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Benefits of Drinking Water Systems

benefits of drinking water systems

What Are Drinking Water Filtration Systems?

Drinking water systems are fitted inline water filters that work to purify your tap water. These home filter products work through reverse osmosis or carbon filtration to remove impurities from water. Common impurities include excess of hard minerals, dissolved metals and other contaminants such as nitrates, chlorine and sulphates. These unwanted impurities can cause your tap water to taste and smell strange.

Home drinking water filter systems are quick and easy to install. They are attached to your main water supply, removing as many contaminants as possible before it enters your home, giving you pure, filtered water straight from your tap.

The Benefits of Drinking Water Filter Systems

Drinking water filtration can benefit your home and family in many ways:

  • It provides safe and clean water
  • You’ll enjoy great tasting hot or cold drinks
  • It’s convenient, on demand and easy
  • You can make cost savings
  • You will be helping to save the planet
  • Your whole family can keep hydrated and healthy
  • It’s healthy for your pets & plants too
  • You can avoid rust on fixtures & fittings

Safe and clean water

By removing harmful contaminants such as excess lead, iron, magnesium, calcium and chlorine, filtered water is safe and good for you. With our Kinetico systems you can experience triple filtered water with no scale and just the right amount of healthy minerals.

Great tasting drinks

Tap water impurities can affect the taste and smell of the water we drink. With a filtration system you’ll be left with pure and fresh tasting drinks. Not only that, but when washing vegetables and adding filtered water to your cooking, your home cooked meals will also benefit.

Convenient, On Demand & Easy

If you don’t like tap water, you may be using bottled water or a water filtration jug. Adding bottled water to your shopping list and constantly needing to fill up your water jug can be a time-consuming chore. Not to mention, there is also the issue of having to wait for the water to drip through the cartridge every time you fill it With a water filter system or drinking water filter tap you’ll be able to get pure water 24/7 from the twist of a tap!

Make Cost Saving

Filter jugs can be a quick solution, but it can also be pricey in the long-run due to the cost of replacement cartridges. Buying bottled water can also add onto the cost of your weekly shopping budget, especially for a big family. A essential drinking water system can help save you money and time in the long run.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

By installing a home system, you can help reduce your consumption of bottled water and reduce the number of plastic bottles you buy. Not only that but drinking water systems are also energy efficient.

Stay Healthy & Hydrated

Treated and filtered water contains the right amount of minerals and so is great for your health and immune system. By having pure water on demand, you can always keep yourself and your family hydrated. We also now offer hydrogenated water systems which can add hydrogen to your water. These systems have been thought to help improve health and even sports performance.

Healthy Pets & Plants

The benefits of clean water can also benefit your pets and plants.

Avoid Rusty Taps

Filtered water removes hard minerals that can cause rusting on your taps.

More Information

Our water filters are installed quickly and easily inline and under your sink. Your softener installation can be included in the package price we quote you and will be carried out by a fully qualified professional installer. It’s a quick and easy process that usually takes up to 2 hours. Most of these systems have a filter which needs to be changes every 6 months – which is easy to do and cost effective.  All water filter kits below are main water filters and are compatible with our wide selection of 3-Way tri-flow Kitchen Taps. If you want to find out more about what drinking system is best for you and our current product discounts and offers, please click here to enquire online or call us on 01429 872 522.

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