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East Yorkshire Water Softeners Reviews

If You Live in East Yorkshire areas such as Pocklington, Driffield, Stamford Bridge you could be facing hard water problems. Find out the benefits of a water softener for your home with our East Yorkshire Water Softeners Reviews.

What Our Customers Are Saying



Escrick, York

 Love our water softener , the difference it has made is huge even after only 2 weeks. My Psoriasis has improved no end and my hair and scalp feel so soft and healthy , it’s like being abroad . Also the clothes and dishes need far less detergent and feel super soft and clean . Can’t recommend this product enough it really makes a huge difference for the better . Brilliant customer service and professional installation and a great team of staff . Thankyou .



Jan Groves 

 We have had water softeners at several previous homes, but when we moved to Yorkshire space was at a premium so we decided to do without.  What a mistake!  After two years struggling with rock hard towels and bed linen, plus lank hair and itchy skin, we contacted North East Water Softeners and they fitted a Twin Tec.  Kevin even managed to put it under the sink without losing too much space and we are delighted to have fluffy towels and comfortable bed linen again.  It is working well and definitely worth the small inconvenience of losing half a shelf!




John Darmody

 We purchased our water softener due to the very hard water we have in our area and have had it now for four months. The difference in the quality of water is amazing and we noticed the difference almost immediately. Our taps and kettle stopped furring up, our shower cubicles no longer have streaks after showering and are much easier to clean, the water tastes better and, best of all, my wife is much happier with the softness of her skin and hair. The installation of our water softener was completed within a few days of agreeing the sale and was done with care and efficiency. We are genuinely delighted with our water softener and only wish that we had bought it sooner. 

 If you would like to find out more about how you too can join the increasing number of people changing their lives, with the addition of a water softener, then give us a call on 01429 872522 or email us sales@newatersofteners.co.uk. We will be happy to arrange a free site survey, when one of our representatives will call out and test the water in your home to see how hard it actually is.

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