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Do you have Hard Water?

Hartlepool, Sunderland and Whitburn.

Having supplied water softeners to the people of the North East for the last 7 years, we are proud to say we have a thorough understanding of the challenges you are facing in dealing with the effects of hard water if you live in one of the above areas.

We have many very satisfied customers, who simply cannot believe how the installation of a water softener in their homes can instantly reverse the effects of hard water. Changing their lives’ is NOT an understatement.
Here are some recent reviews we have received from customers living in your area, who have been enjoying the benefits of soft water after contacting us and having a water softener installed in their home.


Extremely happy with my new water Softener only had it in for a week. Already my daughter’s eczema has started to clear up!! Skin feels and looks great too. Hazel is the most wonderful person I have met, explained different options to us without any pressure. Water Softener fitted all within a couple of hours. Would highly recommend, a very happy customer.

Mrs Sahota Hartlepool September 2018


Since having our water softener fitted in February 2018, we’ve enjoyed more efficient and softer washing from washing machine, dishwasher and hair and body washing. Fitting of Water softener was also very efficient and painless.
Thank you for a great service and fitted all within a couple of hours. Would highly recommend, a very happy customer.

John & Gillian Evans, Sunderland Feb 2018



I chose the high spec system and am very pleased with the result. Hazel personally explained all systems to us, and was very informative and on the ball. Kevin fitted the system the very next day. He explained everything in detail as he went along and did a great job. What a professional and pleasant pair they are.
As a result of having the system installed, I immediately noticed the difference in the amount of bubbles!!! Also skin is much softer and no white marks left on the shower screen and no furring of kettles etc. I would not hesitate in recommending North East Water Softeners. They did a great job.

Sue Simpson, August 2018 Sunderland


I live in a hard water area and only moved here 6 months ago after renovating the property. Because we have a lot of new appliances/fittings in the house the scale from the hard water was really visible. Things like the kettle and the shower showed me how hard the water was and I had a lot of scale in a short space of time. Now I have the softeners fitted this scale is no more. Things like a clear shower screen and shiny taps visually show us the difference but you can also feel the difference when washing on both your skin and your hair. Clothing feels to be softer and soaps appear to go further than they did before. After seeing the difference in things like the taps, shower, kettle and shower screen etc. I can only imagine what issues the hard water cause in things we cannot see like washing machine, dishwasher and central heating boiler. Very happy with the service we received and would recommend.

Kind Regards Michael & Lisa

Sunderland Oct 2018


If you would like to find out more about how you too can join the increasing number of people changing their lives, with the addition of a water softener, then give us a call on 01429 872522 or email us We will be happy to arrange a free site survey, when one of our representatives will call out and test the water in your home to see how hard it actually is.