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A Commercial Water Softener and hotel water treatment is a great investment to protect your business and guests. If your Hotel, B&B or business is located in an area with hard water – you could be losing out or unknowingly pay... Read more

A Commercial Water Softener and hotel water treatment is a great investment to protect your business and guests. If your Hotel, B&B or business is located in an area with hard water – you could be losing out or unknowingly paying a price.

The hotel industry is a competitive sector, meaning you will have to go above and beyond what competitors are offering. That means the best customer service, the comfiest beds, and the best all-round experience for their guests.

Effects of Hard Water In Your Hotel:

  • Limescale Deposits: Hard water and it’s containing hard mineral ions, calcium and magnesium, are the cause of limescale deposits. Limescale in your hotel and business can have a huge costly impact. It not only makes your bathrooms look dirty to guests, causing blocked shower heads and taps, it also blocks the inside of pipes in the heating and hot water system. Limescale blockages inside pipes can lead to damages, high maintenance costs and low efficiency heating and hot water systems.
  • Rough Towels & Bed-linen that Appears Dirty & Dull: washing with hard water can affect the look and feel of your towels, sheets and clothing. Over time, washing essentially ruins fabric, resulting in stiff, uncomfortable towels & bed linens - that is unpleasant for guests to use or want to sleep on. In addition, you’ll also be using 2x as much washing powder and softener than you need to with soft water. That’s because hard minerals react negatively with hard water ions – they don’t create a lather or effectively clean your laundry.
  • Skin Irritation: in addition to stiff and rough bedding, your customers may also leave your property with dry skin or a rash. Hard water has been proven to cause skin irritation and eczema. It also causes dry a dull hair – not ideal for visiting guests. Not only this, but your guests may also be disappointed with their bath or showering experience. Hard water does not lather well with hard water – which can affect how customers may feel about your facilities.
  • More Time Is Needed To Clean Your Rooms:Limescale and hard mineral deposits don’t just impact laundry, they also affect your bathroom fixtures and fittings, tiles and flooring. Ultimately you will be needing to spend a lot of time to remove limescale and buy expensive limescale removers & cleaning products. This wastes time on extra staff cleaning hours and ultimately the cleaning will not last very long.
  • Dirty Glasses, Crockery & Cutelry:hard water will make it very hard to achieve clean glasses, plates & crockery and you may often notice streaks and spots. This may make cause customer complaints and ultimately effect your business cleanliness and reputation.
  • High Maintenance Costs & Broken Appliances: hard water can cause damage to your appliances such as kettles, dishwashers, washing machines etc. In addition, you may find you have issues with your boiler, hot water and heating system. Replacing appliances sooner than expected and looking for fixes can cause a lot of unnecessary excess maintenance costs.

  • How Can a Commercial Water Softener Help?

    A commercial water softener is designed to cater for large properties with many bathrooms. These systems remove calcium and magnesium from your water supply through a process called reverse osmosis. This then ensures that water coming from taps and outlets in your hotel or property is soft. This has a range of economic including:

  • No More Limescale: a water softener can help remove existing limescale over time and prevents any limescale in your property. That means you can protect your taps, shower heads, appliances and heating systems.
  • Super Soft and Clean Laundry: without the hard minerals, soft water can cause a great lather with detergents and soaps. That means you can use up to 50% less washing powder and softeners. Not only that, but now your laundry, bed sheets and towels will be super soft, clean and bright for a great customer experience and stay.
  • Spotless Glasses, Dishes and Cutlery: no more customer complaints about dirty or streaky glassware! A softener results in crystal clear, sparkling glassware.
  • An Improved Bathing Experience: after removing hard ions, soft water reacts very differently with soaps and shampoos. You will find there is a great lather – creating a luxury feel when bathing.
  • Softer Skin & Hair For Your Guests: Studies have shown soft water can help improve dry skin and by installing a water softener, hoteliers can be sure that their guests are able to bathe comfortably, with no risk of skin issues during their bathing process.
  • Less Time Spent Cleaning & Easier, More Effective Cleaning: soft water means an easier job for staff, and extra clean facilities and bathroom areas for happy guests.
  • Longer Lasting Appliances: softer water will protect your appliances from limescale and result in a much longer life.
  • A Better Drinking Experience: Hard water can often have a bad taste and smell. But with soft water your hotel can be sure that tap water is free from bad tastes and smells. That means guests can quench their thirst with highly drinkable water.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs: not only will you can save costs on heating and energy bills, cleaning products and washing powders, but you will also have less maintenance costs and issues.

  • Installation:

    Our water treatment and plumbing experts can visit you at your premises and individually assess your own unique commercial requirements. We offer a full no cost site survey, at the end of which we will recommend a product specifically to suit your requirement. We can then book in an appointment to install the water softener safely and efficiently into your commercial premises by connecting it to the main water supply that enters the premise. From here all you have to do is add salt for the system to work and regenerate and top up when empty. We also offer Commercial Customer Support as well as annual maintenance contracts.

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