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Our range of Residential Water Softeners have a range of benefits for your nursing home and business. If you have a residential home in a hard water area – it could be causing excess costs and negatively affecting your live in res... Read more

Our range of Residential Water Softeners have a range of benefits for your nursing home and business. If you have a residential home in a hard water area – it could be causing excess costs and negatively affecting your live in residents and staff.

How Hard Water Is Causing Problems:

  • Rough Clothing, Towels & Bed-linen that Appears Dirty & Dull: its important for residents to have clean clothes and soft bedding. But with hard water laundry, bed linen, towels and clothing are left feeling rough and looking dirty – despite using excess washing powder and fabric softener. This can be extremely unpleasant. Not only that, but the hard ions actually damage clothing materials and fibres over time.
  • Skin Irritation & Eczema: one of the biggest issues with hard water for your residents will be how hard water effects skin. Hard minerals have been shown to cause eczema, make eczema worse and cause dry and itchy skin in those with normal healthy skin. This will be unpleasant and painful for residents.
  • Clogged Pipes & Taps: hard water causes limescale. Limescale can block taps and the pipes in hot water systems. By blocking pipes, limescale can cause breakdowns and damages that can result in costly boiler repairs. It also means your system is less efficient. Hot water and heating is essential for older people – especially during the winter. A less effective heating system requires more time and energy to heat up your home which ultimately results in higher energy bills.
  • Limescale Deposits: Limescale causes deposits to taps, bathrooms and kitchens. That means bathrooms can appear dirty and are extra hard to clean.
  • Dirty Glassware & Dishes: Cloudy and stained glasses and dishes is common with hard water. This can make crockery and even cutlery appear dirty.
  • Damaged and Short-Lived Appliances: hard water ions can damage kitchen appliances such as kettles and dishwashers and also damage washing machines and dryers. In fact these machines can have up to 50% less lifespan. This is costly for your business – especially when catering for many residents.
  • More Money Spent on Washing Powder & Softeners: Hard water needs 2x as much washing powder and softener than is required with soft water. That’s because hard minerals react negatively with hard water ions – they don’t create a lather or effectively clean laundry.
  • More Time Is Needed To Clean:Cleaning products are less effective with limescale and more time and money is required for effective cleaning. Your staff will need to spend more time cleaning that needed.
  • High Maintenance Costs: replacing appliances, cleaning and boiler repairs can all add up a lot of unnecessary excess maintenance costs.

  • How Can a Care Home Water Softener Help?

    A commercial or semi commercial water softener can cater for your business to remove hard water ions from the main water supply. This ensures soft water entering your home which means:

  • An Improved Bathing Experience: after removing hard ions, soft water reacts very differently with soaps and shampoos. You will find there is a great lather – creating a luxury feel when bathing.
  • Softer Skin & Hair For Your Guests: studies have shown soft water improves dry skin and eczema. By installing a water softener, you can protect your residents and their skin, with no risk of skin issues during their stay.
  • No More Limescale: installing a water softener can prevent limescale and also remove existing limescale over time. This can benefit your business in many ways.
  • Better Water Pressure & Efficient Heating: removing limescale can make your heating system more efficient which means a warmer environment for your residents and lower energy bills.
  • Longer Lasting Appliances: appliances will have a much longer life - up to 50% longer, which can save thousands of pounds.
  • Super Soft and Clean Laundry: with soft water laundry, bed sheets and towels will be super soft, clean and bright for a great experience and great night sleep.
  • 50% Less Detergent & Softeners: you can even save money on washing powder! Without the hard minerals, soft water can cause a great lather with detergents. That means you can use up to 50% less washing powder and softeners.
  • Less Time Spent Cleaning & Easier, More Effective Cleaning: soft water means an easier job for staff, and extra clean facilities and bathroom areas for happy residents.
  • Crystal Clear and Clean Glassware & Dishes: soft water will leave dishes and glasses spot and streak free.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs: soft water means less maintenance costs and issues for your business.

  • Installation:

    Our commercial water softening experts can visit you at your premises and assess your commercial requirements. We offer a full no cost site survey, at the end of which we will recommend a product specifically to suit the size of your home, number of residents, water usage and price points. We can then book an installation. We also offer Commercial Customer Support as well as annual maintenance contracts.

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