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The Kinetico Water Softener Range

Our Kinetico Range includes a range of water softeners, filtration systems and taps designed to deliver high quality water to you and your family. At North East Water Softeners, we are exclusive suppliers of Kinetico water softene... Read more

Our Kinetico Range includes a range of water softeners, filtration systems and taps designed to deliver high quality water to you and your family. At North East Water Softeners, we are exclusive suppliers of Kinetico water softeners and home drinking water systems. Enquire Online or Call Us for our latest prices, price match and discounted deals.

Who Are Kinetico?

Kinetico are the world's leading manufacturer of high quality domestic and commercial water treatment products. They provide water softeners and drinking water filtration systems that are designed to bring quality water to your home or business. They have even installed their products in Buckingham Palace!

Why Choose Kinetico?

Kinetico have been in the Industry for over 45 years and are the world’s leading manufacturer.

  • They invented the twin tank water softener
  • They work towards creating products designed to save you money and the environment
  • They have superior performance and warranty on their products
  • They are the largest dealer network in the UK

Kinetico Water Systems

Kinetico invented the non-electric, twin tank water softener over 45 years ago - that is still the best system available on the market. In addition to this they developed a range of products designed for different customer needs.

Water Softeners by Kinetico

The Kinetico Premier Compact Twin Tank Non-Electric Softener

The premier compact water softener is designed for homes with 2-3 bathrooms containing up to 6 people. It is a non-electric system that uses block salt.

The Kinetico Premier Maxi Twin Tank Non-Electric Softener

The Premier Maxi Softener is a larger version of the premier compact that is designed for larger homes with 3-6 bathrooms. It is also considered a semi- commercial softener.

The Kinetico Aquablu Twin Tank Block Salt Water Softener

The Kinetico Aquablu water softener is perfect for if you live in a small single bathroom home. It is ideal for a gravity fed heating system and is suitable for up to 4 people living in a home.

Kinetico Filters /Drinking Water Filters

The Kinetico K2 Filter

This reverse osmosis system is great if you are looking to get purified drinking water. The K2 incorporates a triple filter system including a pre filter, reverse osmosis membrane filter and post filter.

The Kinetico K5 Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

The K5 range is a model up from the K2 that has several improvements including a larger reservation tank, a 5-filter system for even more purification, a visual display to clearly indicate when filters need changing, and a cabinet.

  • The K5 Pure Ultra Drinking Water Filter: is a premium water purification product that removes 99.9% of impurities, bacteria and viruses. This reverse osmosis system is ideal for those looking for the best protection.


  • The K5 Pure Plus Drinking Water Filter: is a k5 model focused on drinking water minerals, designed to provide pure water - with added beneficial minerals. It uses a RO system to purify your water, with an added mineral plus filter to put ensure your water contains all the good essential minerals for health.

The Aqua Range

Aquascale Aquataste and Aquaguard are drinking filter systems that use carbon filters to improve your home and quality of drinking water. The Aquascale is a product designed to reduce limescale and impurities in water - preventing a scale build-up in your kettle, iron and steamers. Aquataste is perfect for if you want delicious tasting water and currently use bottled water. The Aquaguard carbon filter system is the most premium product in the Aqua range, that produces ultra-filtered water to reduce water impurities such as chlorine, lead and other unwanted chemicals.

Kinetico Taps

Pegasus 4 Way

This 4-way kitchen tap is designed to deliver hot, cold, softened and filtered water all from the same tap!

Kinetico 3 Way Taps

The Kyra, Orion, Carina and Gemini Tap are 3-way tri flow taps that have dual spouts. They deliver hot, cold and filtered water. They have one spout designed to deliver hot & cold water and a separate spout and lever delivering for filtered water.

2 Way Taps

These simple models are a sleek and stylish, using two levers to deliver hot and cold water from one single spout.

Single & Mini Taps

The one-way mixer Kinetico taps use a single lever to deliver hot and cold water to your kitchen sink. The mini tap range is specifically designed to be a separate small tap dedicated to filtered water.

Kinetico Water System Prices

As exclusive suppliers we receive a range of discounts and deals on out Kinetico range. To find out more, please Enquire Online or Call us on 01429 872 522.

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