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A Restaurant Water Softener is a great investment to protect your business for long term success. Hard water and limescale can effect a bar and restaurant in many ways and largely increase your cleaning & maintenance costs. Th... Read more

A Restaurant Water Softener is a great investment to protect your business for long term success. Hard water and limescale can effect a bar and restaurant in many ways and largely increase your cleaning & maintenance costs.

The hospitality industry is competitive, meaning its important to avoid customer complaints and go above and beyond to deliver a great experience for your customers.

How Hard Water Is Causing Problems For Your Restaurant:

  • Dirty Glasses, Crockery & Cutlery: hard water contains ions that cause limescale. Limescale causes glasses and cutlery to have a cloudy white appearance - even when they have been thoroughly cleaned. That can cause customers to complain and be misled by the appearance of “dirty” glasses and cutlery. Ultimately this can lead to a bad reputation and means more time has to be spent by your staff cleaning and polishing. Lots of extra cleaning is require in order to remove the hard water staining can not only cost more time and money, but it also has an impact on the lifespan of the glasses and cutlery you are using.
  • Limescale Deposits: Limescale in your restaurant or bar can make your bathrooms look dirty to guests, causing stained and blocked taps, fixtures and fittings. Limescale also has damage that is not visible to the eye. It blocks the inside of pipes in your heating and hot water system. These blockages can make your hot water and heating system less efficient and also cause breakdowns and irreversible damage to your boiler.
  • Damaged and Short-Lived Appliances: Hard water damages kitchen appliances and results in products breaking a lot sooner than expected. Having to repair or replace kettles, steamers etc can be annoying and inconvenient, not to mention, having to replace or repair your dishwashers can be costly.
  • Skin Irritation: hard water can cause skin irritation and eczema for your staff and regular punters.
  • More Time Is Needed To Clean:Cleaning products are less effective and more time is needed to clean in general with limescale water. This wastes time on extra staff cleaning hours and ultimately the cleaning will not last very long.
  • High Maintenance Costs: replacing appliances, cleaning and boiler repairs can all add up a lot of unnecessary excess maintenance costs.

  • How Can a Commercial Water Softener Help?

    A commercial water softener is designed to cater for large properties with a number of bathrooms. For smaller bars and restaurants there are also semi-commercial softeners available. These systems remove calcium and magnesium from your water supply to ensure soft water from your taps. The benefits of a restaurant softener include:

  • No More Limescale: a water softener can help remove existing limescale over time and prevents limescale. That means you can protect your taps, appliances and heating systems.
  • Crytsal Clear & Clean Glasses:No more streaky and cloudy glassware! Soft water ensures brilliantly clean glasses, dishes and cutlery straight from the dishwasher. This will avoid any customer complaints and time wasting for your staff.
  • Longer Lasting Appliances: softer water will protect your appliances from limescale and result in a much longer life.
  • Longer Lasting Glasses, Dishes and Cutlery: you can prolong the life of your glassware and crockery by up to 50%.
  • Less Time Spent Cleaning & Easier, More Effective Cleaning: soft water means an easier job for staff, and extra clean facilities and bathroom areas for happy guests.
  • A Better Drinking Experience: Hard water can often have a bad taste and smell. But with soft water your hotel can be sure that tap water is free from bad tastes and smells. This will also benefit your cooking and food preparation.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs: soft water means less maintenance costs and issues for your business.

  • Installation:

    Our commercial water softening experts can visit you at your premises and assess your commercial requirements. We offer a full no cost site survey, at the end of which we will recommend a product specifically to suit the size of your business, water usage and price points. We can then book an installation. We also offer Commercial Customer Support as well as annual maintenance contracts.

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