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Kinetico Carbon Water Filter Comparison

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Thinking about buying a Carbon Water Filter? Not sure where to start? Kinetico offer a great affordable range of carbon filtration systems – the Aqua Range. This range of Kinetico products is designed to improve the taste and quality of your drinking water and remove basic contaminants at an affordable price. Find out the difference between each Aqua product here.

The Drinking Water Benefits

  • Remove Chlorine, Bad Taste & Odour from Water.
  • No More Bottled Water or Filter Jugs.
  • Easy to Install
  • Enjoy clean, refreshing drinking water on tap, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!
  • Low Maintenance: all you have to do is replace the cartridge.
  • Long Lasting Cartridges: lasting 6 – 12 months.
  • Save Money & the Environment: save money on plastic bottled water.

Which Filter is the Best for You?

All of the carbon drinking water filters work using activated carbon. This type of filtration is less technologically advanced than reverse osmosis, but it is more affordable and still effective at improving the quality of your drinking water.


The Aquataste filter uses a micron activated carbon filter to remove chlorine and deliver delicious tasting water that is more cost effective than bottled water.

Key Features:

  • Uses 5 Micron Granular Activated Carbon Filter.
  • Removes Bad Taste, Odour.
  • Removes Chlorine & Sediment.
  • Improves Taste, Smell & Colour.
  • Service Flow Rate of 75l/min.
  • Bottled Water Quality.
  • Has a 1850 Litre Capacity.
  • Independently NSF Certified.
  • Easy to change cartridges: Unique “twist and lock” system makes changing filters quick and easy.
  • Filters can last up to 12 months


The Aquascale filter not only improves taste but also removes limescale and impurities from your drinking water.

Key Features:

  • Uses a Combination of Resin and Activated Carbon to Filter Water.
  • Protects your Kettle, Iron, Pots & Pans.
  • Removes Chlorine to Improve Water Taste.
  • Reduces & Removes Limescale.
  • Removes Hard Ions Including Calcium & Magnesium.
  • Removes Bad Taste & Odour.
  • Improves Water Taste.
  • Easy to Change Cartridges.


Aquaguard is the more premium of the three aqua products. This product offers added protection for all the family and Ultra-filters water. Using Aquaguard, you will reduce the risk of consuming chlorine, lead, compounds (VOC's) and cysts in your drinking water.

Key Features:

  • Uses a Single Block Carbon for High Quality Filtration.
  • Delivers Ultra-Filtered Water on Tap.
  • Removes Chlorine, Lead, VOC's, Pesticides, Cysts and Sediment.
  • Has a Metering System Called PureMometer® to Tell You Your Filter Usage.
  • No More Bottled Water & Jugs.
  • Service Flow Rate of 2.84l/min.
  • Independently NSF Certified.
  • It has a MacGuardT which prevents the user from drinking unfiltered water.
  • Easy to change filter cartridges.

Carbon Filter Price

The Aquarange Price represents the level of protection and functionality in each product.

  • Aquataste: £139
  • Aquascale: £154
  • Aquaguard: £159

We also offer bundle deals and discounts with our range of taps including 2-way, and 3-way tri-flow taps.

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