System can last 10-30 years, saving you over £400 a year on household bills. Not only that, but soft water can reduce increasing energy bills by 20-64% - which has never been more important. By protecting your home & renovations from costly damage, a Premier Compact system can pay for itself, while you experience all the benefits of soft water.

Kinetico Vs Harvey Kinetico Premier Compact

A Kinetico Premier Compact, permanently removes limescale, bringing you soft water benefits including...

  • Reduced energy bills - soft water removes existing scale in your pipes, making your heating system more efficient, reducing bills by 20-64%.
  • No more limescale & white scale stains - soft water protects your surfaces & fittings.
  • Protects taps & shower heads - from limescale damage & blockages.
  • Naturally provides a cure for eczema & dry skin.
  • Protects your boiler - from expensive damage.
  • Protects home appliances - no more limescale in your tea, and appliances which last up to 50% longer.
  • Less time spent cleaning - no need for expensive descalers.
  • Less showering products & washing powder - soft water requires 50% less washing powder & shower gel.

But don't just take our word for it, see visible results...

hard water yorkshire water softeners Shower screen before and after a water softener

Thomas Scott

"The difference it has made is unbelievable..."

What an amazing service from Hazel & Kevin. The Premier Compact is amazing, the difference it has made is unbelievable.

My skin feel so much better, clothes are much softer, shower screen stays cleaner for longer - it was an instant difference.

I would highly recommend NE &Yorkshire water softeners.

yorkshire water softeners eczema before and after a water softener

Christina Stone

"The difference in my eczema is amazing...."

We were dubious about having a water softener fitted but sooo glad that we did. 

I have scalp psoriasis & very brittle hair. After 3 weeks this is noticeably better.

The water feels so much nicer on your skin. We run a guest house and it also makes cleaning the glass showers much easier.

hard water yorkshire tea limescale in kettle before and after a water softener

Rajat Guatam

"Lower bills & finally a cup of tea without limescale......."

When my washing machine & boiler were blocked due to limescale, I decided to go for a Water Softener. 

After fitting the water softener, I no longer need to worry about Limescale residuals in kitchen & bathroom, no more calcium deposits in appliances and my skin feels much softer.

I wish I had installed a water softener earlier.

And hear it from our customers...

customer water softener reviews

Discover Real Success Stories From Our Customers ...

"Great customer service and an amazing system - our water has become so silky and soft, which has had a massive impact on everything within the home. I have been meaning to purchase a water softener system for years and regard this as money well spent."

Christian Peace Yorkshire


The benefits of soft water are just a click away - enquire below to save £100 OFF Installation Packages.



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