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Different Types of Water Softener & How to Choose

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Different Types of Water Softener Systems & How to Choose

Choosing the best water softener for your home can be tough - especially if you have just discovered you have hard water and are suffering from hard water problems.

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Selecting the best water softener system for you can depend on:

Your budget

  1. Non electric Vs electric
  2. Single or twin tank
  3. The size of your home
  4. The size of your family or number of people living in your home
  5. The number of bathrooms in your home
  6. Different Brands

1. Budget

We believe in delivering the best quality softened water to every family - regardless of budget and size. That’s why we offer a range of payment options and different softener systems at the most competitive prices.

    2. Twin Tank Softener Vs Single Tanks

    A Twin Tank:

    What is it? A softener that contains two resin filled water vessels that work independently to each other.

    What does it mean? This means that while one vessel is working, the other is regenerating and renewing.

    What are the benefits? This system means you will always have a constant supply of water. They are easy to use, automatic, require no timing or tampering.

    A Single Tank:

    What is it? A single tank water softener has one resin tank and is generally an electric softener.

    What does it mean? A single tank system is generally less efficient. When the resin tank becomes saturated with hard water ions, the softener needs time out to regenerate. This time may interrupt your supply of soft water.

    What are the benefits? A single tank can be a good choice for a single person and small flat but not efficient for a home and family of 2+.

    3. Non-Electric Water Softeners Vs Electric

    What is An Electric system? An Electric softener needs to be plugged into the electricity to give it power when it’s regenerating the filtration system.

    What is An Non- Electric system? A non-electric system uses energy that is generated solely from your water supply flow.

    What's the Difference? An electric softener uses one single tank and so requires electricity to regenerate the tank. These products require a timer to be adjusted and are usually set to regenerate the system every few days, irrespective of how much water has been used. Traditionally these softeners are the cheapest to buy, but the most expensive to run.

    Non-Electric water softeners work solely off the power generated by your water supply. There are no timers, computers, or manual adjustments to be concerned with. They have twin tanks, which means regeneration is seamless and automatic. You don’t need to worry about power cuts and the energy used is 100% sustainable. They only regenerate when needed, depending on your own family’s water consumption. 

    Non-electric softeners are more expensive to purchase but save time, energy and money in the long run.

    4. The Number of Bathrooms in Your Home

    The water softener size can depend on the number of bathrooms in your home that require soft water.

    • 1-2 bathrooms: for 1-2 bathroom homes, a small twin tank system could be a good fit. We also have single tank systems for small homes.

    single tank water softener products

    • 2-3 bathrooms: 2-3 bathroom homes, can have families of 4-6 or 6-8 people - we offer different sized softeners to match both home requirements.

    twin tank water softener products

    • 3-6 bathrooms: Large softeners are for 8+ people, and could be the best choice for homes and businesses with 3-8 bathrooms.

    5. The Size of Your Home, Family or Business

    • Small family water softeners are great for small families of 2-3 people.
    • Medium family water softeners are the best choice for families between 4-6.
    • Large family water softeners are made for families with 8+ people
    • Commercial and residential water softeners are designed for businesses and companies with a number of people. We offer a water treatment service for residential homes, hotels, B&Bs and restaurants.

    large water softeners

    6. Water Softener Brands

    We are exclusive suppliers of Kinetico and Harvey water softeners. Harvey is a UK made and UK’s number one softener brand. They offer a range of different sized systems for different size families including:

    • Harvey's twin tank series 3 non electric softener.
    • Harvey's twin tank series 4 non electric softener.
    • Twin Tec XL1 Twin Tank Non-Electric Water Softener.

    Kinetico is the USA’s leading brand. They provide softener systems and also drinking water filtration systems. This is great for if you are looking for better quality drinking water and bundle deals.

    Need More Info?

    We can let you know which system is best for you at the best price. We can also offer exclusive offers and deals if you contact us directly. Call us on or Enquire Online for free advice & a free home water test.

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