Hard Water & Limescale Treatment

Are you looking for effective Hard Water and Limescale Treatment? With a Water Softener System, you can soften hard water before it enters your home and remove limescale permanently. That means no more excessive cleaning and no more expensive cleaning... Read More

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Kinetico Premier Compact Twin Tank Non-Electric Softener

Save £300 OFF The Premier Compact - Click Chat with us Now for an Exclusive Discount Code or Call us Direct!  Plus Free Express Delivery! Talk to us Today on 01429872522. The Premier Compact Water Softener is a twin tank, non–electric and...

Regular price £1,595.00

Kinetico Aquablu Water Softener
Kinetico Aquablu Water Softener - Twin Tank, Non-Electric System

SAVE £600. NOW ONLY £850! Excluding Installation Kit. The Kinetico Aquablu Water Softener is one of Kinetico’s bestselling, mid-range, non electric water softeners. This system is a HE softener, which is designed for low flow gravity fed or storage tanks....

Regular price £1,450.00 £850.00

Kinetico Essential 8 Water Softener
Kinetico Essentials 8 Water Softener Single Tank

Save £60 - NOW ONLY £625! Plus Free Express Delivery. The Kinetico Essentials 8 Water Softener is a single tank non-electric system from Kinetico. This system is a tablet salt system that will remove hard water and limescale from your...

Regular price £685.00 £625.00

Kinetico Premier Maxi Water Softener
Kinetico Premier Maxi Non-Electric Water Softener

Click Chat With Us Now For a Discount Code or Call Us Direct! Plus Get a Free Installation Kit & Free Express Delivery! Talk To Us Today on 01429872522. The Kinetico Premier Maxi Water Softener is a large high performance non - electric...

Regular price £1,895.00

Harvey Twin Tec S3 Twin Tank Non- Electric Softener

Want The Most Reliable & Affordable Twin Tank Water Softener From Harvey? CLICK HERE to Shop the TwinTec S4 from just £995! The Harvey TwinTec S3 Water Softener The Twin Tec S3 water softener is a twin tank non-electric system that has been...

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Twitec Series 4 water softener
The Harvey TwinTec Series 4 Non-Electric Water Softener

The Harvey TwinTec S4 is Only £1199.99 PLUS Get a FREE Installation Kit (Rrp £134.99). Use Code: S4FIT *to redeem Add the S4 and fitting kit to basket and enter code S4FIT at checkout. Free Express Delivery! Interest-Free Finance Available. The...

Regular price £1,500.00 £1,199.99

Harvey TwinTec XL1 Twin Tank Non-Electric Softener

The Harvey Twintec XL1 Water Softener is a fantastic product delivered by TwinTec designed for larger homes with more than 3 bathrooms. It is ideal for homes with 5+ bathrooms and families of over 6+ people. Key Features Non Electric System:...

Regular price £1,795.00

Harvey TwinTec XL2 Non-Electric Softener

The Harvey TwinTec XL2 Water Softener is a non electric system that filters the water entering your home to reduce hardness and deliver softer and purer water for your family. This product is a semi-commercial water softener and is suitable...

Regular price £1,795.00

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